This Week's New Payne Thresholds Are Now Live: Dive Bomber, Marathon and Rapid Defense

Posted on September 18 2012, 4:18pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

The Rooftop of the Moderno - with its open areas and numerous elevated platforms - is a great place to get to work on this week's Dive Bomber Payne Threshold.

Whether you're working towards a new weapon unlock or have the next Legend status in your sights, this week's Payne Thresholds challenges are now live in Max Payne 3 to help you gain massive XP rewards for covering ground, guarding bomb sites and spectacular Shootdodge™ kills. As with previous challenges, XP bonuses are unlocked at Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers, with custom Titles up for grabs should you pull off the Platinum score. You can keep track of your best scores and compare them against Friends, Crew members and the rest of the world at the Rockstar Social Club. Here's a quick rundown of this week's challenges, which expire at midnight on September 23rd:

Dive Bomber
Highest number of Shootdodge kills in a game
Furthest distance sprinted in a game
Rapid Defense
Highest number of bomb planters killed in a game

Stay tuned for more next week. Let us know how you fare with them and feel free to share any strategies or specific Loadouts that help you reach the coveted Platinum threshold in the comments section...


  • jumpycopper73372on September 26 2012, 1:04amReplyFlag
    You should totally Make An Open-world Dinosaur Game, Like Red Dead Style But Dinosaur Themed. Huge Open World. Forests, Mountains, Islands, Even Ghost towns - abandoned Cities... I know the Story Would be hard to write for something like that. But how bad ass Would it be to explore islands, mountains and cities only to be chases Town By 12 Foot Tall T-rex. haha. Don't Cut it up Or chirp me hah, Just think about it people!
    • Ries015on September 22 2012, 11:44amReplyFlag
      I think social club is right, You need to kill them in one game.
      • Ries015on September 22 2012, 10:36amReplyFlag
        Whats up with THE rapid defence tresholds , it seems that i am not getting points anymore when i killed à bomb planter. Can someone explain why that is?
      • DeafAtheiston September 20 2012, 7:26pmReplyFlag
        The Marathon Payne Threshold was the easiest one to get of all of them so far. I got it on my 1st try just by having a light loadout and playing on the Bus Station map in Gang Wars. I let the teams kill each other while I took a quick lap around the outside of the map.

        Last week the Payne Threshold for getting multiple kills in 10 seconds was colored in yellow in the Payne Threshold menu and also said "Social Club" on it... Rockstar has not given any information about what this means though. Unfortunately I didn't earn that one. The most I've gotten was 5. I saw one player that had it. They were pretty good... killed me just about every time I faced them. But I bet more people who have gotten that one did so by getting a full party together and boosting by asking them to all stay still and die while they activate a level 3 Weapon Double Dealer Burst. I refuse to try to earn them that way though... disappointing as it is to not be able to earn one you're working on I'd much rather earn them legitimately than have them just handed to me by friends who help boost for them.
        • noclue_42on September 21 2012, 8:03amReplyFlag
          @DeafAtheist R* said the "FEARED" title was a SOCIAL CLUB / PC exclusive. thus the yellow color, i think.
        • Ries015on September 22 2012, 12:51pmReplyFlag
          @DeafAtheist I had 7 kills in ten seconds with the burst weapon double dealer in gangwars, so if i were in hoboken i could kill 2 or 3 in the seconds after but i wasnt there onfortunaly. I do believe that You can get 9 kills in 10 seconds. Cheers
      • GHOSTKILLER2760on September 20 2012, 7:04pmReplyFlag
        I'm not receiving any xp points from marathon threshold even though i completed it multiple times and received nothing.
        • DeafAtheiston September 20 2012, 7:15pmReplyFlag
          @GHOSTKILLER2760 You only get XP for them if you beat your previous score. Once you've earned the Platinum title you no longer get anymore XP for it.
      • lewis74on September 20 2012, 5:15pmReplyFlag
        There shoud be a threshold for how many times the game freezes on you.
        • R* Yon September 21 2012, 4:42pmReplyFlag
          @lewis74 Please contact so they can help find out what's causing your issues.
        • Anthotron7on September 24 2012, 4:16amReplyFlag
          @lewis74 I don't under stand y u have to be so rude if u have a problem just send it to support
      • JCumbieroon September 19 2012, 11:32pmReplyFlag
        R* Why in social club Threholds says 500 m to get Platinum, but on the game says 3000 m ??? whats happening??
        • R* Mon September 21 2012, 1:02pmReplyFlag
          @JCumbiero Thanks for pointing that out. The in-game Payne Thresholds are correct. We made a late change to make them more challenging, and will get them fixed on Social Club now. Cheers!
      • FeelThePayneon September 19 2012, 9:05pmReplyFlag
        @R* I asked earlier about this but didn't get a response and no this isn't a 'demanding' question. "Can you make a Threshold Challenge for a total of number of headshots you get in a Match? You can call it 'Headache' and to unlock the Title you must earn 15 headshots in one. Or better yet, you can make a Threshold called 'Migrane' where you have to get 15 headshots in a Free-Aim Match. Similar to the 'headache' one but this one is for the hardcore players who enjoy a bit of a challenge." Hope you dig the idea? Again, this is not a demanding question.
        • FeelThePayneon September 19 2012, 9:15pmReplyFlag
          @FeelThePayne Here's a better description.

          Achieve 10 Headshots in one Match

          Achieve 15 Headshots in one Match (Free-Aim Only)

          'Long Gone'
          Get 2 Headshots with a sniper 8 seconds from one another
        • R* Yon September 19 2012, 10:09pmReplyFlag
          @FeelThePayne Thanks, be sure to also send it in to
        • noclue_42on September 20 2012, 7:44amReplyFlag
          @FeelThePayne close to what you suggested, i think they have a headshot/aiming threshold planned. look at that artcile

          the icon to the very right (apple on head) looks like it's a threshold that rewards you for showing off your AIM.
      • ItsTheAceIsChaseon September 19 2012, 8:49pmReplyFlag
        If Rockstar is willing to answer I would like to know why did we not have "Payne Thresholds" at the launch of the game?
        • R* Yon September 19 2012, 10:06pmReplyFlag
          @ItsTheAceIsChase The Payne Thresholds are free and fun challenges that were created and released after the game came out to give you guys even more to do with the game, on top of the already available Story mode, Arcade modes, everything involved in multiplayer, released downloadable content, DLC that's still coming and more.
      • GGretskion September 19 2012, 3:33pmReplyFlag
        How bout most kills in a game, or highest kill streak in a game? i like the most fueds won in a game idea too
        • R* Aon September 19 2012, 4:24pmReplyFlag
          @GGretski Thanks for the suggestions - we'll have word on the next set top of next week!
      • xMIME1on September 19 2012, 3:03pmReplyFlag
        Most headshots in a game, most money in a game, burst denied in a game, or how bout some team related like, most assists in a game, teammates saved/avenged, feuds won in a game also some things I would like to see is get the connections fixed, also the freezing is back! Make our deathmatch character's head's available to use in other modes like the max payne head. Adding a tommy gun would be nice, perhaps some melee weapons like a pocket knife, machete, etc... A couple of new bursts?
        • Ries015on September 19 2012, 12:45pmReplyFlag
          Is it bomb planters killer in à game? Or overal the week?
          • MrYoungGunPSNon September 19 2012, 1:09pmReplyFlag
            @Ries015 Over the week, unless you have the same glitch everyone else has and it doesn't keep an accurate total.
          • Ries015on September 19 2012, 1:41pmReplyFlag
            @MrYoungGunPSN Because above says it is in à game, thank For the feedback
          • noclue_42on September 19 2012, 2:06pmReplyFlag
            @Ries015 you don't have to hope for the threshold stats to work again, you CAN unlock the title in one round. just kill 10 dudes trying to plant the bomb. i don't know if it was meant to be done that way, but is is one way to do it
        • iiConTr0v3rSYxon September 19 2012, 12:13pmReplyFlag
          When can we expect news on the next DLC?
        • buffarion September 19 2012, 11:36amReplyFlag
          Well i hope you all have fun with the thresholds, cause my game doesnt save the progress on them!!! When i complete a threshold in a match it says that ive done a new personal record everytime!! For example ive done the "they were all dead" 2 kills in a row record like 50 times!! Not bad??! Well what really p*sses me off is that i couldnt even try completing the threshold in which you had to capture points alone in gang wars because of it didnt save the progress over the week!!! And YES i have contacted support!! so thanks R*

          Every time some problem is fixed in this game (loading times) another shows up! Its so frustrating cause i want to like this game.
        • FeelThePayneon September 19 2012, 10:26amReplyFlag
          Just got the 'Marathon' Threshold a little bit earlier and got the other two yesterday. Can't wait for the next batch that will hopefully drop next week. Can you make a Threshold Challenge for a total of number of headshots you get in a Match? You can call it 'Headache' and to unlock the Title you must earn 15 headshots in one Match.
          • FeelThePayneon September 19 2012, 10:32amReplyFlag
            @FeelThePayne @R* Or better yet, you can make a Threshold called 'Migrane' where you have to get 15 headshots in a Free-Aim Match. Similar to the 'headache' one but this one is for the hardcore players who enjoy a bit of a challenge. Hope you dig the idea?

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