Rockstar Desktops Collection: Splash Series

Posted on August 15 2012, 11:05am | Author: R* G | Filed Under: Rockstar

Offering some refreshing respite from the dog days of August, our latest in the collection of Rockstar digital designs to adorn your desktop, mobile device, social media backgrounds and avatars is the Splash series.

Style 1 above is a selection of colorways of the Rockstar logo impacting upon the surface of a dark pool (like so many Adrenaline Junkies); whereas Style 2 submerges in silver and gold. There is much more inspirational profundity to offer about the symbolism of water as it relates to the human condition - but it's just too damn hot for all that.

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RGB Series
Comic Strip Series

  • innybhoyon September 19 2013, 10:35pmReplyFlag
    it's not been really clear on how you change your app pics from my iphone pics! I done it once but it's completly left my mind! So getting into your own pics and using one of them for a avatar I would be great! Thanks again,Stephen PSN NAME=INNY69 !!
    • Penguins_Fan93on August 24 2012, 6:16pmReplyFlag
      Rockstar you should add ipad resolutions for your wallpapers. :)
      • RabbidDude1on August 24 2012, 5:59amReplyFlag
        Hey guys thanks for making the screens compatible with Vita!
        • meepeton August 20 2012, 9:45pmReplyFlag
          hey rockstar, your desktops are awesome! like every single one is really cool and unique, plus the clothes designs are sweet, how come you guys are not a clothing company on the side? =)
        • ROCKSTAR_THEBESTon August 17 2012, 10:29amReplyFlag
          • DonALittleon August 16 2012, 1:30pmReplyFlag
            Awww yeah. These are some of the best desktops you've come up with!
            • Robo96P1on August 16 2012, 11:28amReplyFlag
              Wow, the best screenshots ever!
            • Undertaker13on August 16 2012, 4:00amReplyFlag
              I love them!!!
              • Pike187on August 16 2012, 1:47amReplyFlag
                I like the yellow one :)
                • Tommy_Spaghettion August 16 2012, 12:38amReplyFlag
                  Please can you make Windows 7 themes of this like the Ambience series?
                  • SpareBrickson August 15 2012, 8:02pmReplyFlag
                    Really like this series a lot. Thanks R*
                    • BurgerShotLCon August 15 2012, 7:35pmReplyFlag
                      Rockstar, i really got a curious question!, what programs do you use to create this! ?

                      i really hope to get a reply!
                      • R* Aon August 15 2012, 7:31pmReplyFlag
                        Thanks all. And for those who were asking, these are now available as Social Club avatars too.
                      • scareface1970on August 15 2012, 6:52pmReplyFlag
                        Wouw R* great this Desktops Collection i find these really cool. Can we get them for or avatars by the ScClub i go check this right away.

                        THNX ***Rockstar***
                        • conorSuperon August 15 2012, 6:49pmReplyFlag
                          im really liking these splash designs, rockstar, they are really amazing, i have one has my laptops desktop image and one as my social club avatar
                          • BurgerShotLCon August 15 2012, 5:58pmReplyFlag
                            Oh My God!
                            • FreeX7on August 15 2012, 4:47pmReplyFlag
                              Also it's possible to add a version for the Galaxy S2 (480x800)? I would really appreciate it and I think that many others will as well. There are many people with smartphones which supports this resolution.
                              • R* Xon August 15 2012, 5:05pmReplyFlag
                                @FreeX7 Thanks for the suggestion, we'll consider it for future wallpapers
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