The Official Social Club Multiplayer Events Series Calendar for April - June

Posted on March 29 2010, 6:02pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Announcing the official new calendar of Rockstar Games Social Club Multiplayer Events that will take us through the spring and into the summer with reckless abandon - and lots of gunpowder.

We've got a full slate of official multiplayer sessions slated up with a well-balanced diet of Grand Theft Auto IV, Episodes from Liberty City in April, and starting in May, our newest multiplayer experience that we're very excited to unleash, Red Dead Redemption - all across their respective online platform networks.

Each event listed below will come with all the trimmings:

  • full-on multiple hour play sessions with your friends from Rockstar Games, the actual folks who work to bring you these games - no hired hands!
  • live stream of all the action from the official Social club events page for those who prefer to spectate or can't get into the action from work or school...
  • live chat with other Social Club members moderated by Rockstar

Plus hopefully a few new surprises to stay tuned for...

Several dates from our previously-released calendar have been changed due to the shifting of release dates, so please take note and mark those calendars.

Read on for the full calendar going from now all the way into June...

  • Friday, April 2 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Grand Theft Auto IV
    For PC on Games for Windows LIVE
    Dust up and bust up - get those skills sharpened for Episodes on PC in mid-April - we'll be throttling up-to-32-player action just like last time...
  • Friday, April 16 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Episodes from Liberty City
    For PlayStation 3 on PlayStation Network

Saturday, April 17 (3-6PM Eastern)
Episodes from Liberty City
For PC on Games for Windows LIVE

Back-to-back jumpoff weekend in honor of the arrival of Episodes from Liberty City for PC and PS3.  Make sure to get a lot of practice in that first day or two after game release – because we’re planning to have a few folks from both Rockstar North and Toronto coming online specifically to show you how it’s done.

  • Tuesday, April 27 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Episodes from Liberty City
    For PlayStation 3 on PlayStation Network
    More long-awaited Episodes action on PlayStation Network.
  • Thursday, May 13 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Episodes from Liberty City
    For Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE
    An official Social Club and Xbox LIVE event, for all the Episodes players on 360.
  • Friday, May 21 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption
    For PlayStation 3 on PlayStation Network

Saturday, May 22 (1-4PM Eastern)
Red Dead Redemption
For Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE

Like we said last week… get your wild bunch ready.  Red Dead Redemption multiplayer – back-to-back for each system on the first weekend after the May 18th game release. Stay tuned for the big reveal of Multiplayer details next week.

  • Thursday, June 3 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption
    For PlayStation 3 on PlayStation Network
    Posse up.  Official Red Dead multiplayer events continuing on in June for PlayStation 3...
  • Friday, June 18 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Red Dead Redemption
    For Xbox 360 on Xbox LIVE
    ...and for Xbox 360.  Look for special giveaways during each of the June events.
  • Tuesday, June 29 (4-7PM Eastern)
    Episodes from Liberty City
    For PC on Games for Windows LIVE
    Getting back into some high-def and high-octane PC Grand Theft Auto mayhem.

Our official Gamertags and PSN IDs will be announced with all other details on how to join us in the days before each event, so make sure to check in as each event nears.

And as always, stay attuned to our Twitter and Facebook.  We're known to jump on to XBL, PSN or GFWL and play at a moment's notice, and the only place you'll be able to find out about these impromptu games will be on those two pages.  Follow for now...

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Recap & Screens: Grand Theft Auto IV PC Official Social Club Multiplayer Event from Feb 18th
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  • pierdolekurwaon September 5 2012, 2:05amReplyFlag
    No gtaV till nov29 for sure :(
    • EmD-OwNaGe2k9on June 29 2010, 6:47amReplyFlag
      Does anyone know where the best spot is to hunt for Cougars...?
      • DarkLunacy469on June 7 2010, 9:11pmReplyFlag
        I love this game. It has sooo many details involved in it. I just need to really get going with playing it more often. 43 games and only 3 platinums. I have to get busy. Wish me luck lol... see you guys and gals online.
        • ISavageFlossyIon June 3 2010, 6:10amReplyFlag
          this game rules
          • Reddazon May 30 2010, 3:10pmReplyFlag
            $got to mention. Please add me as a friend as I would love to try out this posse aspect of the game.

            See you in game.

            • Reddazon May 30 2010, 3:08pmReplyFlag
              My in game name is Reddaz. I love this game (RDR). I am not sure what free roam is all about, I mean, I love the pvp games, awesome and fun. But What is the point in free roam and Posses. Is there any actual quests in free roam.

              Cheers. Reddaz
              • IRISH_VANDALon May 29 2010, 2:11pmReplyFlag
                What happened to all of the post by various individuals for the past 2 or 3 days? they are gone. on every single rdr page. gone. this is very disturbing. don't tell me u are censoring matters as gamespot has done to gamers in the past 2 weeks. this would be a huge black mark on your record. please respond to this as these are the voices of the community trying to be heard and assist fellow gamers alike. again, i ask for a response as to why several days worth of post are missing from your open pages.

                • Nate65on May 23 2010, 1:21pmReplyFlag
                  Those who have gotten onto multiplayer successfully, are you tired of that Aim-Assist (auto aim) bull s**t? where the game holds and shoots the gun for you? what about the close ass respawns? where you respawn literally right beside your enemy? well i made a channel on youtube : and i talked to a developer and he said that the RDR developers watch what people put up about RDR. so go support that channel!! please help save this wonderful game! maybe they will fix this.
                  • Wildsideon May 23 2010, 4:31amReplyFlag
                    when they shut the sever down but if you find the right person on a online cruse with the caddilac cts or escalde leave the room hes a hacker hes no 2 on rate my ride with the invisible police car
                    • Wildsideon May 23 2010, 4:20amReplyFlag
                      @mullac2k9 because mid---ht club has been canceled dont be stuned when the shut the server down
                      • IRISH_VANDALon May 22 2010, 4:07amReplyFlag
                        RS, why is there no FULL FLEDGED DIS ALLOW AUTO AIM IN FREE ROAM? Dont give me there are Expert Settings Rooms. The question stands - WHERE IS FREE ROAM FOR EXPERT SETTINGS? If there is a DISALLOW AUTO AIM FREE ROAM, I sure havent found it. Why must MANUAL SHOOTERS be penalized for their experience? I would even be willing to accept CASUAL and EXPERT in the same room if U could disallow CASUAL(AUTO-AIM) on shots fired on me as I accept to not be able to CASUAL shot other players. Can this not be done? Am i missing something? I have come across other players that I was unable to lock onto. maybe 5-10% of my online journeyz, and i am level 27 right now, so I have seen a few ppl(got over 300 headshots online if that tells ya something). I dont want to auto aim, i dont want to be auto aimed. Can we do something about this RS? Can we? Patch? Update? DLC? Missing Code in ur back pocket? Anything other than NOOB FREE ROAM.
                        • mullac2k9on May 21 2010, 4:53pmReplyFlag
                          why are there no more mid---ht club events, i know its been around for some time but it would be nice
                          • TheBeast96on May 19 2010, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                            im on psn (sorry for forgetting to put this)
                            • TheBeast96on May 19 2010, 12:28pmReplyFlag
                              i need 1-2 or more volunteres to join with me cause none of my friends will have rdr so i need a posse please anyone even if its only for this social club
                              • BIGTIME213on May 17 2010, 3:40pmReplyFlag
                                XBOX360 GAMER TAG............. BIGTIME 213
                                PLEASE ADD 4
                                • scottishgameron May 16 2010, 2:24pmReplyFlag
                                  hi making a RDR posse on xbox live looking for members already hav about six people add me ( xFHx 3NFORCER x ) as i said add me if you want in thnx
                                  • NapaWestSideon May 15 2010, 9:31pmReplyFlag
                                    looking for PS3 red dead redemption players to add as friends. name is NapaWestSide
                                    • Rhapsody99on May 15 2010, 4:16pmReplyFlag


                                      LOOK AT THIS !! Finally
                                      • G1ng3rSc0tsm4non May 13 2010, 11:18amReplyFlag
                                        anyone want to make a posse when RDR comes out in BRITAIN... And piss around and own people and f**k about... if u do my name is ''G1NG3RSC0TSM4N'' (and no im not ginger). but iv got a X-Box,,, YER so go on give me a message
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