An Interview with Crew Emblem Artist-in-Demand: YourTaxesAtWork

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Helping to set the standard for Crew Emblem Editor excellence at the Social Club is YourTaxesAtWork - the first Emblem artiste to be featured twice in our Newswire Crew Cut report. With a great vision and keen eye for proportion and color, he first made a name with his own Crew, Emblem Addicts ("Emblematic of Obsession") and soon found himself taking requests and becoming ubiquitous for joining Crews and blessing them with a fine custom creation. We decided it was about time we got in touch with YourTaxesAtWork to ask him about his work, and how he gets such incredible results with the editor.

Which of your works are you most proud of?

The Kong Whiskey emblem is by far my favorite. It really wasn't complete until I added the fly in the glass because it helps tell the story of Max Payne. The guy just can't catch a break.

How long does it take you on average to complete an emblem?

If I'm copying an image as I did for the Tupac and Bachelor Frog emblems, it takes about an hour because the idea is already in front of me. I don't have to imagine what it ought to look like. Shine Thugz took about 4-5 hours total, but  most take 2-3 hours. Half of that time is spent getting the emblem within 90% of the finished product, but tweaking, correcting, and polishing takes up the other half. That usually takes place in 20 minute increments. I'll take a break, look at it with fresh eyes, have an idea, make the change, then walk away again. Rinse and repeat until I'm satisfied. In fact, I had to come back to Shine Thugz AFTER it was featured because part of the banner (Viva) was in Spanish, not French!

As well as your own Crew Emblem Addicts, you've created custom emblems for a lot of other Crews such as DOGS OF VVAR, Epic Ninjas and Bachelor Frogs. You must get a lot of requests. Why did you decide to do emblems for the Crews you did?

I get a lot of requests. It can be hard to keep up, but generally speaking I don't discriminate. It's just a matter of whether I have time or not, which I usually do. Sometimes I like to do them on my own then surprise the crew with the finished product. I'll do that for a crew like Sterling Cooper because I love the show Mad Men and it also relates back to Rockstar because of the Mad Men-inspired cast of L.A. Noire.

How do you get the minute detail like the unicorn being abducted in your version of Mona Lisa?

Detail is tough once your shape gets overrun by little blue squares but the ability to type in the value of your X and Y scale is invaluable. You can also do this to define the coordinates and rotation of the shape, which helps especially when you're trying to maintain a level of uniformity like in lettering.

If you press Escape while in the Emblem Editor it will remove those little blue squares while still giving you the ability to control the shape. 

Thanks for the tip. I did not know that!

And now, in what may be considered his debut solo exhbition, we are proud to present a selection of YourTaxesAtWork finest emblems - all created from the ground up with the Crew Emblem Editor: 





  • coolbrettfavreon July 20 2015, 6:29pmReplyFlag
    Well, I know this is gonna sound kind of dumb, but for the emblem I'm making, I need to make the X axis negative and when I do, it changes to positive when I click off. How would I be able to make it negative without it changing back to positive when clicking off.
    • Br0kn_Beautyon June 24 2015, 2:48pmReplyFlag
      How in the world do you get so much detail into the creator? It took my 5 hours to try and put a mickey mouse together and that only came out like a half job... I truly despise the create as it's extremely limited for me. I wish we were able to actually draw something and upload it or at least be able to have more control in the editor as far as layering and choosing letters, etc... the preset shapes are horrible in my personal opinion, maybe it's because I suck at it... who knows...

      I understand from a standpoint where apparently previous ways to upload emblems were patched or something for being too vulgar, etc... but isn't GTA in itself an extremely sexually explicit, vulgar, murderous game? It should already be an 19+ game yet I see 8, 10, 12, 13, 16 year olds on it at all times... so why bother restricting emblems? If that truly is a major concern for rockstar.... then why not create an "approval process" where you can upload and twek emblem designs as desired and go through a 24 hour submission approval status or something where rockstar can either approve or reject emblem designs?
      • briannn123on March 28 2015, 10:22pmReplyFlag
        how do i make my emblem to my crew change i got the stock one and have made my own but wont let me use
        • coolbrettfavreon July 20 2015, 6:32pmReplyFlag
          @briannn123 You can click on your emblem on the top left when looking at your crew. I think you can click on one of your already created emblems and change it. I don't know if it's true, but I think it might work.
      • Darkwolf08on March 2 2015, 8:18pmReplyFlag
        Is there anyway to print out my crew emblem onto a sheet of paper and if so how can i make it a good size for my paper?
        • atomrox929on July 24 2014, 3:57pmReplyFlag
          CAN WE PLEASE MAKE OUR OWN EMBLEMS WITHOUT FEAR OF GETTING BANNED.??!!! I understand there are vulgarity issues but as long as the emblems made are in good taste and not chuck full of nipples and skinny bits, why would it not be allowed? A game that contains nudity, vulgar language, murder,drugs and all the other fun stuff, it amazes me that Rockstar bans folks following their lead.
          • derekillaon October 8 2013, 10:38pmReplyFlag
            i might have missed something, but is there a way where we can make an emblem and not have the square outline. pretty much a vector of our logo with out the default white border? please and thank you for your time and help.

            - Derekilla
          • SuperSam64on September 29 2013, 12:59amReplyFlag
            Though this art is truly amazing and the fact that the artist is able to do it with such a limited editor is amazing, R* should really give us the option to upload our own images. For a lot of people, it's far easier to use software they already know than an interface that we have to learn, particularly in the case that the interface in question not intuitive has very few of the more important options most image editors include, such as gradients, the ability to merge layers, color fill (the omission of this one makes things very difficult), user defined curves, etc. I'm not knocking the editor that is offered on the website as it is nice to have that option, but please allow us to use alternatives if we choose.
            • DoctorWoeon September 7 2013, 6:58pmReplyFlag
              Rockstar, will emblems be usable in game as a decal, patch or paint job to be added to clothing, property or vehicles? If not, what's the chances that such a feature would be added?
              • luckyshot666on August 9 2012, 7:20amReplyFlag
                Really classy.
                • odd_oneon July 28 2012, 9:55pmReplyFlag
                  a R* was wandering if there was a way i can lock my emblems so no one can still my work i make emblems 4 crews with s**tty emblems 4 now ive been putting my signature and locking it any help
                  • R* Yon August 3 2012, 7:06pmReplyFlag
                    @odd_one We'll look into creating that feature, still more updates to come for Social Club and the Emblem Editor in the future
                • odd_oneon July 28 2012, 9:21pmReplyFlag
                  still excepting emblems check wat i done so far,emblem addicts,red dead rivals, insane killa squad,villainz, dead rabbits,nerds with attitude,zombie zuckers, san andreas flatlinas, the lynch mob, dead end gangsters, fox hound unit,and sky hi,omni consumer products and more
                  • odd_oneon July 28 2012, 8:51pmReplyFlag
                    like the slogan lol
                    • odd_oneon July 27 2012, 12:08amReplyFlag
                      any 1 need an emblem tryn to help everyone out.......... got a good clan but a s**tty emblem then im ur guy
                      • R* Yon July 27 2012, 5:31pmReplyFlag
                        @odd_one Ha, nice
                      • odd_oneon July 28 2012, 8:49pmReplyFlag
                        @ like the slogan its good lol
                      • odd_oneon July 28 2012, 9:48pmReplyFlag
                        @ hey R* is there any way i can lock my emblems so no one else can still my work 4 now im putting my signature on it and lockn not sure if it will help though
                      • Turismo_Shepardon September 3 2013, 2:41amReplyFlag
                        @odd_one I Need An Emblem For My Cripp Crew
                    • ItsTheAceIsChaseon July 25 2012, 2:13amReplyFlag
                      Hey does anyone know how to give friends emblems for their crews? I don't want to be a part of a crew I just want to give them my emblem.
                      • R* Xon July 25 2012, 11:23amReplyFlag
                        @ItsTheAceIsChase You could always join the crew, publish the emblem and leave the crew after.
                    • ROCKSTAR_THEBESTon July 21 2012, 3:29amReplyFlag
                      Damn i also want an interview published here on the newswire made by Rockstar, i'm going to do something special ;)
                    • YourTaxesAtWorkon July 21 2012, 3:18amReplyFlag
                      To my friends,
                      I'm going on hiatus because my real life is going to be very busy. That means I won't be taking any requests for the time being. If you want to message me and ask me questions about the Crew Emblem Editor, I'll still be available in that regard. Thank you for all your kind words. Happy hunting.

                      To fellow artists,
                      “Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” ― Dalai Lama XIV
                      • JohnDoe_86on July 21 2012, 2:57amReplyFlag
                        absolutely upper class!
                        • DixieGunThugon July 20 2012, 5:26pmReplyFlag
                          Yeah, the Kong whiskey is my fave as well. Love to get a print of that. Don't know if you're familiar with the guy or not, but it is very reminiscent of illustrator, Darwyn Cooke. Badass!
                          • R* Yon July 20 2012, 6:38pmReplyFlag
                            @DixieGunThug Cool to see you and others digging YourTaxesAtWork's Emblems!
                        • DixieGunThugon July 20 2012, 5:24pmReplyFlag
                          Wow. Amazing work, yourtaxesatwork!
                          • maximum_payne_on July 20 2012, 4:45pmReplyFlag
                            Awesome work @YourTaxesAtWork
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