Rockstar Game Tips: Hot to the Touch with "Jackin' Chan" (Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - iPhone/iPod Touch)

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(The Triads, mobilizing to take down the Irish mobsters that have kidnapped Master Chan...)

Hot on the heels of our recent Fingering Vehicular Sabotage walkthrough guide stepping you through the mission “Pimp His Ride” in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for iPhone and iPod touch – today we keep on with another of Huang Lee's more challenging mission escapades.

The mission "Jackin' Chan" tasks Huang with saving Chan Jaoming from the Irish mobsters that have kidnapped him.  When you arrive at Chan's garage, a Triad tells Huang to head to the docks in BOABO to rescue Chan.  After you’ve driven to the blip on the radar, Huang sees that the Triads have cornered the mobsters.  This doesn't last for long though once the mobsters toss a molotov to set all of the Triad vehicles ablaze, including the one Chan is inside.

(Chan might want to turn on the AC until Huang can figure something out...)

A timer with a blue meter appears on the left side of the screen.  Quickly drive to the blip on the radar and get in the fire truck.  Drive back to the docks and ease up close to the fiery vehicles.  On the touchscreen, hold the H2O button, moving your finger to aim the water hose and put out the fires.  There's an unlimited amount of water but not an unlimited amount of time, so keep a close eye on the timer as you must extinguish everything before it expires.

(Hold and aim 'H2O' to extinguish the flames before the blue meter expires.)

Once all the fires have been put out, hop out of the fire truck, get in Chan's car and drive straight to his garage.  On the way back, you'll encounter some more antagonistic Irish kidnappers.  Faced with the two choices of fighting them off or outrunning them, your best bet is to flex a little evasive stunt driving.  It's going to be a fairly intense chase as they'll be firing out the window at your vehicle – but don’t hesitate to ram into their car to inflict some damage.  If your vehicle starts smoking, just concentrate on following the path to the garage.  Stay the course, be aware of upcoming turns, and you'll get ahead enough to safely pull into Chan's garage - homefree.

(Drive to Chan's garage, but beware of the Irish kidnappers as they'll be on your tail...)

Chan isn't exactly grateful for the rescue.  He blames his kidnapping on Huang, barks at him to get therapy and then calls him a narcissist.  Then in true Chan Jaoming fashion, he has a little..."accident"...

(Don't worry.  You don't have to use the touchscreen to help him change his pants...)

Got a particularly tricky mission you’re trying to beat, or want us to impart some Game Tips wisdom on anything in particular?  Let us know in the Comments...

Rockstar Game Tips: Fingering Vehicular Sabotage (Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - iPhone/iPod Touch)

  • 123_pianotjeon February 26 2012, 5:34amReplyFlag
    I can't spray with the firetruck on my iPad ?
    • koyamaon April 10 2010, 6:54amReplyFlag
      when you guys will announce the ipad update for this?
      • R* Yon March 24 2010, 7:37pmReplyFlag
        @JTrocks9 We try not to cover missions near the end of our games as not to spoil the ending, but as an alternative you can check out the official BradyGames strategy guide which does cover that mission
        • quin-joaquinon March 23 2010, 7:24pmReplyFlag
          • JTrocks9on March 22 2010, 4:18pmReplyFlag
            I could go for some help on Salt in the Wound, the final mission of Chinatown Wars PSp.
            • Rafiosoon March 19 2010, 4:24pmReplyFlag
              Thx Rockstar Games.
              German translation, like every time:
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