The Crew Cut: The Highly Accomplished

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This week, we take a look at the Accomplishments section of Crews' profile pages to see which squads are working together to reach their targets. Ghostface_Killas Crew's roster of 92 players have clearly put the time and teamwork in as they recently racked up 5,000 Crew assists in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer on Xbox LIVE. With extra XP gained for acting as accomplice to a Crewmate's kill, it's no surprise they've also crossed the 5,000,000 threshold and gained an XP IV Accomplishment in doing so. As well has having a killer emblem, Los Santos Police Crew have an even more impressive Crew-members-to-Crew-Assists ratio. Their 45 members have crossed the 1,000 mark for assists, achieving the Solidarity III Accomplishment. These PlayStation Network players are currently recruiting, so if you fancy joining up with a Crew on their way up, talk to their leadership triumvirate of PUREOWNAGE760jessejames26 and "main Boss" kenny_fromLV.

Ghostface_Killas Crew exhibit an impressive trophy cabinet of Accomplishments.

PC players looking for a talented and fun Crew to join could do worse than the CyberKillers. Not only do they have an awesome Daft Punk inspired emblem but their 14 players have put more than 1,000,000 points on the board, earning them an XP III Accomplishment. They are encouraging new users to "join today", so get involved. We also found one Crew who has set their own specific Accomplishment to target: Rampage Crew, led by FisFis, are out to "Kill 25 Crew members in 2 minutes!" Best of luck guys - let us know how you get on and who winds up serving as your foil.

We've come across two very nicely detailed emblems that pay homage to the Gekiga style of Japanese Manga drawing. The genre is characterized by gritty, bleak storylines featuring dangerous and often violent characters battling against dark demons both literal and metaphorical - an influence that some Social Club Crews apparently are finding apt to represent the mayhem and gunfire of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. The pistol-wielding heroine on the left is an effort by ZeroFoxFK of The Faceless Knights Crew who we featured a few weeks back. The Faceless Knights gallery indicates that ZeroFoxFK is a keen tinkerer will go back and revise emblems, adding new layers to find the perfect combination. We particularly like the Faceless Knights initials tattooed onto his heroine's arm - nice touch. To the right, is an emblem designed by leonpoly for his Argentinian Crew, Leon De Monos. The boys from Buenos Aires are currently six-deep in membership, get in touch for your chance to sport this bad boy as your emblem.
Cartoons are also proving to be a prime source of inspiration for Social Club Crew emblems, with many users opting to strategically amuse their enemies into distraction and then follow-up laughter with pain. An impressive recreation of the beloved Towelie has turned up as the emblem for the high-minded Chronic Vengeance Crew, and despite several subsequent submissions to their gallery, quite rightly remains the Crew's active emblem. HitmanForum Crew make up for a woeful Feud win PCT with a retro and oddly pensive portrait of Sesame Street's mono-browed Bert, designed by Hungary's Nashoba. It seems that Mercs Inc Crew leader Time_Victim, featured previously on the Crew Cut, now has competition for title of best artist in Ponyville: the bronies of the 130-member strong Str8 Outta Equestria Crew have filled their gallery with various representations of Pinkie Pie et al. Check out their current active emblem, inspired by Twilight Sparkle, in the line-up below. Turning back the years are The Magoo Crew who we can only hope are mimicking Jim Backus' famous catchphrase over the comms everytime they notch another kill on Max Payne 3 Multiplayer: "Oh Magoo, You've Done it Again!".
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  • rnmdewitton July 28 2012, 11:54amReplyFlag
    ok this is getting old the online is not fixed freezing up all the time still kicks you out and after a match you just sit there loading have to turn off the ps3 system crazy are you going to fix this im not buying any add on till its fixed great game but never had this big of a problem and this long and still not fixed
  • Timekiller666on July 28 2012, 1:31amReplyFlag
    who should i contact about emblems, so they may b considered for the crew cut? sorry for bn off topic
  • BIGTIME213on July 26 2012, 6:13pmReplyFlag
    N A O L
    is always looking for hired max payne3 assasins
    were always open minded on having new recruits joining the crew.
    GT: big time213...
    or just find us and drop by and become a NEW AGE OUTLAW
    • who-raa273on July 25 2012, 4:00pmReplyFlag

      I am recruiting members to the crew so come check us out if you wanna wave automatic guns at nuns!
      We ust made the platinum league and need solid dedicated players that want to feud against the best.. RAACHOR1 ps3
      • R* Aon July 26 2012, 5:02pmReplyFlag
        @who-raa273 Nice one - love the Nas quotables. Best of luck to your Crew.
    • French-Cardeshon July 23 2012, 12:53pmReplyFlag
      VEGETA!!! hey Rockstar do you like dragon ball are you nostalgic about that?
      • Dark_Smokeyon July 23 2012, 11:26amReplyFlag
        sorry to be of topic but any news on local justice pack dlc for pc?
        • R* Yon July 23 2012, 11:32amReplyFlag
          @Dark_Smokey @OMC-MUMBLES Please be sure to send your messages to so we can look into your questions
        • OMC-MUMBLESon July 23 2012, 11:35amReplyFlag
          @ only asking when the next DLC is out lol you norm say soon :P
        • R* Yon July 23 2012, 11:42amReplyFlag
          @OMC-MUMBLES Look for future DLC release dates and info to be announced in Newswire articles, we usually don't give out brand new information in comments
        • OMC-MUMBLESon July 23 2012, 11:44amReplyFlag
          @ hehe ok R you guys dont give nothing away do ya :P
        • Sprunk1995on July 23 2012, 12:52pmReplyFlag
          @OMC-MUMBLES Give 'em a break lol
      • OMC-MUMBLESon July 23 2012, 11:25amReplyFlag
        i know this is off topic but just wanted to know when the next MP3 DLC is out plz
        • ErnestoRockon July 23 2012, 11:09amReplyFlag
          I just finished from a deathmacth and would like to say betto_sp is a bloody cheater. At Branco HQ map, i shot him with M500 shotgun and I saw the x sign showing he is dead but he came back and killed me. This happened not once but three times. I even melee him from behind and nothing happened. Eventually i killed him 6 times because i was hunting him, but obviously he won. Just wanted to flush him out in public because i dont have any video.
        • samuelxxt2on July 23 2012, 10:50amReplyFlag
          Michael Hunter - LS Mob and the theme song of gta v?
        • ChunLisBuns420on July 23 2012, 8:58amReplyFlag
          Rockstar please sort your lobby system out.the constant crashes,drops and lag is really ticking a number of gamers off.if you want to keep what little community this game has it needs to be sorted.its been like this since launch and still no proper fix.ive invested a lot of hours into max payne but i'm finally at the point where i'm considering trading it in.its 2012 you have no excuse for poor lobbys.sorry this is off topic i just need to give you guys some sort of feedback.i hope the problem is fixed by the next dlc.i have faith that your already working on it but if its not fixed soon the game will die and you will hurt your reputation as a developer.look what SFXT has done to capcoms reputation.i didnt give you guys £40 for a game and £22 for a pass to play a game that doesnt work online half the time.please fix it rockstar i'm begging you.peace and love
          • R* Kon July 23 2012, 9:30amReplyFlag
            @ChunLisBuns420 Hi there, the issues you describe are not normal so please report this to our support team and they will do what they can to help:

          • LudensByteon July 23 2012, 10:36amReplyFlag
            @ChunLisBuns420 Hi

            I totally agree with you and this discussion is going on from the beginning.

            The funny thing is that this is my first game where i really wanted to do the Multiplayer.

            I spend more than 100 hours to reach level 50 and then you have to start all over again if you want to get legend.

            And then you'll have to play the singleplayer about 4 times.
            I usually buy my games because of the singleplayer and this one is very nice of course.

            Don't get me wrong, i'm a fan of R* and okay, they want to get us busy until the release of GTA5.

            I would say ,to comfort your clients R* , triple xp 1 august on psn and a new map for free for everybody!

          • DutchStoneron July 23 2012, 10:37amReplyFlag
            @ChunLisBuns420 i know man, i had so many freezes and party fails when joining servers. some days its almost not playble. Hope you guys fix it soon and that we dont get this bs in GTA5! dont get me wrong i love R*games its the best out there by far, Legend games!
          • ChicagoEnigmaon July 23 2012, 10:56amReplyFlag
            @ChunLisBuns420 I've had zero issues since the last update. Are you getting the updates installed? Are you sure you're not confusing the loading and sync time it takes for some matches when several players join or leave when it's just getting started? I takes about 3 minutes sometimes when the match is not full when it first starts up, and others join in while the load is in progress. So people just get impatient.. I've noticed if 1/2 the group drops out, you'll return to the lobby. Try loading up a private match for yourself to see it if works out. Invite a friend or two to see if it works ok. But if that's not the case follow up with what Rockstar K said because I have no further suggestions.
          • DutchStoneron July 23 2012, 12:10pmReplyFlag
            @ChicagoEnigma everyone i know that plays this game online, has these problems. update didnt do anything good for these issues
          • ChicagoEnigmaon July 23 2012, 12:28pmReplyFlag
            @DutchStoner I just checked to see what platform you're on. (PSN) Make sure you send in a support ticket to R* so they know about your issues. I've had no issues on the XBL side. They are quite helpful at resolving problems. I guess it would helped to have mentioned which platform was involved. :)

            Question thou. Are you using more than one firewall on your network? More than one NAT
          • LiL-A-King1on July 23 2012, 12:34pmReplyFlag
            @ Yeah thats right th problem is not normal so fix it... I always need 30 minutes to invite friends and to play with them in a game without errors!!
          • LiL-A-King1on July 23 2012, 12:36pmReplyFlag
            @DutchStoner Yes I talked with many guys about that in the Multiplayer they all have this problems!!
          • LiL-A-King1on July 23 2012, 12:38pmReplyFlag
            @ChicagoEnigma I already contacted th R* Support... ^^ they didn't answer me.

            I have NAt Typ 2... I tried to configurate it to open Nat but it didn't work. You must change some stuff in the Configuration on your Router (Modem) whatever.
          • VinnieGognitti0on July 23 2012, 12:48pmReplyFlag
            @ChunLisBuns420 yea its geting real old fast same issuse just have no more intrest in multiplayer ill just keep it for the campain hopefully the maps comming later dlc will be good because where its getting close to the fall season agian and there is a lot of awesome games on the way it will be hard going back to play max payne 3 multiplayer if these issue are still not fixed loading times freeze up lag ect ect
          • ChicagoEnigmaon July 23 2012, 2:19pmReplyFlag
            @LiL-A-King1 Try opening ports on both firewalls. Your ISP may have control of one. So you might want to contact them for support on adding these port openings, sometimes called Pinholes.

            Xbox PORTS: 88 (UDP) Port 3074 (UDP and TCP) Port 53 (UDP and TCP) Port 80 (TCP) for Xbox.

            PSN PORTS: TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080 and UDP: 3478, 3479.
          • Bizerker21on July 25 2012, 9:10amReplyFlag
            @ Maybe that is what you have to say R*, but sorry that is not TRUE. Anyone playing this game in any lobby will "here here" any comment about the host migration issues, freezing, being thrown out of game/disconnected. If you recorded the lobbies or just listened in, you would know it.

            This may not be the forum for it, but your comment was not truthful in that it is not the norm. As much as I LOVE this game, these issues have some of the WORST I've ever encountered while playing online (ps3). You know this is the case as the player pool has dwindled over time, opposed to increase, as many just can't deal with it anymore. Yes, I have sent in my feedback as I love this game too much for the player pool to evaporate to!
        • Sprunk1995on July 23 2012, 8:36amReplyFlag
          -Finally finished GTA TOWN CREW's new emblem, take a look and let me know what you think :

          -Full size :

          -Also, If you have emblem talents and you're able to create good emblems, you're welcome to make and share them on GTA TOWN CREW's page, and if your emblem looks good, creative and appealing to the eye, it will probably be published as the CREW's default emblem

          -And of course if you're interested in joining the CREW here is the link, request for an invite and i'll respond as soon as possible :

          -GTA TOWN On Facebook :

          Official GTA TOWN CREW Facebook page and Grand Theft Auto community for fans on Facebook where you can find the latest GTA news and discuss anything that is GTA releated, and giveaways from time to time.

          Thanks and i hope you enjoy the emblem =)
        • JordyBoothyon July 23 2012, 7:02amReplyFlag
          If anyone digs My Little Pony emblems, I made one for my super-duper-minor crew that I wouldn't mind having feedback on. ;o

        • FiestyXZombie11on July 23 2012, 5:48amReplyFlag
          THATS SO STUPID. MY CREW "MAXY PAYNE" BEEN HAD "REWINDS" EMBLEM mine is way better and i had to change things like the backround and added a shotgun to stand out more .theirs looks poorly made check mine out thats crap
        • Sprunk1995on July 23 2012, 4:10amReplyFlag
          Am working on a heavy emblem can't wait to share it with you guys, it's the best and hardest one i made so far =)
          • R* Kon July 23 2012, 6:23amReplyFlag
            @Sprunk1995 We're looking forward to checking it out and it's great to see these Crew Cut threads being used to share creations and ideas.
        • Nashobaon July 23 2012, 1:55amReplyFlag
          Hehe, my emblem on the newswire! That's a great birthday present for me. Thanks guys!
        • ogloc1001on July 22 2012, 10:51pmReplyFlag
          Hey Rockstar. Could you possibly pass this on to the Social Club team?

          Me and I'm sure many other people would really like it if we could upload our own custom emblems to SC. Like already established clans (like on GTAForums) could have there patch or military emblem. Please take this into consideration. Its basically like the only con of the new SC.

          Thanks. :)
          • Karlen818on July 22 2012, 9:43pmReplyFlag
            Hey guys check out my emblems they might not be as perfect as those emblems above.
            • R* Kon July 23 2012, 6:25amReplyFlag
              @Karlen818 Nice work, think we recognise that silhouette from one of our titles...

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