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More to come this week...

  • R* Aon August 20 2012, 10:24amFlag
    Hey everyone, great to see still so much excitement about these screens.

    Polite reminder: we will not tolerate spamming, arguing and other off-topic nonsense in this or any other thread, so please keep it civil and we look forward to bringing you more screens this week.
  • Fr3NzyK1LL3Ron August 19 2013, 12:09pmReplyFlag
    To think that an entire year as went by since these screenshots were posted is unreal. I can't wait till Sept 17!
    • Penalvason August 13 2013, 6:53amReplyFlag
      Almost a year :D
      • movemesonon May 5 2013, 5:11pmReplyFlag
        Planes are making are return! But the best thing about the new modes of transport has got to be the return of bicycles! But I wonder if you might be able to do contests on BMXs?
      • OneManCrimeWaveon May 5 2013, 12:05amReplyFlag
        It's always nice to come back to these old newswire post and realise that they were the beginning of Rockstar Games making an amazing video game to come. I can't wait till' September 17th, Rockstar. Cheers indeed!
        • ricadrovdkon April 14 2013, 7:09amReplyFlag
          Rockstar i truely love you but you have a lag with info....
          • KroganEnigmaon January 18 2013, 4:41pmReplyFlag
            These screens are much more mpressive and interesting t analyze now hat we kw s much about the game - its nice to look back on these screens! Gonna be a great game, can't wait until spring.
            • pebipson December 24 2012, 3:33pmReplyFlag
              su nuevo proposito de rokstar aparte de gta 5
              • pebipson December 19 2012, 1:38pmReplyFlag
                por fin es
                oficial eso de todas las ciudades
                en uno
              • Alexis110995on December 7 2012, 9:08pmReplyFlag
                last comment.
                • JayDaddy267on December 4 2012, 2:55pmReplyFlag
                  Last comment !
                  • slycoop3ron November 27 2012, 4:03pmReplyFlag
                    R*!!!! one thing i would love for the online multiplayer would be a ZOMBIE MOD for the NPC's turn all the padestrians into blood thirsty zombies and have a survival mode!! were theres rarely any cars to take and you have to get from one point to the next through a city filled with zombies OR, freeplay with them and have certian scenereos!! would be AWESOME in the game environment you guys have started!!
                    • JORDYNAIRRon November 5 2012, 9:18pmReplyFlag
                      Yo i don't know if somebody already mentioned it, but i watched the trailer another time, and at 01:06 i u can c that dude with the full tattoo sleeves runnin in the alley from the cops, and on his left arm you can read DAVID... So some of the leaks could be true... Look it up, let me know what u think about it.
                      • kennybbmon November 4 2012, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                        the sign on the cheetah says you play in san andreas...
                        • AaronARWon October 30 2012, 9:31amReplyFlag
                          Or could use some vehicles from Midnight Club aswell? But defo the Nissan Gtr R35.
                          • AaronARWon October 30 2012, 9:23amReplyFlag
                            I would like to see, BMX, Moutain Bike, Racer Bike, Nissan GTR R35 :) but your gonna have to call it a different name. Maybe travel around on a push scooter, or a Po-Go stick just for the laugh of it.
                            • Gta5fan155on October 24 2012, 9:40pmReplyFlag
                              I'm the last one
                              • SpecialAgentHardon October 16 2012, 4:13amReplyFlag
                                Nice and beautiful GTA-video:

                                • XxAtteg2xXon October 8 2012, 5:28amReplyFlag
                                  Come on R* make the veichles customizable again like in San Andres.
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