Crew Cut: Champs of the New Tiered Leaderboards, from Featherweights to Heavyweights

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Recently, we released new tiered Crew leaderboards over at the Social Club - providing a whole new insight into which Crews are truly tearing it up based on their member weight class. Bracketing Crews by member count enables you to separate more clearly than ever the pretenders from the contenders - and see where your private Crew falls in the grand scheme. Whether you're a quartet of killers, a dirty dozen, or are rolling deep, there's a bracket for you. This also means that Crew leaders may now want to be extra scrutinizing about retaining, recruiting or being exclusive about their ranks to maintain bragging rights in their size class. While we've previously featured prominent Crews from the 1-5 membership bracket such as the crybaby killers1 (#1 on the PS3 boards) and the Turkish Police (#4 on the PC boards), credit is also due to the Ice-Cold Assassins Crew, a committed quintet of PS3 free-aim players. Ice-Cold Assassins are currently looking to bolster their ranks with "active and skilled players with mics" - these boys clearly use communication and tactics good effect in maintaining their impressive 85% Feud win PCT. Props also to Crew member Evo7ution1 for a top 10 finish in our August 30th Social Club Event.

The top 5 Playstation3 Crews with 5 members or less

In the 6-20 tier on PC, the emblem of Number 1 Clan stands out clear from the rest, although this Crew is somewhat ironically placed in fourh. In the past few weeks, Number 1 Clan were ballsy enough to take on the might of Pro And Deadly Crew and came out of their altercation on level ground, with a very respectable 3 Feuds won. Not too shabby. Prominent Crew member N1Anoobis posted this impressive montage of kill streaks and Feud wins on Number 1 Clan's own Crew website. Check it out below:

Elsewhere in the 6-20 tier, Fear The Wrath Crew place 4th in the Xbox 360 leaderboards. Their eye-catching emblem is a tribute to the efforts of their top player ChuckMP3 who recently broke the 5 million personal XP threshold. With such support like this from their Crew mates, it's no wonder that Fear The Wrath have a Solidarity V achievement and 4K #1 Finishes. Finally, a shout out to the Nice II Crew, ranked 9th in the 6-20 bracket on Xbox 360, who have a great range of emblems in their Gallery parodying everything from Nike to Alien to Domino's Pizza. All designed by Crew Leader Endymion72, to whom we neglected to give full credit for last weeks' Contract Killers and Lawless Gangsters emblems. NICE work, Endymion.


On PSN, there are some familiar faces from the Crew Cut in the 21-50 Crew stratum including HOT Clan, Zombie Zuckerz, The Italian Job and the incredible Death Bringers. We must also pay homage to third place MP3 Killers in honor of achieving 1000 Feuds won a few weeks back, and for having an awesome emblem. MP3 Killers have stayed true to their name: Almost a third of their Feud wins have come against the MP3 Crew and they've racked up around three and a half thousand Kills in the process. It would be remiss of us to move on from the PSN 21-50 Crew tier without acknowledging the spectacularly evil emblem of 11th ranked Skeleton Crew. Props to designer TxGlock.

The top 5 Crews in the 51-100 range of Xbox 360 Crews

In the 51-100 range of Xbox 360 Crews, the underrated Dew Dirt Crew nose into third, although they have 10M XP to catch up on second-placed Rewind. Delving into their Feud stats, Dew Dirt recently lost 5 out of 5 Feuds to yet another high achieving Spanish team, Company of Killers Crew. Company Of Killers have also beaten top placed Crew, Killer Smoking Aces in Feuds by 26-8 recently, and must feel suitably aggrieved at their current placing in fourth. Keep up the fight. Finally, respect to Double Trouble for topping out the 51-100 threshold for PC players with room to spare on their roster. Not only that, but we have good reason to believe that they rock the best facial hair on Social Club.

Double Trouble reign supreme over all of the PC crews with membership between 51 and 100

Previous Editions of the Crew Cut: 

  • iiConTr0v3rSYxon November 6 2012, 1:20pmReplyFlag
    I was going to ask what happened to crew cut. Haven't seen one on the newswire for weeks.
  • FNitty1983on September 30 2012, 2:58pmReplyFlag
    looking 4 skilled and dedicated members to join the lynch mob hit me up at http:/ /social club the lynch mob only on ps3
    • luckyshot666on September 30 2012, 8:31amReplyFlag
      @Skilled players we the Russian Bears Team have dire need for skilled players. We need you, join us
      • FNitty1983on September 29 2012, 11:54pmReplyFlag
        hey rockstar keep an eye out for my crew the lynch mob our stats are getting better and we be killing the compition
        • DutchStoneron September 27 2012, 3:06pmReplyFlag
          Yo R*,
          Please check out the lastest version of the Ganja Outlaws promo video:

          • R* Yon September 28 2012, 11:02amReplyFlag
            @DutchStoner Very cool to not only see you guys putting together promotional videos, but also the fact that you're so active in our multiplayer games!
          • R* Aon September 29 2012, 10:20amReplyFlag
            @DutchStoner Love the MASSIVE B soundtrack in there too. BADDA THAN DEM!
        • TequilaFireon September 25 2012, 8:39pmReplyFlag
          Good catch! LMAO
        • FeelThePayneon September 25 2012, 5:01pmReplyFlag
          @R* After months and months of Multiplayer action (despite some occasional lag and connection issues) I am happy to say that I have officially achieved Legend 10. Is it possible to add 5 more you think? Ha

          Looking foward for you info about the next upcoming DLC. I need more Achievements to unlock.
        • bigwho1313on September 25 2012, 4:47pmReplyFlag
          I'm speaking on behalf of all my MP3killers.....thank you for noticing our teams hard work and Dedications we put into Mp3....we also want to thank you on realizing the art work of our artist..and we are glad to embrace the Mp3 word....we hope that the new DLC has a new map for gang wars..thank you again and like we all say on our team let get that Feud Money....!!!!!
        • rickettson September 25 2012, 4:41pmReplyFlag
          It's just sad when I come here hoping for something (Max Payne 3 news, mind you) and nothing. I noticed when asked about chrome guns and dlc you changed your response from soon to very soon. We'll see, we'll see. Sad, just sad. This should've been dlc week.
        • lostboyfoundon September 25 2012, 3:37pmReplyFlag
          I AM RANK #1 FOR TDM BABY
        • Smakface13on September 25 2012, 3:17pmReplyFlag
          Fingers crossed for some information on DLC today
        • ArmadilloLivingon September 25 2012, 12:12pmReplyFlag
          Wait a minute.


          Isn't this the same Cromez23 and nT in this video:

          YouTube Title: (Red Dead Redemption Hardcore Gang Match Cheaters using the Lag Switch to get the Killz)

          But now they're on the PS3? And in the top 5 no less.

          Something's fishy here.

          • DutchStoneron September 25 2012, 4:01amReplyFlag
            Ganja Outlaws Promo:

            We are still looking for dedicated members on PSN, 360 & PC, Smoker's only ; )
            Ganja Outlaws ( PSN )
            Ganja Outlaws 360
            Ganja Outlaws PC
            • HermanCainon September 25 2012, 12:25amReplyFlag
              R* pass owners should have gotten something exclusive in game other than all the packs, like Gears of War did with its season pass, if you got it you got an exclusive gun skin. Just something extra for all this waiting for something we already purchased, without a set date on its release. Please get more organized R*.

              Much Respect
              • WrathOfJenation September 25 2012, 4:44amReplyFlag
                @HermanCain That would make up for the delays & giving away for free what we already paid for (last map pack) But this is still an awesome game... I'm just a greedy pr!ck...
              • lostboyfoundon September 25 2012, 3:19pmReplyFlag
                @WrathOfJenati you can say that again lol
              • peawickoon September 25 2012, 4:42pmReplyFlag
                @HermanCain Not a bad idea, don't know if it would make up for all the waiting but may do something as a gesture of goodwill
            • vvHULKvvon September 24 2012, 10:02pmReplyFlag
              Another mention for REWIND, happy to lead such a great crew. Good work to members who read this! We recruit skilled players who can put up kills while working as a team to win. We all get along and selectively expand our family, if you'd like to become one of us shoot me a message, tell me what makes you stand out
              • LEGIONDCon September 24 2012, 9:00pmReplyFlag
                When is the Hostage Negotiation Pack coming for the Xbox360?
              • Christobell46on September 24 2012, 6:58pmReplyFlag
                Good crew cut it's good to see you guys care about the Max Payne community. :)
                • WolfbackGameson September 24 2012, 6:06pmReplyFlag
                  No new newswire posts today R*? Damn, I like reading through them.
                  • FeelThePayneon September 24 2012, 5:26pmReplyFlag
                    @R* A bit old but apparently Max Payne does real-life commercials. lol

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