Congrats to RiotReady & Ccssrr, First Two Social Club Members Cast as Upcoming Max Payne 3 DLC Character Faces

Posted on August 6 2012, 10:34am | Author: R* W | Filed Under: Games

Thousands of Max Payne 3 fans over the past month have been jumping in to the Social Club Multiplayer Playlists, ripping up the competition for the chance to have their likeness appear in as a gang avatar in one of the upcoming Max Payne 3 DLC packs - and we're proud to announce the first two confirmed members of this exclusive quartet of online assassins.

Argentinian PC player Cesar Aguirre (aka Ccssrr at the Social Club) was spotted shredding the Multiplayer maps with his dual-weld M10 and M972 SMGs. As a true-blue member of the public Payne Killers Crew, Cesar will be helping to represent South America and shall be appearing as a custom avatar with signature eyebrow-piercing intact.
Our second selection convinced us that he would be the perfect wing-man for just about any Game Mode that required decisive action. Jeremy Wallace aka RiotReady is an Xbox 360 player and New Hampshire USA native, with the hard look of a grizzled action-hero or menacing villain. Online, Jeremy's been proving his mettle citing preferred use of the Sneaky Burst, Flashbang Projectile and credit to his Master Of Arms accuracy with the G6 Commando.
We are busy selecting and confirming the last two faces as we speak - so if you participated in the July playlists, watch your inboxes - and stay tuned for those announcements here at the Newswire, including info of which Pack these grills will appear.

  • PaidGrubon September 13 2012, 8:45amReplyFlag
    Hi Rockstar , I Participate in the casting of July playlists sent me an email and I sent it out, hopefully in the next DLC or wait out in GTA V multiplayer :)
    • mosessuarez550on September 12 2012, 10:02pmReplyFlag
      do we get them on xbox and ps3
      • LupoLucioon August 10 2012, 7:51amReplyFlag
        LOL! RiotReady looks like a real CRACHA PRETO! ahahahah!
      • ivandacostaon August 9 2012, 10:45pmReplyFlag
        tem como jogar max payne 3 offline ?
      • dark_jameson August 9 2012, 11:03amReplyFlag
        Congratulations! Being a Max Payne character..It must be a dream that becomes true! I congratulate for these two guys ;)
        • SelinaKyleeon August 9 2012, 12:27amReplyFlag
          This is really cool =) I hope you will choose a girl in this selection, I would have more options women face. And congratulations, the game was incredible. I'm from Brazil and found very cool, you have made a game with the city of São Paulo. Thank you for your attention.
        • NYPDMAXPAYNEon August 8 2012, 9:53pmReplyFlag
          Everyone who was able to get their faces in Max Payne 3 should feel so honored, they are all beyond lucky. The Max Payne 3 contests have been so great, Rockstar you really set the bar so high.
          • RapiT7on August 8 2012, 3:12pmReplyFlag
          • RapiT7on August 8 2012, 3:12pmReplyFlag
            New patch and error ; / Help...
            • oDuckHeadoon August 8 2012, 5:38amReplyFlag
              R*, do you think you'll do anything like this for GTA V? That would just be amazing!
              • Sprunk1995on August 8 2012, 6:53amReplyFlag
                @oDuckHeado Am sure they have alot of similar plans for GTA V let's just wait they can't answer anything about that game for now
            • ROCKSTAR_THEBESTon August 8 2012, 5:19amReplyFlag
              RiotReady is a relative of Max, no doubts!
            • froopleon August 7 2012, 8:27pmReplyFlag
              @R* can you please answer my last question. i see other peoples questions are usualy getting answered but mine has not. i just want to know if you will ever bring skins from your other games such as GTA IV, the warriors, sanandreas, man hunt, or others as DLC to max payne or future games.
              • ErnestoRockon August 8 2012, 5:23amReplyFlag
                @froople Thats a pretty good suggestion, which you should email it to MaxPayne feedback. As for a R* reply, Im pretty sure they will not answer specifically on this, because they never say anything about future plans in the comments section.
              • R* Kon August 8 2012, 5:59amReplyFlag
                @froople Hi there, please see rule 5 above the comment box - this is not the place to demand official responses from Rockstar. If you want to ask us a question, you can email us at
              • froopleon August 8 2012, 1:42pmReplyFlag
                @ i didnt demand anything. i said please. i did not once command you to tell me something. i would have stopped asking after this time too because it would have meant you just didnt want to answer it but i never demanded you answer me. i might email you this question later. the reason i didnt do that in the first place is i dont like emailing
              • froopleon August 8 2012, 1:47pmReplyFlag
                @ErnestoRock well i didnt know much about them not answering in comments or all theyre emails. me like a lot of other people made this account to talk about GTA V. i know not to talk off topic and i wont bug R* about they're games. thanks for liking my suggestion. im looking foward to see the next to people who win the contest
              • froopleon August 8 2012, 7:31pmReplyFlag
                @ i sent you guys the message. just letting you know.
            • FeelThePayneon August 7 2012, 6:10pmReplyFlag
              @R* Show this Max Payne Vid to everyone at the office. It's very well done with also a few laughs in there as well. Enjoy!


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