Rockstar Throwback: A History of Rockstar Game Intros (Found on YouTube)

Posted on September 27 2012, 2:22pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Respect to YouTube user laurigun1, an apparent longtime fan and dedicated collector of our titles, for putting together this pretty comprehensive trip down memory lane compiling a video tour of our signature animated Rockstar intros that have appeared at the start of our games since the late 90s.

Including intros that even we haven't looked at in a while from our rarer titles like Thrasher: Skate and Destroy and Surfing H3O - as well as those that you'll recognize as having greeted you upon loading up each Grand Theft Auto title, it's a nice little nostalgic compendium. Bear in mind that the video is over a year old, which is why you won't see ones from L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3 in there.

Enjoy, and let us know in the comments which you remember most fondly...

Rockstar Games Bonus Beats video montage

  • stoneyfuzzybootson October 15 2014, 12:57pmReplyFlag
    The GTA2 one is very similar to the GTA V one, coincidence? I think not... :)
    • superangelimon September 28 2013, 10:35amReplyFlag
      Click the link and sign the petition asking GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories for PC (in box):
      • DaBanger101on February 24 2013, 7:21pmReplyFlag
        A hude throwback! fan since vice city stories and am been trying to hunt the other games ever since!
        • TurkeyGobbler000on November 26 2012, 5:46amReplyFlag
          My favorite game sorry to San Andreas fans has to be Max Payne 3 simply because the animations are almost flawless, the graphics are amazing, all the guns have moving mechanics and the gore tops it all off.

          Rockstar keep on with the great work you do with your games. Looking forward to GTA 5 kicking Call of Duty's butt.
          • Silky_Johnsonon October 11 2012, 3:38pmReplyFlag
            I miss those days of playing Thrasher, you could spend hours creating the perfect line.
            • bad_fur_dayon October 7 2012, 11:54pmReplyFlag
              Thats him! Thats Pickman! The f**ker!

              Good times Rockstar.
              • ObeyAndSaluteon October 7 2012, 12:54pmReplyFlag
                That's amazing, love to see the introductions again! Brings back memories!
                • JAR3N13on October 6 2012, 7:44pmReplyFlag
                  Best one of all time I have to say again this is my opinion has to be Grand Theft Auto San Andreas!
                  • JesusFR33Kon October 6 2012, 4:36pmReplyFlag
                    The coolest logo's were Midnight club and Midnight club2. But my favorite was San Andreas bcuz it was my favorite game.
                    • VCNS80on October 5 2012, 8:54pmReplyFlag
                      GTA Vice City - Best game intro ever!!
                      • Mojo_Risenon October 4 2012, 8:12pmReplyFlag
                        The intros for The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost amd Dammed were awesome, the music really set it off. My favorite though of all time, San Andreas, my favorite game EVER
                        • simiPROon October 3 2012, 5:06pmReplyFlag
                          I'm not certain about what was the first Rockstar's game I played, I think it was GTA or GTA 2 on PS1, that was awesome, good times... My favourites intros are from GTA Liberty City Stories, Red Dead Revolver and Max Payne 3. Rockstar, keep up the good work, keep releasing your masterpieces of gaming.
                          • ForceableMasson October 2 2012, 2:17amReplyFlag
                            I swear i've played almost every game in this list, I especially loved Manhunt 2. The creepiest game I ever played by Rockstar, i'm still surprised you guys weren't responsible for the Twisted Metal series. Then again, for an 11 yr. old kid whose parents had no problem with him playing a game with that level of violence, how could it have not been creepy. So many good memories that I can keep ranting on about them for ever! I saw Piggsy's penis one time, just sayin'
                            • TheDexFaceon October 1 2012, 10:30amReplyFlag
                              I still love your work! Keep up the good work, those emblems bring up some good memories :D
                            • TheDexFaceon October 1 2012, 10:27amReplyFlag
                              I am a huge GTA fan but this ''A few weeks or so'' is just false information, Just wow..
                              • smithicles90on October 1 2012, 10:18amReplyFlag
                                Awesome logos and intros, cant wait to see what the GTA V intro will be like, hopefully more interesting than GTA IV's hahah
                                Keep up the good work R* and happy birthday GTA
                                • Modemion October 1 2012, 9:54amReplyFlag
                                  O yes, 1th of October is out! And nothing....
                                  Rockstar, you're made mistake when you say "in few weeks or so"... It's like trolling, I think.
                                  Hopefully for new info in Rocktober!
                                  • Challengaron October 1 2012, 3:55amReplyFlag
                                    There is something about each logo, each has its own theme and that make me go into the ROCKSTAR dimension which is kind of nostalgic, ive been with you ever since GTA 2. The best gaming company ever, you understand to keep things fun and serious at the same time, but got damnit you sometimes make me go crazy, and that is the beauti about you guys. Thank you for all the wonderful games R*, it has been a pleasure. Keep em coming, and keep choosing amazing soundtracks - (which by the way make the games so much better!)
                                    • KOSMOSon September 30 2012, 11:45pmReplyFlag
                                      I remember how I and my friend played all summer 2004 in GTA2 on PS1. Logo from this game lives in my memory for the years... Also, only good memories I feel whenI see Vice City and SA logos. It's amazing, No other games doing this. Thenk's yutube user and Rockstar fo these emotions.

                                      Sorry for bad English.
                                      • RockNDrumson September 30 2012, 2:31pmReplyFlag
                                        when can we expect a release date for GTA V?
                                        • RockNDrumson September 30 2012, 2:36pmReplyFlag
                                          @RockNDrums i'm looking forward to a gta v intro, just make it able to skip the intro, that was the only thing i didnt like of gta iv
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