Rockstar Game Tips: Max Payne 3 Arcade Modes

Posted on July 11 2012, 12:03pm | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Games

Our latest edition of Rockstar Game Tips, inside pro tips straight from Rockstar developers, takes an in-depth look at Max Payne 3’s Arcade Modes - intense shootout challenges designed to test both your accuracy and your grasp of Max’s signature abilities, Bullet Time® and Shootdodge™. There are two Arcade modes to master: Score Attack, which unlocks as you complete chapters in Story mode; and New York Minute, which is available upon full completion of the Story and also comes in Hardcore flavor.

When you complete a stage, you’re awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rank depending on your performance - and your score will determine your place on the Global leaderboard. In-game, you can also view a Leaderboard of players in either your Friends List or your Crew. Reaching certain milestones in these modes will unlock character avatars for Multiplayer Deathmatch like Fabiana Branco, Passos and more.

Score Attack Breakdown

In Score Attack, players blast through the full Story campaign, chapter by chapter, earning points for their precision and their panache. Each time you take down an enemy, you receive points based on the nature of the kill. Points are broken down as follows:
Headshot: 100
Bodyshot: 10
Kill: 50
Explosion Kill: 200
Melee: 100
Vehicle Destruction: 250

To rack up a truly impressive score though, you need to take advantage of Hit Streak Multipliers and Action Multipliers. A Hit Streak is an unbroken succession of bullets successfully hitting enemies. If you miss, the Hit Streak ends and the multiplier is reset.  Points earned are multiplied by whatever your current Hit Streak Multiplier is at that moment, in addition to any Action Multipliers that are in effect.

Kill Streak Multiplier Bonuses
3 Hit Streak: X2
6 Hit Streak: X3
12 Hit Streak: X5
24 Hit Streak: X10
Action Multiplier Bonuses
Shootdodge: X2
Prone: X3
Bullet Time: X2
Max Payne Moment: X2
Last Man Standing: 1-6

For example, If you’re currently sitting on a 6 Hit Streak (X3) and you score a Headshot (100 points) while prone (X3) and with Bullet Time active (X2), that adds up to a X8 multiplier and you’ll get 800 points in total for that kill: 100 X (3 + 3 + 2) = 800

You’ll also want to avoid certain actions that will deduct points from your total as follows:

Points Deductions
Getting shot: -5
Take Painkiller: -50
Enter Last Man Standing: - 200
Kill Innocent Bystander: -150
Pro Tips
•    Build up your Hit Streak multiplier and maintain it for as long as possible – if you’re using an automatic weapon, then consider firing in short bursts for the sake of accuracy.
•    Combine your multipliers. There are game states that will always reward the player, like being in Shootdodge or using Bullet Time, and these can be combined with Hit Streak multipliers. If you are strategic about how you use these, then you can score highly. For instance, if you have an enemy to kill, you could first Shootdodge onto the ground, then trigger Bullet Time, and THEN shoot the enemy.  This would give a x3 multiplier for being prone plus an additional x2 for being in Bullet Time, multiplying any points scored by 5.
•    Don’t always aim for headshots first as each shot racks up points. Shooting enemies repeatedly in the body before finishing them with a headshot is often the best approach, as each shot will score points and add to your Hit Streak multiplier (provided you don’t miss of course).
•    Monitor your health and take Painkillers rather than go into Last Man Standing, as this will only take away 50 points, as opposed to 200.
•    Pay attention to your environment, particularly any items or vehicles to use for those lucrative Explosion Kill and Vehicle Destruction scores.
•    Whenever Bullet Cam is activated, don’t forget that you can keep firing bullets into your enemy, picking up points for each one that finds its mark. It’s a good idea to have an automatic weapon and a full clip when you’re approaching the last enemy in the area.
New York Minute Scoring
New York Minute is the classic speed-run mode from the original Max Payne and it's unlocked in Max Payne 3 upon completion of the single-player story. At the start of each chapter, you have a minute on the clock and the goal is to finish the chapter with as much remaining time as possible, adding precious seconds by dispatching enemies as follows:

Kill: +5 seconds
Headshot kill: +6 seconds

Expert Tips
•    Unlike in Score Attack, you’ll want to aim straight for the head as this will take the enemy out of the equation quickly and add an extra precious second.
•    Memorize each stage, paying close attention to where enemies appear and in what numbers. Knowing where your enemies are going to be will help you ensure you’re in the right position to pick them off quickly.

Anything else related to Max Payne 3's Arcade Modes that you'd like some inside tips with? Any other aspects of Max or any other previously released Rockstar title that you'd like our developers to help you master? Just give a shout in comments or to and we'll have a look for future editions of Rockstar Game Tips.

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  • snarkodarkoon August 2 2016, 6:43pmReplyFlag
    This game has frozen three times in a row on chapter 13. Every time that happens I have to start back at the beginning. New York Minute HC is so broken. The whole game is broken and I can't believe Rockstar wouldn't fix these problems. A simple save would have saved so much time, but you already have my money so why would you care?
    • turboheadcrabon August 26 2016, 12:16pmReplyFlag
      @snarkodarko Yeah, right! Sometimes game just freezes when level changes. Infinite loading screen appears. How am I supposed to get through?
  • CriTic25on September 10 2013, 3:56pmReplyFlag
    There are fake scores in Score Attack, Scores like 999999999 which are impossible to get, it's not fair when you try as much as you can to get high score on leaderboard but there are fake scores... Please do something about it
    • Jarsstonon September 2 2013, 11:55amReplyFlag
      R* please, do something with New York Minute Hardcore. Put one checkpoint after chapter 7, this should be fair. Not everyone have 4-5 hours to play this mode, and when die to repeat this from chapter I. It is very frustrating when you die and play again from beggining. I very like this game, but trophy "The shadows rushed me" is like "no live achievement/trophy".
      • Meyus-007on July 25 2013, 6:39amReplyFlag
        Damn, man. New York Minute Hardcore is really pain in the ass... Any other tips?
      • Christian21Jon June 2 2013, 12:13pmReplyFlag
        so,are you going to add 1 single checkpoint?
        • Luis_Sartaon January 7 2013, 8:28amReplyFlag
          Ok, one more time, after 6 months.

          Can you put a checkpoint after the chapter 7, in the New York Minute, Hardcore. Many people don't have 3 or 4 hours to spend for try beat this mode.
          BTW Max Payne 3 it's the best action game I've played!
          • Legacy_Tomon January 16 2013, 4:29pmReplyFlag
            @Luis_Sarta If you don't have that time to play, then you don't deserve to unlock the achievement. Those are the requirements, deal with it. If you can't get it, find time or get more skilled at the game.

            I agree though, what a fantastic game. This achievement was a highlight for me. Really separates the dedicated and skilled players from the rest. Thanks so much for it Rockstar, I really appreciate it.
          • Luis_Sartaon January 23 2013, 8:37amReplyFlag
            @Legacy_Tom Tom, I have 45 years old. I have anothers obligations im my life, but I played whenever some time.
          • Luis_Sartaon February 3 2013, 11:52amReplyFlag
            @Luis_Sarta Come on Rockstar! Another freeze in my run at NYMHC. I'm in the chapter 7 and the game freeze, I have to restart my PS3 agaaaaain... and I'm piss** with this. If we have one save point, this situation was not so frustrating. Please Rockstar consider this.
            Best Regards!
          • thethumb1on February 9 2013, 11:25pmReplyFlag
            @Luis_Sarta i agree, i stopped playing because of my gun wouldn't shoot or i'm stuck in the wall. trying it again to see other glitches now, glad others got the trophy, but wasting 3 hrs. to glitched out again is crazy. 1 mid game save would only be fair, and then we can go on with dlc more, but won't give another dime until rockstar fixes or give a save. i'm sure tom will run his mouth about being good enough or something....
          • talltanon June 23 2013, 2:33amReplyFlag
            @Luis_Sarta I've unlocked and beat NYMHC. Look if you're having a hard time, mesmerize painkiller locations and always use bullet time! Try out that checkpoint and also know where the enemies come from, they have set spawns! I saved up my painkillers and bullet time for intense moments on the last few chapters. Just get to know the A.I. spawns and painkiller locations and you'll get it! Good luck.
        • Celidor_Aramuson December 31 2012, 2:58pmReplyFlag
          I'm amazed to hear people saying they would rather not have bought a game if they had known that getting all of the "achievements" would be extremely challenging. How are the achievements more important than the gameplay? By saying you'd rather not buy a game for this reason implys that the game wouldn't be worth playing if it didn't even have any achievements. Which is ridiculous. I bet these people would have bought the game and had little complaints if it simpy had no achievements to complain about in the first place. It's ludicrous.
          • ElixirHuskyon November 25 2012, 4:36pmReplyFlag
            You know, this (NYM hardcore) is really a crazy requirement for a trophy. It's spoilt getting the platinum for a lot of people. I wouldn't have even bother spending time getting the other trophies if I'd know what this one involved. Not everyone has four+ hours straight spare to play a game and of course not everyone has that skill. Trophies should be for hard work and skills but not complete transcendence. This together with GTA4's AWP trophy are really Rockstar Games' lowest points. Are you trying to make the game elitist because if that's the case I'll skip buying them from now on? There was a similar trophy in Dead Space 2 which was totally unrealistic for most people.
            • Legacy_Tomon December 2 2012, 8:59pmReplyFlag
              @ElixirHusky Stop crying, if you don't have enough skill or time to get it, you don't deserve to have it. Getting all the achievements is NOT an entitlement. If you can't get one, tough luck. Get better or don't get it. Not buying a game over it is pathetic.
            • ElixirHuskyon December 3 2012, 10:25amReplyFlag
              @Legacy_Tom Obvious troll.
            • NIxSO2415on December 28 2012, 9:23pmReplyFlag
              @Legacy_Tom Great post. I agree completely.
          • thethumb1on October 27 2012, 12:41amReplyFlag
            once again, chapter 13 and the damn gun won't shoot, built up 12 minutes, going to take my time and glitch, twice in the game i was stuck behind things and can't get out, i did tap X twice and the last time it release me, the other time, had to go into last man standing to get shoot and it put me on my back. please fix this, none of these things happen until the last update. i'm about to say hell with ROCKSTAR, no saves and glitches, i don't have 4hrs everyday to waste, much less my sanity for a trophy......
            • Legacy_Tomon December 2 2012, 8:57pmReplyFlag
              @thethumb1 No one cares, stop making excuses because you're not good enough to get it.
            • thethumb1on December 9 2012, 9:04pmReplyFlag
              @Legacy_Tom glitches are not poor playing, when i'm stuck to a wall and being killed, that's not poor playing, when your gun want shoot, that's not poor playing, your a idiot
            • chrisli128on January 12 2013, 5:42pmReplyFlag
              @thethumb1 Hope you can done this in one day :D

              Today I finished again(2nd successful run) and took me near 84 mins to complete it(Around 3-4 hours real time)
              But I also get stuck sometimes,especially Chapter 13...Have to use bullet time+roll to get out of cover,nearly die,quickly take pain killer to survive...

              Gladly,today I haven't see any lag issue of my run lol and build up near 60 mins after shoot the Victor Plane...
            • thethumb1on February 10 2013, 11:45pmReplyFlag
              @chrisli128 read and saw your time, man you wore it out, bravo, wish you were my neighbor, love to have seen you beat this that fast....
            • chrisli128on February 11 2013, 10:20amReplyFlag
              @thethumb1 Thanks man.New York Minute Hardcore recently become one of my favourite mode(although I haven't play the game as much as before),successful finished 4 times out of 9(44%)...And my fastest time is 78 mins right now.

              I agree,NYM:HC is hard due doing everything in a single setting,is quite crazy.In later chapter that will have some unexpected glitch like lag,cut-scene not loaded,get stuck(fixed) and many other glitch in NYM:HC.

              I really have to say,Chapter 7 is one of the most glitch chapter I have ever seen...The lag issue is bad enough in this chapter.After enter the warehouse in the middle of the game,you pulled up to the top level and enter the small house,shoot out the enemy which come from other side and went out of cover.The window have some "magic",fixed itself and then the game become lag,very lag...(2 times in a row in my recent walkthrough!)

              Other Chapter don't have big issue,but in past,I have some problem when crossing the canal of Chapter 11,the camera view.When I want to shoot the right hand side of the enemy,so I switch my camera,but the dead body make me can't aim of them(blocked),so I have to use the gun like blind fire,but at least I still can shoot all enemies at last.(Recently I don't have to deal with this problem)

              And we get stuck in past,mostly in Chapter 13,near becker office,is quite annoying of get stuck and there have a little lag problem but not worse than Chapter 7.

              If you have any other problem when trying to complete New York Minute Hardcore,feel free to ask me:)
            • thethumb1on March 12 2013, 7:49pmReplyFlag
              @chrisli128 saw you play last chapter last night on youtube, WOW, you almost meleed everyone, it was amazing, still making stupid mistakes, i'm really burned out on this game, won't give up, the time to do this and the burn out is working against me, but of everyone i've seen play this, bro. your the best by far....BRAVO GAMER
            • chrisli128on March 13 2013, 1:01amReplyFlag
              @thethumb1 Thanks bro,that mean a lot for me!

              Agree,I really have some "stupid" mistakes in that video like can't spot the enemy at the middle.But a prefect video is not easy to make,there always have something that you unexpected will happen during you play.

              The great story and New York Minute(hardcore) are the reason for me keep playing this game,without these two,I think I already give up this game.(I start play this game from June of last year)

              I still playing the hardcore story walkthrough(Chapter 11 now) and I am trying to play my 12th time of New York Minute Hardcore this week, also make some suggestion of Arcade Mode(Leaderboard,summary screen,earn xp in NYM:HC,etc...)
            • thethumb1on March 17 2013, 6:51pmReplyFlag
              @chrisli128 yea chapter 7 got me right after the little bar fight, you go outside and the lag started and no-one to kill, wouldn't let me go in the warehouse. this is getting old, will get my last trophy and i'm going to bury this ---, where do you live, i'm from tennessee, usa
            • chrisli128on March 18 2013, 10:45pmReplyFlag
              @thethumb1 I watch some video in youtube and find the same problem like this,the door wouldn't open...

              Me?Another side of Pacific Ocean...Hong Kong.

              My last achievement/trophy in single player is Payne in the ass(hardcore story) and I am working on it,another hard achievement!
            • Tactical_Ninjaon July 28 2013, 2:16amReplyFlag
              @Legacy_Tom Lol first world entitlement.
          • thethumb1on October 25 2012, 3:37pmReplyFlag
            october 23,2012, since r latest update 1.06, thanks for giving us back explosion bonuses, but now i'm getting stuck behind things and can't move or shoot, another glitch were it's about time to give us a save or everyone should toss this crap away, got ever trophy except nym hardcore, can't get it because of glitches, i'll even give you $1.99 for a save because i don't have 4hrs. every day to waste any longer. please respond,,THANKS
          • thethumb1on October 7 2012, 2:36amReplyFlag
            another reason for saves, got to chapter 7 and half way through it there was no one to kill, and door won't open, and my time just ticked away. if you guys care about gamers, rockstar game fans, give us saves and lets have fun again, love a challenge but glitches, are killing this when you have to start all over again.
            • thethumb1on October 5 2012, 1:51amReplyFlag
              nym hardcore, come on guys, as a player who platinum all my games, this is to much and i don't want to look at trophies to see if i should buy a game, please add a save at least in this game, THANKS
              • Campion1on October 3 2012, 4:47amReplyFlag
                Rockstar, please fix the arcade leaderboards on the xbox. None of my scores are updating, whether I complete a stage, or beat my old score.
                • Legacy_Tomon August 26 2012, 4:51pmReplyFlag
                  I just beat New York Minute Hardcore and got a completion time of 96 minutes, I was just wondering if there is a separate leaderboard for overall NYM:H overall times to see how I compare to the other people who have done it?
                • n1nja74on August 17 2012, 11:59amReplyFlag
                  Best shooter for a long time. usually prefer ego shooter but the game is incredible just New York Minute Hardcore is far too heavy. I also want my platinum and with increasing age after the reflexes have. Please fixes the problem and adds a memory points.
                  Greetings and many thanks for the amazing multiplayer
                  • Luis_Sartaon August 16 2012, 8:43amReplyFlag
                    Hi Rockstar!
                    Hello from Portugal, I am 45 years old, and a big fan of electronic games.
                    This year, Rockstar featuring one of the best stories/games I've ever played, along with some of the most detailed environments and amazing shooting mechanics, Max Payne 3.
                    But... beat the New York Minute Hardcore in one sitting is insane.
                    I have lost accounts to unsuccessful attempts to beat NWM HD.
                    I speak for myself, I don't have the skills when i was 20 years old (joke!), but I want the platinum in this great game.
                    Why you don't launch a patch to make possible the gamers make one save point?

                    Best Regards!

                    Luis Certã - LuisSarta
                    • LudensByteon July 28 2012, 7:54amReplyFlag

                      Great tips ,why did i not think of that myself.

                      Seriously, this is the first game i have in years where i know for sure most people won't get platinum.

                      I have all the multiplayer trophees, but i know i won't be able to beat the singleplayer.

                      It is way too hard, you have to play the whole game without dying and in a very short period of time.

                      It would take all of my free time for the next year and even then.

                      It is a nice game but this is insane.

                      I am thinking of quiting it and wait for patches that will make it less difficult.

                      By the way i have got a tip for you R* to make it even harder, if you get hit by one bullet you're dead!
                      • BIGTIME213on July 25 2012, 4:11pmReplyFlag
                        hey rockstar will there be a zombie mode to the max payne3.zombies worked out really great in red dead redemption loved the story in zombie.
                        • R* Yon July 26 2012, 8:32pmReplyFlag
                          @BIGTIME213 Glad to hear you enjoyed Undead Nightmare, and thanks for the suggestion!
                      • dedsetmadon July 21 2012, 1:43pmReplyFlag
                        Excellent rules...and I normally aren't big on rules.
                        • Vladislav.K.on July 21 2012, 11:33amReplyFlag
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