Gear Up for Wednesday's Max Payne 3 Social Club Multiplayer Event on PSN

Posted on August 1 2012, 5:25am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: The event has now ended. Thanks to everyone who joined us and look out for more Social Club Multiplayer Events in the coming weeks.

On Wednesday August 1, 12-3pm ET / 5-8pm BST, our squad of Rockstar Games developers will be heading into Max Payne 3 multiplayer on PSN. There'll be a live double-stream, Rockstar hosted chat, event leaderboard and Sweepstakes to win a deluxe prize pack, including Max Payne statue, Hawaiian shirt and bullet keychain, all over at the Social Club Multiplayer Event page. We've assembled an elite team for this particular throwdown, and we're going to be on the lookout for cohesive Crews and creative Loadouts as we discard casings across all multiplayer modes and maps, including those on the Local Justice DLC.

To join us, look for 'Social Club Multiplayer Event' on the in-game Playlists menu and keep an eye out for the following PSN IDs:

  • MaxPayneDev1
  • MaxPayneDev2
  • MaxPayneDev3
  • MaxPayneDev4

Also make sure you're following us on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam (for PC) pages to get word of additional impromptu multiplayer sessions all summer long and beyond...

  • RoyalL_geniuson August 6 2012, 10:23amReplyFlag
    Does any have problems looking at the leaderboards on a android phone
    • R* Aon August 6 2012, 6:06pmReplyFlag
      @RoyalL_genius Hey mate - hit us at with some info on what device you're using and perhaps any screengrabs if possible. We're happy to have a look. Cheers.
  • WhoCantBeNamedon August 6 2012, 3:50amReplyFlag
    How about another double or Triple XP weekend please , R*? :)
  • vvHULKvvon August 6 2012, 12:28amReplyFlag
    Rockstar I was a runner up like a month ago, when will you be shipping my prizes? C'mon guys...
    • R* Yon August 6 2012, 2:36pmReplyFlag
      @vvHULKvv We'll contact you today, look for an email from us
  • Dominus444on August 5 2012, 8:06pmReplyFlag
    Will there be an event on ps3 ? and if when ? :) R* you are the best !!! your huge fan :)
    • Mortillaon August 6 2012, 4:09amReplyFlag
      @Dominus444 @Dom - This was the event.

      There won't be a PSN event at least until after this month.
    • R* Yon August 6 2012, 2:36pmReplyFlag
      @Dominus444 Look for one next month, we'll have some details in the upcoming fall calendar
  • PacKiddon August 5 2012, 2:44amReplyFlag
    ...nice prizes, the hawaiian shirt is really nice too, cuz its so colorfull...
    • deepdarkbasementon August 4 2012, 1:22pmReplyFlag
      ... does anyone besides me really want a Hawaiian shirt because of Max Payne 3 & because the fact they look really colorful?
    • RoyalL_geniuson August 4 2012, 1:36amReplyFlag
      I see the ranking system has some glitches in it saw one specific crew get 2 million do in a matter of minutes or is that just rewards you get when u hit a certain amount to get the reward ?
      • R* Yon August 4 2012, 11:55amReplyFlag
        @RoyalL_genius Thanks for letting us know, please report that instance and those players so our development team can look into it:
      • RoyalL_geniuson August 4 2012, 11:02pmReplyFlag
        @ I see it all the time in gang wars people come into the room with 200-500k xp and if they get lucky they keep it or they get disconnected at the last match
      • RoyalL_geniuson August 4 2012, 11:05pmReplyFlag
        @ I see it all the time in gang wars people come into the room with 200-500k xp and if they get lucky they keep it or they get disconnected at the last match
    • budthebomberon August 3 2012, 8:50pmReplyFlag
      I don't know about anyone else but I think bot training would be a welcomed addition to multiplayer with no experience earned or weapon level increase just you,your unlocked gear,maybe a friend or three and some semi-intelligent baddies to put to the ground plus it gives people the chance to experiment with load-outs and learn the iayout of the maps.Check out my open enrollment crew Guns4Fun and join,no requirements or certain platforms.
      • RoyalL_geniuson August 4 2012, 1:38amReplyFlag
        @budthebomber It should be a section in the game where you can leave notes for the crew to see. If no one has a computer to access the site. It would help with communication and keep Crew members also.. Something I think they should really add in my opinion
    • ChicagoEnigmaon August 2 2012, 9:26pmReplyFlag
      I missed the event. But a guys gotta earn some dough. :) I hope it was a blast!
      • FugetSudo_Jron August 2 2012, 9:58pmReplyFlag
        @ChicagoEnigma it was a good event! the devs were tearing it up! at one point, towards the end, it was dev vs. dev! there was even a R* Feud brewing!!
      • NYPDMAXPAYNEon August 3 2012, 12:00amReplyFlag
        @ChicagoEnigma It was a damn good time
      • ChicagoEnigmaon August 3 2012, 11:03amReplyFlag
        @FugetSudo_Jr & @NYPDMAXPAYNE : It figures an event I can't make it to, an epic match happens.. I'll have to check out youtube for event videos. :) It's rare I miss a match, I think this is the 1st in well over a year, but at least the last one I checked in for a few minutes from my phone while in another state! It's good to hear it was a great time. See you next event!
      • R* Yon August 3 2012, 3:46pmReplyFlag
        @ChicagoEnigma Plenty more chances to play with us are coming up. We actually just finished a playsession on our Twitch page. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Steam to get word on when we'll be doing more of these:
    • tuckdragonon August 2 2012, 2:26pmReplyFlag
      damn those where the old ones, ignore previous post
      • deidara1336on August 2 2012, 2:04pmReplyFlag
        when are you going to post the winners of yesterdays sweepstakes
      • tuckdragonon August 2 2012, 12:32pmReplyFlag
        Can i watch the stream somewhere now when it has ended ?
        Killed dev2 a couple of times, would like to see if its in there ;)
        • R* Xon August 2 2012, 1:30pmReplyFlag
          @tuckdragon We don't save the streams but if you look on youtube you might find some videos fans captured
        • tuckdragonon August 2 2012, 2:20pmReplyFlag
          @ found some of them, heres the link if someone else wants to watch :

      • Mack_The_Donon August 2 2012, 11:21amReplyFlag
        Hi Rockstar, I have participated in all of the Social Club Multiplayer events on Playstation so far but have to have a game with one of the Developers. Is there any tips you can give on improving your chances of playing with one? i.e. is it best to continually change lobbies or do you guys tend to just go into one lobby and stay there for a few games??
      • Genesicityon August 2 2012, 10:44amReplyFlag
        Really off topic but just finished story mode for the first time ...One of the best stories I played in my 25+ years of gaming and Max Payne 3 definitely has a place in my all time top 5

        Thanks for a wonderful experience once again R*
      • iLewisGTAon August 2 2012, 8:11amReplyFlag
        @R*, When are you contacting the winners?
        • The-Dark-Nighton August 2 2012, 6:05amReplyFlag
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          • MinimaL_FoXon August 2 2012, 5:37amReplyFlag
            MaxPayneDev4 is the best, is com in hardocore mode manual is good !
            • LupoLucioon August 2 2012, 5:44amReplyFlag
              @MinimaL_FoX AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!
            • R* Kon August 2 2012, 6:17amReplyFlag
              @MinimaL_FoX Dev4 did have some great Hardcore matches, with some stiff competition
            • MinimaL_FoXon August 2 2012, 2:53pmReplyFlag
              @ Yes I played with him with my mates and we have won everything that I LupoLucio89 dark_black DGD I do not hide who I thought was stronger but I thank maxpayne4 to be entered into where there are the real hardcore players!
          • Genesicityon August 2 2012, 5:06amReplyFlag
            Thanks for the event yet again R* , had some great fun once again chatting to Social Club people and watching the Devs go head to head!!!!

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