Rockstar Game Tips: Working Together to Plant Bombs in Gang Wars' "Short Fuse" Mode

Posted on July 31 2012, 7:36am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

Recently, we brought you some of our choice Loadout options for Gang Wars, Max Payne 3's narrative driven, objective based multiplayer mode. Those Loadouts suggested directly by our Multiplayer developers were designed to be good all-around set-ups, flexible enough to give you the edge in those first weeks of competition. Now that we're starting to see more advanced strategies and a generally higher level of play online and in our Social Club Multiplayer Events live-streams, let's move the magnifying glass closer to the subject and take a detailed look at how the very best players from our development teams go about each objective, studying not only which Loadouts they equip, but how they work together to break through the toughest defenses.

How to Plant the Bomb in 'Short Fuse'

When playing as a Crew, it's important that you're communicating at all times and it's a good idea to assign each member a specific role for each objective. It's no good for the entire team to sprint carelessly towards the bomb site, as even average opposition will be able to swat this strategy away with relative ease. Similarly, if everyone is swarming around the map looking to increase their kill count, then the bomb site simply isn't going to blow up by itself. Below we have detailed three roles that we suggest delegating to specific members of your Crew before the match.

One of the keys to this team-oriented approach is the idea of complementary Bursts - not everyone on the team necessarily needs to be using Big Dog, for example, when one player can deploy it at Level 3 and share the benefit across the entire team. Better still, if all players all have different Bursts equipped, each boosting the whole team at Level 3, and are co-ordinated well enough to all deploy them at the same time, that adds up to a healthy team boost across a variety of attributes.

The Bomber

The player tasked with planting the bomb needs to be light enough to get to the target quickly and also well-armored to survive the crossfire when they get there. We recommend a single handgun to keep the Loadout weight down. This player's role is simple: use the Sneaky Burst to get close to one of the objective markers and plant the bomb. When that's done, switch to the Bodyguard Loadout (detailed below) and defend your good work.

Single Handed Weapon Slot: the PT92 (with Gas Block) provides lightweight personal protection
Burst Slot: Sneaky lets you slip through to the bomb site unnoticed
Item Head Slot: Helmet
Item Chest Slot: Heavy Body Armor
Item Gear Slot: Multitool is essential here as it enables you to plant bombs more quickly
Item Gear Slot: Sneakers will aid you in slipping through to the bomb site undetected
Item Gear Slot: Lockbox lets you keep your Painkillers after you die


This role has two responsibilities: protect the Bomber while they complete their objective and then stop the opposition from defusing the bomb by causing as much damage as possible using the large arsenal at your disposal. We've equipped the M4 Super 90 shotgun here (because our dev players like to get up close and personal) but you could easily substitute that for the LMG .30, depending on personal preference.

Single Handed Weapon Slot: M972 (with barrel upgrade/mag guide/gas block)
Two Handed Weapon Slot: M4 Super 90 (with barrel upgrade/laser sight/)
Projectile Slot: Flooding the area around a planted bomb with Tear Gas will make it difficult to defuse
Burst Slot: Weapon Dealer at Level 3 will give your entire team 20 seconds of unlimited incendiary ammunition to keep the other team at bay
Item Head Slot: The Gas Mask will keep you safe from Tear Gas
Item Chest Slot: Medium Body Armor for adequate protection on the front lines
Item Gear Slot: Autoinjector to keep the Adrenaline building despite the weight
Item Gear Slot: Vampire Fangs reward kills with a health boost
Item Gear Slot: Light Fingers  - with so many fallen enemies around your feet, you might as well relieve them of useful items


When the Bomber has completed their task, the Sniper trains their sights on the planted bomb to easily pick off any opponent that tries to defuse it. If you're spotted, try dropping a Smoke Grenade at your feet to prevent enemies from locking on to you while you take up a new position. Whenever your Bomber is approaching a target, not only should you clear their path but you could also activate your Weapon Double-Dealer Burst, causing the other team's weapons to malfunction and making it more difficult for them to bag your saboteur.

Single Handed Weapon Slot: Micro 9mm
Two Handed Weapon Slot: FMP G3S
Projectile Slot: Smoke Grenade
Burst Slot: Weapon Double-Dealer
Item Head Slot: Balaclava
Item Chest Slot: Urban Camo to help stay off the enemy radar
Item Gear Slot: Ammunition Pouch so that you can carry more bullets and stay in position for longer
Item Gear Slot: Autoinjector to keep Adrenaline building with each kill and take you closer to that Level 3 Burst


Of course, this is just one approach to planting Bombs in 'Short Fuse', one of the dynamic objectives in Gang Wars. The key is knowing that, with the right preparation and communication, you and your Crew can work together and greatly improve your chances of success. If you have any other tactics or techniques you've used to get ahead, share them with us in the comments.

  • SteelArmouron September 11 2012, 10:27amReplyFlag
    Snipers = n00bs
  • Droguett_Ubillazon August 8 2012, 6:09pmReplyFlag
    In spanish plis!
    • Mack_The_Donon August 2 2012, 9:31amReplyFlag
      As far as I know the Urban Camo item doesn't make any visible changes to your avatar much like the Military Goggles.
    • xWilliexon July 31 2012, 8:10pmReplyFlag
      What is the faction in the 3rd screenshot? It looks like Comando Sombra but ive never seen that jacket before on any faction? Is it a part of an upcoming DLC because i am pretty sure thats not what urban camo does either...
      • R* Yon August 9 2012, 4:56pmReplyFlag
        @xWilliex A new title update hopefully coming in a few days will include a fix that shows the camo. We’ll let you guys know if we have more details to pass along.
    • MaxPayne1983on July 31 2012, 6:46pmReplyFlag
      Very nice tips R*
      • R* Yon July 31 2012, 6:29pmReplyFlag
        Thanks all for the extra tips. We notice that some of you are making suggestions for the game, so we point you guys to this Newswire post where you can officially send in your feedback in order to make multiplayer an even better experience:
        • NYPDMAXPAYNEon July 31 2012, 5:40pmReplyFlag
          These tips work so well, been doing this since May!
        • Avelieron July 31 2012, 3:25pmReplyFlag
          These are good but only effective for this type of mode.

          I have 5 loadouts which fill different roles so they are good for every game type.

          I stopped using Tear Gas because of how useless it is, but I still sport a Gas Mask (mostly for looks). In fact, other than standard Grenades, you rarely see anyone using Flash, Smoke, Tin and Gas grenades.

          Future DLCs will hopefully increase the factions or avatar customization.

          Oh and R*, please put some females in your DLC videos and pictures, how come its only men all the time?
          • R* Kon July 31 2012, 6:20pmReplyFlag
            @Avelier Thanks for sharing your set-up, as for smoke grenades we recommend dropping them at your feet when you're capturing turf, so that the oppostion cannot see or lock on to your team as you capture.
        • GetSmackedBroon July 31 2012, 3:13pmReplyFlag
          My strategy for planting bombs depends on the location. If I use a sniper to defend a bomb, not even god himself will defuse it :D. If its at close combat, or in a trailer, it is very handy to use the sawed off shotgun while placing yourself near the ground layer on your stomach. That way ANYONE who comes near is dead :)
          • GetSmackedBroon July 31 2012, 3:07pmReplyFlag
            Rockstar please add like new clothing for our characters. Or for example if you are Legend 1 you can wear certain clothes. For legend 2 too. And so on. It will make the game funner. And give us Legends a little bit of an advantage on other players :).
            • cyrell79on July 31 2012, 1:56pmReplyFlag
              Hi Rockstar i have a proposition for you.
              How about give us possibilities to edit standart loadouts and rename custom loadouts? After 40 level it will be useful.
              • JustoDaDonon July 31 2012, 2:21pmReplyFlag
                @cyrell79 You can already rename custom loadouts.
              • cyrell79on July 31 2012, 2:43pmReplyFlag
                @JustoDaDon I didn't play after DLC been delayed. How it works?
              • JustoDaDonon August 1 2012, 2:32amReplyFlag
                @cyrell79 Go to the arsenal menu before choosing your playlist, then select loadout. Near the bottom you should see an option to rename loadout. It can only be done before you choose your playlist though.
              • cyrell79on August 1 2012, 3:53pmReplyFlag
                @JustoDaDon Not working anyway. I use PC maybe this is a case of this problem.
            • Walnuttyon July 31 2012, 1:48pmReplyFlag
              Good tips for a nub like me im ashamed to say i only try'd this mode a few times.Looks fun will give it another go.
              • monosocraticon July 31 2012, 1:44pmReplyFlag
                I'm surprised that the suggested loadouts are so heavy. I've been getting the feeling that my classes should be heavier (even though they max out the medium weight).
                • Vladislav.K.on July 31 2012, 1:42pmReplyFlag
                  wel idk even with urban camo people see my name even when i crouch
                • Twelve-Bar-Blueson July 31 2012, 1:12pmReplyFlag
                  wow, why did i discard this set as soon as i could with the crap that i did. not doing to well, but better than usual. hopefully doesnt take to long to max out, all these upgrades i want but cant have yet. cheers for your advice Dino and R*K, much appreciated. if you see someone rolling round a map aimlessly, that is me, working on that grind. oh and the toolbox, spewing i never knew about this until today, so handy. why the f did i wait till rank 17 to look through all this stuff!!!
                • EGY-Ch4eon July 31 2012, 1:11pmReplyFlag
                  I HAVE MAX PAYNE 3 ON PC . How Can I RENAME THE LOADOUTS ???
                • ErnestoRockon July 31 2012, 12:14pmReplyFlag
                  Those tips could actually work, if most of us weren't dead every 10 seconds :)
                  • Dino_jaramon July 31 2012, 12:17pmReplyFlag
                    @ErnestoRock today i played MP,i havent played it for nearly a month,i must say respawning is still crap,but other issues have been adressed,my game only crashed 2 times,so thats all right,i did very well in one match i scored 45 kills
                • Dino_jaramon July 31 2012, 12:00pmReplyFlag
                  G6 comando is beast
                  • FeelThePayneon July 31 2012, 11:57amReplyFlag
                    I'm always playing the objective in Gang Wars. I find it very frustrating at times that some of my teamates just gooff on their own but to be honest I can't get that upset. It does though remind me of Call of Duty. For example, reminds of when watching my brother play Search & Destroy and people wouldn't plant or defuse bombs. God, I HATE that game COD so much man! lol
                    • R* Yon July 31 2012, 12:43pmReplyFlag
                      @FeelThePayne We recommend playing with a Crew that's dedicated to getting the objectives accomplished, there are plenty out there that are recruiting!
                    • FeelThePayneon July 31 2012, 1:11pmReplyFlag
                      @ Are we forced to join a Crew? The reason I say this is because I'm very afraid that all your future Titles will just focis mainly on Multiplayer rather than keeping us occupied in Single Player. I'm not saying this in a negative way towards you because I show the upmost respect to you guys and gals. Will we have any more brief news on GTA V for example before 2013 to get us understanding how Crews will work for that as well? Thank you @R* and I'll be a fan forever! I just love the way you dedicate your time and put so much effort in the games we come to love for many, many years. You guys ROCK!
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