New Max Payne 3 Title Update Now Live for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Posted on August 25 2012, 7:31am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The Multiplayer Player Card, one of the new features included in the latest Title Update for Max Payne 3.

A new Title Update is now live for Max Payne 3 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - upon logging in with your internet-connected console you should be automatically prompted to download it. This update contains a variety of fixes and adjustments, including:

  • The new Multiplayer Player Card, which allows you and your friends to track multiplayer stats including current amount of XP, total kills, favorite weapon and more.
  • New Automated cheat protection and lag protection measures.
  • Improvements to multiplayer load times
  • Players can now spawn with dual wield if they have two sidearms and no two-handed weapon equipped
  • Polish language support has been added
  • Party leader now has the option of taking entire party with them when they back out of a match
  • Weapon rank in the Arsenal is now visible on the left side of the screen, not just the right
  • The Crew menu is now available inside lobbies
  • XP gained for completing Grinds no longer contributes to rankings in Gang Wars matches
  • Improvements to the spectator camera in Gang Wars
  • Gang Wars wager system improved to better show betting results
This title update also enables Payne Thresholds which will go live next week across all three platforms following the release of the free Disorganized Crime Pack DLC. In the event you have any issues downloading this Title Update or need to report other technical problems after applying it, please make sure to contact our tech support team through any of the following means:

  • Georgian_Lionon November 3 2012, 7:14amReplyFlag
    And I am also wondering how can I put a custo tag in people after they are killed by me? Sometimes when I get killed I see veriety of tags like f.. off or RIP its like a custom logo that you see after you are killed. Where and how do I create one? I did create something in my rockstar account but I am not sure if it is showing on my kills? help....
    • Georgian_Lionon November 3 2012, 7:12amReplyFlag
      Why is my PS3 always freezes? how come I freeze while others keep playing? In deathmatch or gang wars in the multi player mode? Whisky tango foxtrot?

      • MrpointyHeadson September 10 2012, 10:08amReplyFlag
        I love this game but I have one major issue as to why I never stay on it more than 5 minutes. The stupidly over powered sniper rifle. Why!? Its not big and its not clever! And that my friends is the reason this game will stay in its box.
        • XxKILLAxX5105on September 9 2012, 4:46amReplyFlag
          I was customizing my class and it said i can have a chrome weapon via social club so i go on social club and it says nothing about chrome guns :(
          • Nightmare_Kingon September 4 2012, 9:30amReplyFlag
            Rockstar when i play multiplayer and take cover behind a wall people are still able to kill me i dont know why this is happening! and when i try to shoot someone with sniper the target automatically disappears please help me! WOULD BE VERY THANKFUL
            • mishawelon September 1 2012, 1:25pmReplyFlag
              does someone know how to cook the grenade in max payne 3 PC?
              • joeldhon August 31 2012, 1:59pmReplyFlag
                If you Ppl delete your game utility reinstall the disc and re download your dlc's. I have had no clitches like mentioned above for 3 days now after doing this!
                • KeepingOnPointon August 31 2012, 7:03amReplyFlag
                  Honestly, Rockstar brought a decade old game back to life in a new location. How many develops can say they've done this properly? Glitches might be plaguing the online gameplay but this was generally a single player experience, to what degree must a developer satisfy its customers? A majority of small gameplay tweaks have been added at our urging, if anyone should be to blame for the glitches, it's us, we wanted these changes. Now we have to deal with unexpected ones that come with it and act like adult for which the game is intended. I have interests that occupy the schedule s of entire weeks but I can still come together with friends online and slow mo to my hearts desire. Thank you R* I thought I had given up on games... Then you announced max Payne 3... Gta 5...
                  • Bengy17on August 30 2012, 12:46pmReplyFlag
                    Wow playing Max Payne is wearing me out.In my last post i wrote that i had just finished an 8 hr session with not one single technical problem and i thought they had fixed it but then played the next night (was excited to see arrival of payne thresholds) and found it to be unplayable again,as bad as its ever been.Played again last night to see they had removed payne threholds AGAIN and it diddnt play to badly.R* seem to have got rid of the bugs (teleporting/falling thru floor)etc etc but the connection issues still plague this game.My excitement at thinking they had found a fix was obviously misplaced.Just dont know what to do really anymore except just keep playing and trust that R* will finaly get to the source of the problems because i love this damn game so much when it is running properly.Just hope the game runs well enough to make it playable from here on in up to the final fix in the next full update because the new dlc is out and the social club event is tonight and it really would be a disaster if the game is messing up badly with the influx of new playas...
                    • R* Yon August 31 2012, 1:04pmReplyFlag
                      @Bengy17 Our devs and Support team are working on the issues that are being discussed by some of you, and we'll let you know when we have some news to pass along about the next title update
                  • Le5tat187on August 29 2012, 6:32pmReplyFlag
                    1.player card way wrong

                    2. vendettas frozen at .72 when it was 27.72

                    3.says zero clues on player card

                    4.says fav mode is payne killer? played it 3 times

                    5.fall thru floors into whiteness to where i have to quit on all maps

                    6.go into suicide mode and wont die wont get up for like 15 seconds then im back up still in suicide and no weapon

                    7.constantly transporting to where i was 5 seconds ago

                    8.ive respawned and started to fly

                    9.targets in gang wars just dissappear

                    10.white screen in loading mmenus

           sound effects after round

                    12.respawn no weapons

                    13. dead people that r still alive but not really

                    14. constant lag every match with random teleporting

                    and other odd little things all since last patch u have pics from twitter of stats so here ya go u said u wanted this on the newswire so here it is this is almost constant every game at least one of these things happen thanx good luck????
                    • R* Yon August 29 2012, 7:43pmReplyFlag
                      @Le5tat187 Thanks for letting us know. Feel free to fire that list off to, our devs are working to bring a new title update in the coming weeks, and any feedback from you or others is always helpful!
                  • bigboss2050tmon August 28 2012, 10:51amReplyFlag
                    @rockstargames : could you please add a penalty of 3 levels down
                    when you voluntarily play a guerrilla war but not when it has connection problems. abandon these volunteers often cause a block of my ps3 and I have to force restart .. happens also in the death match to 16 players. I hate these cowards who drop out just because they are undergoing many killings .. thanks in advance and sorry if my English is not perfect.
                  • deadlyhaloon August 28 2012, 10:02amReplyFlag
                    how do we get the cromla tint for our weapsons
                    • R* Yon August 28 2012, 1:34pmReplyFlag
                      @deadlyhalo The Chrome unlock will be available in the future, watch for our announcement in the coming weeks
                  • EL_UBER_GOOBERon August 28 2012, 9:58amReplyFlag
                    Hey Rockstar Games, have you ever heard of the concept of if it ain't broke don't fix it, well your stupid unnecessary update just broke this game. First I'm disappointed on how you screwed over everyone including myself who bought the Rockstar Pass but now after this stupid update it glitches all the time during Gang Wars. Thanks for not caring about us gamers who buy your products.
                  • singh1994on August 28 2012, 8:40amReplyFlag
                    will dlc be released on pc too today that free one dlc ??????
                    • R* Yon August 28 2012, 1:37pmReplyFlag
                      @singh1994 Yes, we expect the DLC to be available today for PC
                  • DeafAtheiston August 28 2012, 3:29amReplyFlag
                    Really like some of the new features in the title update... I like the labels on the weapons showing their current rankings much easier than clicking on the weapon itself to see it's rank... save time when updating loadouts. also like the player card although there are some problems with it... for example mine says in single player I have 0/65 clues... this is wrong. I have them all.

                    On the negative side I've been experiencing some really weird glitches... like randomly respawning without dying. I could be firing a weapon at someone and suddenly I respawn on an entirely different part of the map. I seems to happen the most when I am using an RPG. Also I've died without going to the death screen and instead was still in the game as a corpse. Could not do anything except watch the clock count down until that round of Gang Wars was over. Also once was frozen in place on the map. I could still fire my weapon or melee kill anyone that came up to me but I was not taking any damage from from firearms or melee kills myself. Was finally killed by an explosive but then my screen got weird... it froze on my death scene in black and white as it would if it went to the death screen but did not show the kill shots and who killed me. Froze like that for like 30 sec then the mini map popped up in the corner but my screen still showed me dead and could not do anything but then I got auto-kicked for being idle.
                    • TheRohan31on August 28 2012, 5:05amReplyFlag
                      @DeafAtheist it also happened to me fix this rockstar
                    • R* Yon August 28 2012, 1:38pmReplyFlag
                      @DeafAtheist @NHDrumline17 @TheRohan31 Thanks guys, please be sure to shoot a message with details on your technical issues to so they can help.
                    • Stickvortexon August 29 2012, 2:08pmReplyFlag
                      @ Hi The Update is great and all but there is a bug where it says i didnt find any of the single player clues when i found all of them and even have both achievements *an echo of the past* and *sure know how to pick a place* the golden guns one is fine though
                  • NHDrumline17on August 28 2012, 2:29amReplyFlag
                    I'm having trouble unlocking trophies since the patch. Payne Bringer, Grave Robber, and Dearest of All Friends won't unlock for me.
                    • Bengy17on August 27 2012, 9:48pmReplyFlag
                      well have just finished a 8 hr session and am so pleased to say had zero technical problems diddnt get disconnected once.Cant say how happy i am about this always said even when things were at the worst i had faith R* would get on top of the issues.People should now take the time to let their friends know things are fixed and get the player numbers right back up and every one can now get on with enjoying this brilliant game.R* if you are reading this thank you for sorting things out and if ppl get upset in their posts it is only because they care about this game...Cant wait for tomorrows dlc and hopefuly should bring in plenty of new playas and attract old playas back as well and all those with the season pass can be happy again as well...
                      • R* Yon August 27 2012, 7:10pmReplyFlag
                        Thanks to everyone for the feedback. We'll be sure to let everyone know when we have some news to pass along on the issues some players are experiencing. If you haven't already done so, please send an email to so they can document your problems, as your feedback does lend a helping hand in building out new title updates.
                        • russleduston August 27 2012, 5:44pmReplyFlag
                          R*, i love what you do, but this title update has made the online multiplayer virtually unplayable. Lag, teleporting and connection problems everywhere, please do what you can to fix it.
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