Max Payne 3 Social Club Event (Friday 10.12 at 4-7PM ET) and Triple XP All Weekend Long

Posted on October 12 2012, 7:30am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

This Friday's Social Club multiplayer event kicks off an explosive Max Payne 3 TRIPLE XP Weekend. Join us from 4-7pm EDT / 9pm-12am BST across all three platforms (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360) and earn three times the multiplayer XP across all game modes straight on through until Monday morning.

Gang Wars battles return to the Social Club Multiplayer Event Playlist for this Friday's event, so expect lots of objective-based action in the Hoboken Alleys, Tietê River Docks, 55th Battalion HQ and São Paulo Bus Depot. The event playlist will also feature Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch competition, with maps and modes rotating all throughout the afternoon.
On the Social Club Multiplayer Events Page you'll be able to chat with us and other community members while watching two live streams of all the action, plus you can enter to win a prize pack featuring a Max Payne 3 logo t-shirt, bullet keychain and Rockstar stickers while tracking everybody's performance on the event leaderboard. Our channel at TwitchTV also features a third bonus live video stream and chatroom.
The full event details, including who to look for and how to participate are laid out below...

Participating official in-game Rockstar names will be:

  • MaxPayneDev1 (PC)
  • MaxPayneDev2 (Xbox 360)
  • MaxPayneDev4 (PSN)
  • MaxPayneDev3 (PC on Twitch)

If you're unsure of when the event will begin in your time zone, have a look at the countdown on the Social Club multiplayer events page.

When the event starts up on Friday, enter Max Payne 3 multiplayer and select the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist. We'll play Free Aim 100% of the time on PC, and a mix of Soft Lock and Free Aim on PSN and Xbox LIVE, so look for the names listed above.

If you want more time to play our games with us, your best bet is to follow us at our official Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam pages so you can get the word when we're going online for some impromptu multiplayer...

  • Pork-GamingFTWon December 23 2013, 5:05pmReplyFlag
    Join the TDY BALLAS today
    everyone invited to join
    only xbox ppl allowed soz ps3
    add on xbox bossman68
    • R3DR3V0LV3R12on November 4 2012, 6:37pmReplyFlag
      red dead redemption vs max payne 3 ?
      Who do you think is best ?
      • Erik-Jon October 27 2012, 4:19amReplyFlag
        Join the new crew for GTA 5
        San Andreas Warriors
        Everybody is welcome to join
        • luckyshot666on October 25 2012, 12:18pmReplyFlag
          @LXGcrew @DutchStoner now we all know who has the best crew here, stop arguing.
          • LXG_No_Mercyon October 21 2012, 12:53pmReplyFlag
            For the record The LXG CREW is the #1 private crew, with the XP we have on Xbox 360 alone we would be far past any other private crew on any platform, this is a fact, we have earned our spot with honest gameplay and dedicated members, if the shoe was on the other foot i would accept it and still be content, not hate, no hate over here, thank you have a good day.
          • LXG_No_Mercyon October 21 2012, 12:31pmReplyFlag
            Only out of common courtesy, anything else please PM/msg me, i'm done responding here thanks.
            • FAARNSWORTHon October 19 2012, 2:50pmReplyFlag
              Is MMDK still on for saturday 12pst? Looking for some clarification.
            • zorpioon October 18 2012, 7:54amReplyFlag
              hey r* love the game, most fun iv ever had on any online game.. on the last multiplayer event my ps3 kept crashing and i never get to play with the devs i think i could beat them easy with some of my crew members lol so how can i get in a match with them?.. also my first never show for my crew and can you fix the snipers abit because they are way to weak now sometimes 3 to 4 shots when it should be 1 or 2 shots to kill an enemy. peace
            • DutchStoneron October 18 2012, 4:38amReplyFlag
              You claim to be the #1 crew of the whole socialclub, We have more XP then LXG so your talking bs.
              So next time you make a video, dont fill it with lies! And try to sound a bit more lively on your video's, Are your serious when you speak in the video's, it sounds extremely funny in a bad way! LOL
              • R* Kon October 18 2012, 7:15amReplyFlag
                That's right, only one place to settle this and it isn't the Newswire comments...
              • zedder13on October 18 2012, 7:28amReplyFlag
                @ cant be done, they are x box we are ps3
              • WISPYJOon October 18 2012, 9:35amReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner U HAVE A BIG MOUTH AND UR KDR IS 0.9 ......!!!
              • DutchStoneron October 18 2012, 9:41amReplyFlag
                @WISPYJO your stats closed for a reason? Check again when R* restores my stats ; )
              • WISPYJOon October 18 2012, 11:43amReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner OH..MY BAD THEN
              • peawickoon October 18 2012, 1:37pmReplyFlag
                @WISPYJO i love it when people start shouting about k/d with profile blocked! you have a big mouth and too scared to let anyone see! lol
              • LXG_No_Mercyon October 18 2012, 3:10pmReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner Dutch so much drama with you and your crew, i never spoke about your crew and i never cared about PS3, so just relax and enjoy the game bud, thanks
              • WISPYJOon October 19 2012, 1:17amReplyFlag
                @peawicko i think you have the option to make your profile locked for a reason...and i chose to block my profile its a matter of personal preference and i don't want ppl like you to look at my personal info ....its called privacy!if some one chose to make their profile public its their choice too....
              • DutchStoneron October 19 2012, 3:55amReplyFlag
                @LXG_No_Mercy Sorry to burst your bubble ; )
              • peawickoon October 19 2012, 9:19amReplyFlag
                @WISPYJO wooaah! hang on a minute i think someone needs to look in the mirror! i am not the one that went looking at peoples stats and then felt the need to WRITE IN CAPITALS on the news wire saying people have big mouths! perhaps you can hide your profile to protect yourself from people like yourself! i only read your stats were closed in the message above! do you really think i would care what your stats are? lol just think its lame when people shout about others yet hide their own!
              • WISPYJOon October 19 2012, 12:32pmReplyFlag
                @peawicko and i think its lame u coming here crying over my blocked profile when yours is locked too
              • peawickoon October 19 2012, 12:55pmReplyFlag
                @WISPYJO OMG!! we have got a peeping tom!!! its open to freinds and crew to ensure that i keep my privacy! lol and to stop strange people that WRITE IN CAPITALS seeing it then posting info all over the news wire! lol you seem to have missed the fact that i wasnt the one that came on here flaming about peoples k/d IT WAS YOU!! i could not care less if your profile is blocked or not! but i still think all who mouth off about stats then keep theirs closed are LAME! that is why i do not comment about other peoples stats! just for you i will open them for a night just to stop you crying!!! lol
              • LXG_No_Mercyon October 19 2012, 1:13pmReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner Hello Dutch, i dont care about cross platform XP and neither does anyone else except you dutch LOL sorry to burst your bubble focus on 1 platform next time maybe you would have passed PURP a little quicker it only took you guys 3 months HAHA and dont take me so serious, worry about your own crew not LXGC, anything else message me, thanks
              • DutchStoneron October 19 2012, 1:47pmReplyFlag
                @LXG_No_Mercy No problem man, all good. Just dont forget who has most XP ; )
              • LXG_No_Mercyon October 19 2012, 6:52pmReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner OK and you remember who has the most XP on 1 platform, we would be past you on PS3
              • zedder13on October 20 2012, 3:54pmReplyFlag
                @LXG_No_Mercy you are on ps3, you are nowhere on the leaderboards
              • LXG_No_Mercyon October 21 2012, 3:24amReplyFlag
                @zedder13 LXG CREW is on Xbox only, any other crew is a fake or made by a random
              • zedder13on October 21 2012, 4:04amReplyFlag
                @LXG_No_Mercy well, you should check your leaders wall, he made the lxg psn crew
              • LXG_No_Mercyon October 21 2012, 5:03amReplyFlag
                @zedder13 HAHA i am the leader of The LXG CREW and i did not make any PSN crew, rushin321_GREAT made that crew and i never spoke to him in my life, anything else ?
              • zedder13on October 21 2012, 11:11amReplyFlag
                @LXG_No_Mercy you are a member of that crew tho right?
              • LXG_No_Mercyon October 21 2012, 12:34pmReplyFlag
                @zedder13 Only out of common courtesy, anything else please PM/msg me, i'm done responding here thanks
            • superninninson October 17 2012, 6:36pmReplyFlag
              When is the next triple exp? Than you :)
              • R* Yon October 17 2012, 9:08pmReplyFlag
                @superninnins We've got another one coming up in in November, maybe sooner...

                Watch our Twitter and Facebook pages for all announcements!
            • ChunLisBuns420on October 17 2012, 6:17pmReplyFlag
              stoked, hopefully this bolt action sniper we get in the next dlc will be worth the wait.
              • R* Aon October 17 2012, 8:51pmReplyFlag
                @ChunLisBuns420 Cheers - we'll be posting some preview features of the new weapons, maps and more here at the Newswire between now and DLC release on the 30th.
            • WALKINGTADEADon October 17 2012, 2:11pmReplyFlag
              Hey R* just signed up to the social club, getting use to this now. Max Payne 3 was awsome and just voted for it and GTAV, looking forward to GTA as how good GTA IV & Max Payne 3 was, good work!!!!!
            • DutchStoneron October 17 2012, 1:48pmReplyFlag
              LOL@LXGCREW, They claim the #1spot of all crews on all platforms.
              We still have more total crew XP then they do crossplatform!
              Ganja Outlaws has almost 174 million total crew XP and LXG has almost 172 million total crew XP. So they are full of sh!t! Bunch of muppets with false claims need to some research!
              • DutchStoneron October 17 2012, 1:50pmReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner Plus we didnt get any triple xp points the triple xp weekend before the last one., so we are missing millions of XP on PSN.

                Ganja Outaws to the end!
              • LXG_No_Mercyon October 17 2012, 5:21pmReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner We arent cross platform, there is no cross platform XP leaderboard, we focus on Xbox and we are the #1 private crew on Xbox, if we were on PS3 we would be #1 aswell, sorry
              • peawickoon October 17 2012, 6:05pmReplyFlag
                @LXG_No_Mercy lol you have already been slated and banned once on payne forums now you continue your disillusioned comments on the news wire! you are the no.1 on xbox and xbox only! nothing else, nowhere else, and to say you would be on ps3 is complete speculation and dreaming! also crews can be multi platform so surely the crew with the most xp multi platform is the no.1 crew? not just on xbox!
              • ChunLisBuns420on October 17 2012, 6:19pmReplyFlag
                @LXG_No_Mercy oh be quiet you guys are a joke crew, nobody takes lxg seriously cos youre all no good guido douche losers lmao. your the mp3crew of private crews.
                now go sit in the corner and play your ds little child
              • R* Aon October 17 2012, 8:53pmReplyFlag
                @DutchStoner We're happy to see you guys have some good old fashioned Crew trash talk here - but watch the abusive language please. Take this beef into Multiplayer and settle it!
              • PacKiddon October 18 2012, 2:39amReplyFlag
                @ChunLisBuns420 lol dis is funny...& @LXGCREW we r most dedicated crew whole world so yu arent goin 2 shut us up & why yu r even tryin win G.O cuz ya ll know we r da BEST & wats gonna 2 yu i dont wanna even say dat

                Ganja Outlaws Till Da End!
              • zedder13on October 18 2012, 10:25amReplyFlag
                @peawicko lxg have a PSN crew, but they are nowhere on the leaderboards
              • peawickoon October 18 2012, 1:27pmReplyFlag
                @zedder13 oohhh noooo! that means they are already no.1 on psn aswell just like lxgcrew said!!! lol but hang on a minute didnt lxgcrew say IF they were on psn and now it turns out at the time of writing his message they already had a psn crew which he is a member of?? im really confused!! lol Just seems to be the normal rubbish that goes hand in hand with lxgcrew!
            • ChunLisBuns420on October 17 2012, 10:41amReplyFlag
              will I ever get my stats back so I can actually play,nearly 2 weeks guys wtf seriously
              • noclue_42on October 17 2012, 10:48amReplyFlag
                @ChunLisBuns420 from what i read you could play and the xp would be added to the ones restored. something like that.
              • BielPLon October 17 2012, 10:53amReplyFlag
                @ChunLisBuns420 You can forget about their statistics. Just as I already forgot about snipers riffle repair. It's been 2 months. Each patch destroys something.
              • R* Aon October 17 2012, 11:53amReplyFlag
                @ChunLisBuns420 We're in final testing on the fix for that right now - hoping to have it rolled out in the next day or two. As long as you're subscribed to that support ticket, you'll get the word automatically when it happens. Thanks for your patience!
              • peawickoon October 17 2012, 4:21pmReplyFlag
                @ wooaah a definitive answer! thankyou R* that is a first! at least all the people that have lost their stats may have some hope of getting them back! any news on the the great value R* pass i bought in regards to actually getting some value for money dlc?
              • R* Mon October 17 2012, 4:46pmReplyFlag
                @peawicko There have been delays in the release of DLC due to some minor development issues, but we are committed to providing all of the Max Payne 3 DLC that was planned.

                We’ve consolidated the upcoming content from five packs into three. Three larger packs instead of five smaller ones. The total amount of content is the same. No changes have been made to the pricing structure that would adversely affect the 35% discount that all Rockstar Pass holders were originally promised.
              • theredeemer420on October 17 2012, 5:15pmReplyFlag
                @ This makes me happy R*! I have stuck with R* games every platform i own. However it was a close one with all the time I spent on Max Payne just to get reset. Glad to hear the problem can be resolved R* 4 life once again Thanks!
              • peawickoon October 17 2012, 5:54pmReplyFlag
                @ thats cool and nice to hear as i cant help but feel a bit let down up until now, any idea of when? that would at least relieve some of the dissapointment that alot of people seem to feel?
              • theredeemer420on October 17 2012, 9:18pmReplyFlag
                @peawicko No doubt every game has its problems! However its good to resolve the problems for players like us who play as much as we do
                I have talked many friends in to purchasing Max Payne and thankfully the reset did not affect them or they might not have given R* another chance as i have done. Again no beef with Max Payne love the game. Also no beef with Rockstar either now that the reset issue will be resolved. R* if you could see some of the arguments my wife and I get into over me playing this game soooo much you would understand the reaction over my stats being reset caused! Again thanks for the fix Rockstar
            • sav54regon October 17 2012, 9:51amReplyFlag
              • sweeeet55on October 17 2012, 7:25amReplyFlag
                hey r*.. enjoyed 3x xp very much thanks and cant wait for new maps to come out tuesday, how come you guys haven't made an announcement on this yet?
                • R* Aon October 17 2012, 11:55amReplyFlag
                  @sweeeet55 We never said they were coming out on Tuesday - stay tuned and we should have an official announcement on the Hostage Negotiation Pack release date very soon here.
              • psmobius1on October 16 2012, 9:03pmReplyFlag
                Triple XP is awesome and really helps to level up!! How about triple XP for December since the next GTA isn't ready yet? Or perhaps, there could be special bonuses to those reaching the varying Legend levels, I know your cash multiplier goes up but you don't really need it once you reach level 20-25 as you have enough to get any weapons you need. Maybe, they could give you a special burst or weapon that really gives you a leg up on the field or even early access to the upper level weapons? Also, not sure if there is a cheat people are using but I am coming up against enemies with level 40 weapons when their rank is well below rank 20 which doesn't make sense unless I have seriously missed something. Anyway, keep up the triple XP and come up with something special for those of us willing to start over again and again....Please!

                • theredeemer420on October 17 2012, 3:30amReplyFlag
                  @psmobius1 They pick up other peoples guns laying on the ground. They also have said persons gun attachments.
                • R* Kon October 17 2012, 6:47amReplyFlag
                  @psmobius1 Thanks for the suggestions, we've got plenty more Bonus XP weekends lined up so there will be ample opportunity to get yourself on the way to those Legend ranks.
                • .N1_Opiate.on October 17 2012, 12:33pmReplyFlag
                  @ too bad i dont get XP bonuses cuz paynethresholds are greyed out
              • sav54regon October 16 2012, 8:41pmReplyFlag
                I was the tenth level of the third legend. On Sunday, October 14th all my stats reset. Rockstar help me.
              • WISPYJOon October 16 2012, 8:24pmReplyFlag
                this is the last game i will buy for rock star,i have max pane 3 and i'm sorry it has so many problems the only good thing that i have enjoyed is the single player ,multilayer is very hard to play GW any more ,freeze,invisible people,lagging,disconnecting .... ..etc can not wait for cod black ops 2!!
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