Presenting the Fall 2012 Social Club Multiplayer Events Calendar

Posted on September 4 2012, 9:50am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: Because of Hurricane Sandy, the November 2nd Max Payne 3 multiplayer event has been moved to November 16th from 2-5pm EST. See here for details.

Get ready for a season teeming with Bullet Time®, Old West posse throwdowns and epic Liberty City car chases as we present the calendar of Social Club multiplayer events for the fall months. Lots of multiplayer action from September through November, including representing your Crews in Max Payne 3 with all the latest downloadable content, as well as solid time on the frontier in Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition and in Liberty City with Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition.

For the uninitiated, our Max Payne 3 multiplayer events feature some cutthroat Crew battles including the chance to have your Crew take us on. Start practicing, and look for more details coming up before each of the dates. Additionally, bonus XP will run for all Max Payne 3 and Red Dead events, plus you'll have the opportunity to get in and play with us no matter which version of our titles you own and all events feature two live video streams plus an additional one on our TwitchTV page. Multiplayer events also include a chatroom with us on hand, along with limited edition prizing giveaways.

On top of these scheduled playsessions, we regularly log on for impromptu multiplayer rounds, letting you guys know via our Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Steam pages. As an added bonus, all of these are broadcast live on TwitchTV. Be sure you're following us to always get the word when we're heading online...



  • Thursday, September 13 (11am-2pm ET / 4-7pm BST)
    Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition
    PlayStation 3 on PSN and Xbox 360 on XBL

  • Friday, September 21 (4-7pm ET / 9pm-midnight BST)
    Max Payne 3
    PC, PlayStation 3 on PSN and Xbox 360 on XBL

  • Thursday, September 27 (11am-2pm ET / 4-7pm BST)
    Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition
    PlayStation 3 on PSN and Xbox 360 on XBL

  • Friday, October 12 (4-7pm ET / 9pm-midnight BST)
    Max Payne 3
    PC, PlayStation 3 on PSN and Xbox 360 on XBL

  • Friday, October 26 (4-7PM ET / 9pm-midnight BST)
    Max Payne 3
    Xbox 360 on XBL

  • Friday, November 16 (11am-2pm ET / 4-7pm GMT)
    Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition
    PlayStation 3 on PSN and Xbox 360 on XBL

  • Thursday, November 29 (4-7PM ET / 9pm-midnight GMT)
    Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition
    PC on Games for Windows - Live


  • bigboybambamon December 4 2012, 1:58pmReplyFlag
    its Dec 4th and i cant download the new DLC.......please tell me why i have the same problem everytime a new DLC comes out.
    • lolzaiahon November 14 2012, 8:39pmReplyFlag
      hey rockstar are yall doin any thing about the invisible people on max payne? im really hate them none of my max payne multiplayer games are fun anymore cause of them !!!
      • CH-mg1991on November 6 2012, 6:26amReplyFlag
        Rockstar Games, you will reset the event of the day 11/02/12?
        • R* Yon November 7 2012, 6:02pmReplyFlag
          @CH-mg1991 Yep, look for an announcement in the next 1-2 weeks.
      • R* Yon November 2 2012, 7:46pmReplyFlag
        Note: We have postponed the November 2nd multiplayer event due to power outages related to Hurricane Sandy. We'll update everyone with new information as it happens.
        • Terrorista310on October 30 2012, 12:46pmReplyFlag
          What does rockstar doing about the gta's multiplayer hackers? They call they self "modders", but they are really hackers who spoil the multplayer session for others players..
          • sazzismileson November 1 2012, 7:26pmReplyFlag
            @Terrorista310 some mods are fun like mad vehicles and stuff only the cheaters that use mods to kill youand stuff is annoying
          • NikoliVALKARIEon November 7 2012, 2:11pmReplyFlag
            @sazzismiles i agree ive saw a guy do this but he thought i was cool and was protecting me after a drift i did
          • R* Yon November 7 2012, 6:05pmReplyFlag
            @Terrorista310 @sazzismiles @NikoliVALKARIE If you guys witness any other instances of cheating, and you believe the player has modified his/her hardware or software in a way that interferes with your use of the console, we urge you to file a report with Microsoft or Sony so they can investigate. To file a report, please contact through one of the following websites:
          • NikoliVALKARIEon November 8 2012, 2:27pmReplyFlag
            @ thanks i want to report other hackers in the lobby
          • Terrorista310on November 9 2012, 3:19pmReplyFlag
            @ I can't record it but next time i see a hacker that ruins others game i will report it (on ps3), when i had my xbox gold sub and i played tbogt online, few rooms were available but for every room there were 2 or 3 hackers, so i had to sell my xbox because it was very anoiyng, in xbox the hackers could crash my game, and for 60 euro a year that is just wrong...

            PS3 all the way!
        • Dark5595on October 24 2012, 3:58pmReplyFlag
          I must have the complete edition of grand theft auto iv to be in the event?
          because iv got only the original iv for the pc is.
          • Gamanoidon October 25 2012, 9:29amReplyFlag
            @Dark5595 Try reading around the previous comments next time...
          • R* Yon October 26 2012, 5:28pmReplyFlag
            @Dark5595 You'll be able to play in our Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer events no matter if you have GTAIV or Episodes from Liberty City. We usually have one developer in original GTAIV the entire time.
          • NikoliVALKARIEon November 7 2012, 2:07pmReplyFlag
            @ if theres a gta iv multiplayer of free mode on ps3 (normal gta iv) tell me i dont like deathmatch
        • GoryMasheron October 1 2012, 4:08pmReplyFlag
          For all those about to do awesome battle... I salute you. To everybody else... I don't salute you, I mean why would I?

          But no matter what. May we all stand victorious one day, with a proud hand on our hearts and a jam sandwich in the other. We will know *wipes tear away and gets jam in eye*, we will know my friends, that thanks to Rockstar... we were all given the ability to be the most awesome bad mother f****s the gaming world has ever seen.

          Now lets eat jam sandwiches :)
          • GoryMasheron October 5 2012, 2:00pmReplyFlag
            @GoryMasher Hey I finally managed to get my free month of gold to work.

            Had a few races with random people who don't use mics, then there was a death match again with no mics.

            Those of you who are on Xbox LIVE who use mics and are looking for some excellent banter and gameplay, give me a shout.

            Gamertag: Gory Masher
        • MwAxHughJazzon September 27 2012, 8:56pmReplyFlag
          For Red Dead Redemption events, on November, do we need the game of the year edition or will the regular red dead redemption game work, and will there be triple xp again also in the november event?
          • R* Xon October 1 2012, 12:52pmReplyFlag
            @MwAxHughJazz We'll be playing both the Original Read Dead Redemption and the DLC. Which ever version you have, you'll be able to join in.
        • Nayna_Blackouton September 27 2012, 10:01amReplyFlag
          Hey everyone! I'd like to know if there's gonna have any 3xp weekend in Red Dead Redemption before the next multiplayer event in november? u guys rock!!
          • Nikkoo3066on September 23 2012, 7:43pmReplyFlag
            Is there any way to turn off the golden guns in Payne killer?
            • GTA5Player1on September 22 2012, 5:55amReplyFlag
              Man i wonder if they ever release RDR on PC
              • LiquidJon September 20 2012, 7:20pmReplyFlag
                Ooooh a GTAIV PS3 event. Very excited about this one.
                • R* Yon September 21 2012, 4:50pmReplyFlag
                  @LiquidJ See you in it next week, we'll likely clear friends lists to make space a few hours before it begins
              • RockNDrumson September 13 2012, 4:20pmReplyFlag
                So with the GTA IV events being his month for xbox and ps3 and december for the pc, this most mean no GTA V if GTA IV event during that time
                • jonniverseon September 12 2012, 11:54amReplyFlag
                  how will we know if we're playing with you guys. For Max Payne 3 what gang are you guys in? and Red Dead Redemption what posse?
                  • R* Yon September 21 2012, 4:51pmReplyFlag
                    @jonniverse We're MaxPayneDev1, 2, 3 and 4 in multiplayer events. You'll see a special tag next to our names in the lobbies.
                • banejokeron September 9 2012, 2:13pmReplyFlag
                  rockstar games!!! I can play normal version gta 4 or gta episodes liberticity??
                  • R* Yon September 11 2012, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                    @banejoker For the GTAIV events, we'll probably schedule out things like this:
                    First hour: Original GTAIV multiplayer
                    Second hour: The Lost and Damned
                    Third hour: The Ballad of Gay Tony

                    All versions of the original game and DLC will be compatible with our devs.
                  • Veteran680_GHOSTon September 16 2012, 3:53pmReplyFlag
                    @ i feel like i'm being ignored by you guys, y'all don't reply to my comments nor do you answer my mails. there is one thing i really need to know. i created a crew a few hours ago but i for some reason i don't like the name i gave it so , i wanna change it .please help me with that , when i go to my crew's main page i don't find any option to change its name . thanx!!
                • deepdarkbasementon September 9 2012, 9:07amReplyFlag
                  ... oh crap, these ain't on the weekends... how will i skip school for this! lol
                  • SmartJacobyon September 18 2012, 8:22pmReplyFlag
                    @deepdarkbasement Do what I did. Get suspended. :O Nah, I didn't get suspended for that. But, the event goes on when I'm suspended. Stroke of luck!
                • zhangzihao0000on September 8 2012, 9:23amReplyFlag
                  I love GTA games. Wish the R* better!!
                  • acasaleton September 7 2012, 8:27pmReplyFlag
                    hey R*, I just want to ask if you can do an event for max payne 3 whit the guys of LMFAO, I mean if someone dont like they music alright but cmon... party rock have 400000000 of visits on youtube so if you can get it on an event a lot of people want to play whit them...made it on ps3 XD Cheers.
                    • paynefulkilleron September 7 2012, 3:10pmReplyFlag
                      Hey R* who do i email regarding saves? i haven't played max payne 3 in about 2-3 weeks and i noticed its double xp today, so i loaded my save and noticed that my score attack is half locked (after chapter 6) and my new york minute is fully locked even though i was on chapter 13. has this happened with other people as well? sucks to loose all that data (N). Thanks
                      • R* Yon September 7 2012, 5:04pmReplyFlag
                        @paynefulkiller Please contact so they can find out why that's happening, they'll be glad to look into the problems
                      • 666Chris1337on September 8 2012, 5:53amReplyFlag
                        @paynefulkiller The same thing happened to me with the Story.I was finished but Chapter 13 and 14 are locked.
                      • RRxSHOCKERxon October 9 2012, 8:51amReplyFlag
                        @666Chris1337 happen to me as welland my wife lost her 4th legend and now a noob what is going on/w rockstar and mp3
                    • DelBoyJamieon September 7 2012, 2:30pmReplyFlag
                      @R* just like to know can you please comment on weather the new co-op pack that we will receive soon will have the ability to play the New York Minute on Hardcore? and will we be able to revive each other ?. I as I'm sure hundreds of thousands of other people have all achievements apart from "The Shadows Ruched Me" which is virtually impossible I mean come on completing the entire game in one playthrough and without dying this is to much it takes twice as long as it would if you could die because you have to be so careful. I myself have got to around chapter 10 but when you die that's it straight back to chapter one this is worse than completing COD WaW last two missions on veteran difficulty. I love the challenge I have fully completed of 60 games (and before anyone says I have not completed and of those stupid gamerscore boosting games) and have a gamerscore of around 100,000 but I for once honestly believe I will never get this, so I'm hoping that with my season pass when I download the Co-op dlc that I'm able to work with a friend and get this achievement as I'm sure even after all other achievements that will come with dlc's I will get but as for this one I'm pulling my hair out. So please please tell me that co-op will allow me to get this one, Thanks RockStar
                      • R* Aon September 11 2012, 6:36pmReplyFlag
                        @DelBoyJamie Hey mate, we'll have more content details on the upcoming packs soon - for now please stay tuned, thank you!
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