Max Payne 3 Original Artwork: Disorganized Crime

Posted on September 5 2012, 11:18am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Our latest addition to the Max Payne 3 Original Artwork Collection comes from last week's free Disorganized Crime Pack (available for download from PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE and the in-game store) and is inspired by a shootout on the new Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map.
You can grab this and all our other Max Payne 3 artwork in a vast array of desktop wallpaper, icon and avatar sizes from and

  • NegativeHunteron September 9 2012, 10:10pmReplyFlag
    I really wish I could play as the the characters in the artwork the guys standing look really badass
    • Mac_Madon September 9 2012, 6:20amReplyFlag
      This map never appeared in the maps selection. I played it only once with a friend in a private game. :l
      • R* Yon September 11 2012, 12:07pmReplyFlag
        @Mac_Mad You should be able to see the new map in the following playlists: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Payne Killer and Downloadable Content Maps.
    • iLewisGTAon September 7 2012, 3:06pmReplyFlag
      Hey Rockstar, I'm really sorry if this is Off-Topic, but I just wanted to ask, You know the Double XP for Max Payne 3 this weekend, is that also for Payne Thresholds? Like, will be get Double XP for Payne Thresholds, or is that separate?

      • The-Dark-Nighton September 7 2012, 6:55amReplyFlag
        if there ever was a Max Payne 3 movie, Hugh Jackman would be perfect to play the role of Max Payne, i would love if that happened.
      • espomx96on September 7 2012, 5:25amReplyFlag
        This post maybe OT but I need to know if other people have encountered this glitch: I unlocked every mission of NY Minute and Point Challenge. Today I started playing Max Payne and every mission was locked ! My medals and score were saved but missions were locked ! WTF ??? R* please, release a patch, those glitches are really annoying !
        • espomx96on September 7 2012, 5:34amReplyFlag
          @espomx96 Ok, I'M A f**kING MASTER ! I discovered what causes this glitch and how to resolve it. This glitch locks all arcade missions when you play a mission from "select chapter". How to fix: go on select chapter and play last mission from checkpoint 13 to credits and everything will be unlocked again.
        • R* Yon September 11 2012, 12:04pmReplyFlag
          @espomx96 Thanks, we'll be sure to let everyone know when the new title update is coming
      • FuzzyYeti69on September 6 2012, 12:59pmReplyFlag
        I can't seem to find this on PSN in the UK, is it out yet?
        • R* Yon September 6 2012, 3:13pmReplyFlag
          @FuzzyYeti69 Yes, it should be there. Check both in-game in the Store and outside of the game. If you have some trouble finding it, please contact our Support guys so they can help out:
      • LewisMilleron September 6 2012, 12:21pmReplyFlag
        57 Loots in 7 minutes!
      • Kingcon2k12on September 6 2012, 11:20amReplyFlag
        you know what the fans want rockstar don't hold back come on -___-
        • VinceDePrinceon September 6 2012, 10:45amReplyFlag
          Noir mode, arcade mode, next up Zombie Mode!! Cmon rockstar, it would be really cool. Just imagine killing zombies in bullet time and blood is splattering on max, man that would sell like crazy.
          • simiPROon September 6 2012, 10:07pmReplyFlag
            @VinceDePrince Yeah, it'd be interesting...
            I used to play a Max Payne 2's zombie mod, that was cool, but a lil bit buggy.
        • FeelThePayneon September 6 2012, 10:30amReplyFlag
          @R* Just got my second 'Threshold' of this weeks new ones and I'm working on the last one before the new batch rolls in. I also told myself i wasn't gonna Legend again after 5 but I couldn't resist! lol I'm on my 6th Legend.
        • SlimySunOfABeachon September 6 2012, 10:19amReplyFlag
          that man with the pistol and that cap on looks like Sylvester Stallone to me(in his younger days, of course).
          • MadMan920on September 6 2012, 9:29amReplyFlag
            Damn that is some good looking art work! How long does it take these amazingly talented artist to create these?
            • ivanwebstudioon September 6 2012, 8:55amReplyFlag
              R*, I have not counted vendettas on the page. Why?
            • FlimSurpuissanton September 6 2012, 5:01amReplyFlag
              So it seems that a sneaky DeMarco mobster took advantage of the Punchinello's . We can tell he uses grounded burst and sneakers . But he 's to confident , he forgets to take cover . Maybe one more kill for the Demarco's before Punchinello's realize that something is wrong on their backs . Punchinello's response gonna be ugly .
            • LiL-A-King1on September 6 2012, 3:44amReplyFlag
              R* I guess you will release now always Artworks for all you upcoming games... It's really nice to have Artworks it makes each game special.
              • Emanuel_Bergeron September 6 2012, 2:59amReplyFlag
                Great artwork! Thanks.
                • SSG_WARRIORon September 5 2012, 11:48pmReplyFlag
                  This art it's amazing great work rockstar you're the best!
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