Rockstar Game Tips: Harnessing the Social Club Arsenal Feature to Power your Max Payne 3 Loadouts

Posted on August 23 2012, 10:50am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Recently in our Rockstar Game Tips series for Max Payne 3, we've presented several Loadouts used by expert players from the game's Multiplayer dev team to help illustrate which weapon, Burst and Item combinations are best suited for various game types and scenarios. But of course when it comes to ensuring your Loadout is ideal for your individual play style and preferences, one size never fits all and this is where the unique feature of Social Club Arsenals can be of crucial assist.

The Arsenal feature is one of the newer features available at the Rockstar Games Social Club for the game and can be found under the Multiplayer tab at your Max Payne 3 game stats hub. Arsenal lets you break down your personal stats by weapon, Burst and Item, giving you direct access to the Kill/Death Ratio (KDR), rate of accuracy and other helpful statistics for each of the components that make up a successful Loadout. To show you how it works, we've taken our own MaxPayneDev1's play data and analyzed how a tweak to the setup can make for an even more lethal performance.

MaxPayneDev1 already has an enviable KDR, win percentage and average lifespan, but with some insight from the Arsenals page, a tweak could be made to preferred Loadouts to push that KDR into 3+ territory. Looking at the list of most-used weapons, we can see that MaxPayneDev1 favors the MD-97LC overall, but can also wield the Sawn Off with devastating results. However, accuracy is actually tops with the FAL and, as the FAL is the lighter of the two, switching that may just improve KDR and free up a little Loadout weight for more attachments.

The Most Used Weapons stats also illustrate the effectiveness of equipping your Loadouts with multiple weapons so that you're packing the right tools to deal with a number of situations. Those who've joined us for a play session online or watched our event streams may know that MaxPayneDev1 is rarely without a Sawn Off in reach, and has the speed of thought to draw it whenever an opponent dares to come within range. Meanwhile, the M10 is a useful back-up at mid-to-close range and for when ammmunition is getting scarce after sizeable killstreaks.

You can check these stats for all of the weapons, Bursts and items you've used throughout your time in Max Payne 3 multiplayer at the Rockstar Games Social Club. Take a close look and you might find that your favorite Loadout isn't necessarily your most potent.

If you've got your game stats shared publicly to everyone, feel free to shoot us a mouthoff with your Arsenal stats page link and we're happy to have a look to see if we can make any recommendations for you - or share them in comments with others to see what your rivals may have to say...

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  • mosessuarez550on September 13 2012, 11:29amReplyFlag
    rock star will we be seeing more custom load out slots so we have more that five custom slots
    • THEBLACKTIGER007on September 1 2012, 4:38pmReplyFlag
      @R*K until now nothing received yet but I'll wait what to do ?
      • MotorCityMojoTon August 29 2012, 1:46amReplyFlag
        I've got a is it possible for a player to run up and melee another player while they're being shot? Very annoying
        • THEBLACKTIGER007on August 27 2012, 2:00pmReplyFlag
          Rockstar I've sent an email to mouthoff with my arsenal stats link to give me recommendations but until now nothing received from them is it going to take a long time ?
        • Jbauer1978on August 26 2012, 12:58amReplyFlag
          alot lol
          • NYPDMAXPAYNEon August 26 2012, 2:56amReplyFlag
            @Jbauer1978 Lol I know right! There are so many!
          • JohnDoe_86on August 26 2012, 3:55amReplyFlag
            @NYPDMAXPAYNE you can watch every single one on your social club game page for max payne 3. if your are rolling over the grind icons you can see how many levels it have. and yeah, there are truly alot.^^
          • R* Kon August 28 2012, 6:20amReplyFlag
            @Jbauer1978 Grinds are a really great way to level up, but also look out for Payne Thresholds next week. They are a little like Grinds, in that they reward huge XP for completing objectives, but the key difference is that you can keep improving your score and compare against friends, Crew members and other players on the leaderboards.
        • TKSINCEREon August 26 2012, 12:36amReplyFlag
          I thought the people that reply here were moderators of some sort. If so they are not going to be able to resolve your issue. Every company has specialist departments, who are better equipped to deal with the problems we have.
          • Jbauer1978on August 25 2012, 11:46pmReplyFlag
            This is cool, but I am not worried about having the best loadout, I am trying to get all the grinds! Having to use a weapon I dont really like for a while stinks, but I am on a mission to get all the grinds! Then I will worry about a kick ass loadout!
          • jrod1008on August 25 2012, 10:52pmReplyFlag
            rockstar one thing i would like in the game and am sure other players will too is a true crew gang wars in the playlist where everyone can choose to play against each other! that is team against teams only !
          • R* Yon August 25 2012, 7:57pmReplyFlag
            @Nahckc @xjohndoex86 @Badnightmayor & others, please be sure to send a message to our Support team letting them know the issues you're experiencing, they'll be glad to assist:
          • Badnightmayoron August 25 2012, 7:42pmReplyFlag
            How about fixing the screen lock ups and the falling through the floor glitch and the matchmaking problems.
            • budthebomberon August 25 2012, 6:02pmReplyFlag
              uh-oh people are angry they spent 60 bucks if not more on a game riddled with bugs and our patch made it worse quick! pull out more boring screenshots for a game that doesn't even have a release date yet,
              • budthebomberon August 25 2012, 5:52pmReplyFlag
                seems like it's a good thing I haven't been playing recently seeing as how this whole comment section is flooded with reports of major game breakdown.
                • NYPDMAXPAYNEon August 25 2012, 5:52pmReplyFlag
                  Max Payne 3 Free Aim Playlist is dead :(
                  • LupoLucioon August 25 2012, 3:22pmReplyFlag
                    IT's time for some "true story bro!" :
                    Maxpaynedev1 has an enviable KDR just because it plays on softNOOBlock session, those weapons that he use in free aim are totally useless, except the m10 with its "point&spray" noobish game style.
                    • Bremmer72on August 25 2012, 2:54pmReplyFlag
                      Rockstar what have yous done i think MP3 is a great game right up there with RDR but can you please do us all a favour and sort the multiplayer problems out please please please. As im pretty sure that in a months time you may find there is nobody playing online anymore. I bet this would be different story if it was GTA5.
                      • Nahckcon August 25 2012, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                        I play Max3 on Xbox and I found that there's a very serious problem after the update recently. All players have trouble becoz of game dely, for example, when you have turned a corner and started to run forward, you would suddenly be placed at where you were 3 seconds ago, maybe the corner. And it happens all the time, evening when you are defusing a bomb! you will be placed somewhere else and need to refuse it again. What's wrong with you guys? How can such a serious mistake happen?
                      • JohnDoe_86on August 25 2012, 4:15amReplyFlag
                        "Do guys actulay test the damn stuff before you release it ?"
                        thats a question that always comes in my mind nowadays with all the triple a titles. the days were games are released finished seems to be over...

                        its not that bad at all for me but yeah i had some of these issues, too. i'm just disappointed that it seems to be unfeasible to sort these problems out.
                        • R* Yon August 25 2012, 9:50amReplyFlag
                          @JohnDoe_86 Of course. Sometimes some issues in the live multiplayer environment with you and our other fans don't show up beforehand in the test environment. Our testers and devs are working hard to be sure the Max Payne 3 you're experiencing is as headache-free as possible. If you haven't already sent a message to Support please do so when you get a free moment:
                        • JohnDoe_86on August 25 2012, 12:15pmReplyFlag
                          @ don't get me wrong, i adore your games and i love the multiplayer. but there are about three months(!) over now and there are still problems. there are just the hardcore fans(and ok some newbies) which are still playing and they beginn to lose their patience, too. you could saved thousands of players for this multiplayer which is basically great and it woudn't be your fault if the multi would be technical top notch and they just head to another game in their fast food mentality. but it isn't and so it was up to you...

                          anyway... did you guys ever thought about to open a forum with a thread for every game and under sections to it like bethesda has? so your devs and support could just look into that instead of checking every e-mail after another.

                          still looking forward for the upcomig dlc's, even i'm worried if their will be someone to play with...

                          nice weekend, guys.
                      • xxEMPYREANxxon August 25 2012, 3:42amReplyFlag
                        Latest patch = teleporting across the map and random falls into the abiss that result in suicide??

                        I bought the special edition, cost me extra and now already special edition perks are a free download??

                        Plus also bought the rockstar pass...... Months of playing and one dlc for minimal maps is all I got. Now the next dlc is free??? Why buy the pass if everything is free bar a couple of maps. Been a waste of money and time so far.

                        Might want to worry less about stupid little sound effects and chrome plating our guns and more about sorting he f**king game play out and getting us our dlcs as promised the way they were supposed to come out.
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