Fox News Gives Grand Theft Auto IV Credit for the RickRoll

Posted on March 2 2010, 11:17am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Funny, in what appears to be a rehashing of an article originally published the week before Grand Theft Auto IV came out on April 22nd – we just noticed that Fox News re-ran a story this past week giving GTAIV credit for inadvertently helping create the long-running meme of RickRoll-ing.

They’ve pinpointed it to the day of infamy when we broke the Internet with the release of the first Grand Theft Auto IV trailer (“Things Will Be Different”) on March 29th, 2007.

In keeping with silly Internet humor, the director of the image-sharing Web site 4chan, who goes by the handle "moot," decided he'd play a joke and change the word "egg" to "duck" every time a user posted a message.

In time the phenomenon spread, and the word "eggroll" was replaced by "duckroll." When someone came up with the idea to redirect Internet links to an image of a duck on wheels, RickRolling's forebear, "duckrolling," was born.

Then in March 2007 came the release of the eagerly awaited first trailer for the still-upcoming video game "Grand Theft Auto IV."

So popular was the response that it immediately crashed game publisher Rockstar Games' Web site.

In what was to become a pivotal moment in Internet hoax history, someone at 4chan took the now-useless Web link for the "Grand Theft Auto IV" trailer and duckrolled it.

But instead of linking to the image of a duck on wheels, he or she linked to the Rick Astley video on YouTube. RickRolling was born.


  • Jakeola1on August 1 2013, 1:05amReplyFlag
    Is this article dead? :P
    • vercottion March 18 2010, 1:40amReplyFlag
      They should do a special on WEAZEL NEWS!
      • TruXteron March 18 2010, 12:40amReplyFlag
        Oh yeah, and GTACLANS.COM Rocks.
        • TruXteron March 18 2010, 12:39amReplyFlag
          Rick Rolls are great. just hate when they happen in early stages of news.
          • Dukes-Bosson March 4 2010, 11:40pmReplyFlag
            auto aim is gay ;x
            • Senator_BobDoleon March 3 2010, 10:11amReplyFlag
              @Josetikus no every GTA here on in will run the IV engine or better and it will not include any previous characters they are all dead rockstar said. They will remake every city to make it look more realistic like they did with Liberty city. Personally I think it will be a new Vice City and in order to make VC bigger they will probably add more of Florida i would love to see the everglades, the keys, and Orlando in Vice City.
              • Josetikuson March 3 2010, 12:55amReplyFlag
                any chance of getting san andreas to the next-gen. either that or do what sony santa monica did take gta vice city and san andreas and make them run at 60 fps at 720p
                • Senator_BobDoleon March 2 2010, 3:09pmReplyFlag
                  Sorry for double posting just wanted to say Rockstar Games= Epic Win Times 1000000!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for GTA V. I'm prying that it will be in a new Vice City modern day that would be kick ass!! LA Noir also looks cool but i'm still hoping for Vice City maybe add more of Florida to Vice this time around. ;)
                  • VickeXon March 2 2010, 2:15pmReplyFlag
                    Like i just replied to your tweet Rockstar:

                    @RockstarGames Fox news reporters were at the last Social Club Multiplayer Event where i told the story? Hah!
                    • Senator_BobDoleon March 2 2010, 2:09pmReplyFlag
                      and thats why rockstar is the best developer in the gaming world. Screw infinity ward and screw whoever made Saints row that was a pathetic copy of GTA.
                      • Master_2_GTAon March 2 2010, 12:54pmReplyFlag
                        Type to go in youtube in my channel hope you like Rockstar!! And no rick roll'd videos =))
                        • Rodrigo6411on March 2 2010, 12:33pmReplyFlag
                          I remember that day. Not only was it hilarious the first time, but it was painful to not be able to see the trailer.
                          • The4orTy67on March 2 2010, 12:18pmReplyFlag
                            I don't quite understand.
                            • IIJOSEPHXIIon March 2 2010, 12:10pmReplyFlag
                              Wow! Fox News AND the rick-roll.

                              You can be really proud of youselves now, just sit back a bask in the glory!
                              • t-oliveiraon March 2 2010, 11:46amReplyFlag
                                rockstar never gave up on the ps3 and pc gamers , and thats awesome. even if i cant wait for march 30 ! :D
                                • WeAreYouon March 2 2010, 11:36amReplyFlag
                                  I Just Hate 'Rickrolling' KILL IT!!!!

                                  • PlayStaron March 2 2010, 11:28amReplyFlag
                                    Well, Rockstar is never gonna give us up!
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