Max Payne 3 Multiplayer: Latest Weapon Tuning Updates

Posted on July 23 2012, 2:59pm | Author: R* A | Filed Under: Games

* UPDATE: These updates are now live across all three platforms, including PC.

As promised, we're paying close attention to user-feedback submitted by the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer community to our address, and using that information to help inform dynamic tuning, title updates and DLC content in the works. Today, we can report a lineup of tweaks that have just been made to adjust weaponry online with aim to enhance overall balance (the updates are currently live across all three platforms). Jump online, give it all a go, and do feel free to hit us back at the Feedback address above if you have any suggestions related to Max Payne 3 Multiplayer at all. Stay tuned for more info soon on forthcoming title updates and DLC as well.

•         RPG
o   Starting ammunition reduced
o   Projectile will no longer ricochet or skim off smooth surfaces

•         .38 Revolver
o   Effective range increased

•         DE .50
o   Accuracy and effective range slightly increased
o   Starting ammunition increased
o   Resolved an issue that prevented the Gas Systems Kit attachment from granting the correct damage bonus

•         608 Bull
o   Starting ammunition increased

•         Mini-30
o   Slightly lowered rate of fire
o   Reduced ammunition capacity of both normal and extended magazines
o   Recoil recovery speed improved

•         Sawn Off
o   Significantly increased damage and range

•         Super Sport
o   Starting ammunition increased

•         Two-Handed Shotguns
o   Resolved an issue that prevented the Gas Systems Kit attachment from granting the correct damage bonus
o   Improved the effectiveness of the Barrel Upgrade attachment

•         Suppressor Attachments
o   Now correctly decreases weapon damage at moderate to long range

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer: Community Feedback Welcome

  • R* Aon July 24 2012, 4:14pmFlag
    FYI everyone, as we've just noted in an update to the post above - these tuning updates are now available on PC as well.

    If there's anything you do or don't like or would like to suggest for future tuning, the place to formally make that known is Our developers are looking at those mails directly from the community for consideration.

  • billremoon October 9 2014, 8:21pmReplyFlag
    I'm tired of unbalanced teams
    • TheIllaDopeston July 11 2013, 11:42amReplyFlag
      i dont get why so many people are complaining. Max Payne 3 has been good for me this past year. Yes some server issues but in the end NO OTHER game can give you that satisfaction that only R* can give. Now we are ready for V. Thank you R* for you guys are the gods of gaming.
      • YardieShotzon July 11 2013, 8:56amReplyFlag
        Already sick and tired of seeing level 50's running around with sawn offs....

        • Shock312on September 18 2012, 2:41amReplyFlag
          I bet most of you people (kids) that are ---ing about this game are brainwashed into playing nothing but C.oh.D and have never shot a real gun. come on guys... a few years ago a new game would have major improvements, like new/improved engines, graphics, physics etc... but now games like c.oh.d are just last years game chewed up and digested into a different compact disc. remember when a new console would come out almost every year? thats because the hardware got outdated and they released newer faster consoles with more advanced games. now they (whoever they are) realize that all you sheeplike people will keep buying the same old games from 5 years ago as long as they dress it up differently. long story short, im very critical about my games and i think they did a good job on max payne 3, i think its under appreciated...
          • dima34RUSSon September 9 2012, 2:37pmReplyFlag
            проблема со снайперскими прицелами. пропадает перекрестие. очень не удобно. прицеливаться невозможно. или исправте или удалите прицелы. ну что то надо делать, а иначе, я не вижу смысла в приобретения снайперских винтовок
            • Islu88on August 29 2012, 10:05pmReplyFlag
              How do we get silver weapons?
              • FMJ-KILLCAM0_oon August 21 2012, 6:29pmReplyFlag
                how do i get chrome tint
                • nodanthemanon August 21 2012, 10:25amReplyFlag
                  I don't play this no more. RS should have fixed the real issues and not things that are not working. And I am sure even with a double xp weekend, you noticed that no one is playing! It is cuz it is crap. What a waste of money. the story line is the only good thing in this game.
                  • PowdaBlaqon August 16 2012, 3:44pmReplyFlag
                    what game creators take the fun out they own game....R* does lol.
                    • PowdaBlaqon August 16 2012, 3:37pmReplyFlag
                      I SWEAR TO GOD YOU PEOPLE AT ROCK* ARE stupid i just played a game of multiplayer and got shot clear across the map to death by a damn sawnedoff shot gun through the whole map you idiots are catering to kids. kids cant buy your games adult can. but if this is how you treat your consumers then i will not buy anymore of your games.
                      • ncbound89on August 11 2012, 11:31pmReplyFlag
                        I had to come to the conclusion to trade the max payne in. nobody plays anymore, its like the game is pointless. it had a good run n gun feel but snipers mess that up like all games. i had when back and got battlefield 3 and red dead. preownd tho lol.
                        • XxCROSSOVERxXon August 11 2012, 2:46pmReplyFlag
                          Gow-Aries1 is a cheater and a serious spawn camper on Max Payne 3 for the Playstation 3. This punk uses a modded PS3 console with an aimbot and a modified controller. He can usually be found spawn camping hardcore with his girlfriend christ-3-16. That is if they are on the same team. Their cheap gaming tactics really become clear when they are on opposite teams. One of them spawn camps hardcore getting all the kills while the other one takes multiple kills leaving his team at a severe disadvantage. Its ---es like Gow-Aries1 and christ-3-16 that are ruining the multiplayer aspect of Max Payne 3.
                          • ACES-R-SMASHEDon August 19 2012, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                        • conorSuperon August 10 2012, 6:46amReplyFlag
                          why was the RPG's ammo reduced, it should have been increased
                          • PowdaBlaqon August 9 2012, 5:57pmReplyFlag
                            sawed shot got too much power and reach.what did r* do change the mini 30s power into it?
                            • JustVIVID21Xon August 14 2012, 2:41amReplyFlag
                              @PowdaBlaq absolutely not because the mini30 takes 3-5 shot to kill while the sawn off takes one shot to kill... so your assumption is completely false ...
                          • Se7en9neon August 9 2012, 3:34amReplyFlag
                            The mini 30 is not dead if you have the right attachments and the tuning has made the game more interesting i play with more variety of guns now but i also play a lot less because this game isn't as fun as GTA or red dead. I played both red dead and gta iv for like 2 years, i was getting bored of this game after the first few weeks. Fix the grenades they should be more like throwing dynamite in red dead with a guide or at least the option of having a guide. Why is there no knife or hand to hand combat? two of the most fun things about a Rockstar game. There's taunting but no kill cam to taunt people with? Max Payne multiplayer has alot of the rockstar fun elements zapped out of it.
                            • JustIMAGINExon August 7 2012, 3:40amReplyFlag
                              Come on guys lets use some proper English and be nicer to the RockStar crew! They deserve to get treated well.
                              • PowdaBlaqon August 6 2012, 10:24amReplyFlag
                                TAKE THE SNIPER RIFLES OUT OF THE matches its ruining the game
                                • hard8timeson August 6 2012, 1:10pmReplyFlag
                                  @PowdaBlaq I agree sniper rifles don't need to be in the game
                                • JustVIVID21Xon August 7 2012, 3:30amReplyFlag
                                  @PowdaBlaq stop bein a --- thats why you got a tuk and roll button so you dont get shot
                                • JustIMAGINExon August 7 2012, 3:37amReplyFlag
                                  @PowdaBlaq really? No it makes the game way more interesting! check out the montage Just VIVIDx posted and say there not good!
                                • PowdaBlaqon August 7 2012, 5:56pmReplyFlag
                                  @JustVIVID21X you must be one of those bum a## fa#s that hides on the roof sniping you cant dodge those bullets stupid how you cant see who is shooting you mind your bussiness
                                • PowdaBlaqon August 7 2012, 6:00pmReplyFlag
                                  @JustIMAGINEx dude you a bum nerd coward super geek if you think you are cool cause you hide behind walls sniping
                                • PowdaBlaqon August 7 2012, 6:22pmReplyFlag
                                  @hard8times U know what this is a game company trying to kill off they own gaming community they got the money so it dont matter.Once they kill the fluent game play, its a rap people just gonna stop playing it. Except for the snipers.
                                • hard8timeson August 7 2012, 7:37pmReplyFlag
                                  @JustVIVID21X Yeah duck and roll from a weapon that can kill you by shooting you in the hand STFU check my stats I'm a beast
                                • JustVIVID21Xon August 7 2012, 8:24pmReplyFlag
                                  @hard8times here ya go buddy
                                • JustVIVID21Xon August 7 2012, 8:25pmReplyFlag
                                  @PowdaBlaq here ya go buddy see how many times you see me hiding behind a wall
                                • PowdaBlaqon August 8 2012, 9:25amReplyFlag
                                  @JustVIVID21X i could care less about what you and your boyfriend put on you tube.
                                • JustIMAGINExon August 10 2012, 2:58amReplyFlag
                                  @PowdaBlaq why you ---ing bro?
                              • PowdaBlaqon August 6 2012, 10:13amReplyFlag
                                why did decrease the mini 30 fire rate its a single shot rifle rockstar is killing they own multiplayer. the pistols are over powered fix that instead.
                                • R* Yon August 7 2012, 4:04pmReplyFlag
                                  @PowdaBlaq The changes that happened were a result of a lot of feedback from players coupled with our constant and daily study of the game's metrics, we think if you continue to play you'll realize that the updates only make the multiplayer experience better
                                • PowdaBlaqon August 7 2012, 6:05pmReplyFlag
                                  @ you are dead wrong because this game got sniper rifles you get hit in the foot and you are dead the m30 fires as fast as you pull the trigger i paid money for a fluent game not to get beat out a gaming experience.
                                • Nightlinger72on August 7 2012, 6:13pmReplyFlag
                                  @ The update might be fine for those starting out, but as I said many of us who sweated our way to level 40 are now faced with players who are in some cases stronger than we are. The weapons are now completely out of order as far as power is concerned. I now get more from the 608 Bull than I do from any of the rifles, and that includes distance as well. I'm far from the best player in the game but many of us are frustrated with the way this change has turned out. And it seems that the light armour is better than the heavy armour. Again, what say you.
                                • PowdaBlaqon August 16 2012, 3:42pmReplyFlag
                                  @ you guys suck for real
                              • Stickvortexon August 5 2012, 7:40amReplyFlag
                                Sometimes when i come close to someone and shoot them with my bull and revolver sometimes even several head shots they just melee me...
                                • JustVIVID21Xon August 7 2012, 3:33amReplyFlag
                                  @Stickvortex naw bro its cuz ur aim is off cuz one shot to the head wit any pistol is a one shot kill so you but hop on that sawn off or glocks
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