Preview the 3 New Multiplayer Maps of the Max Payne 3 Local Justice DLC Pack

Posted on July 2 2012, 10:59am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

The Max Payne 3 Local Justice Pack, available tomorrow on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, features three all-new maps based on levels from Max’s epic single-player story and tailored specifically for intense Max Payne 3 Multiplayer action. Today, we've got a special preview of each map's layout to get you and your Crew's strategic juices flowing - including a full overhead view and highlights with screens of key points of interest for all three locations - click the images below to pop out high-res version JPEGs to take your tour of the new Max Payne 3 killing fields.

[click to enlarge]

São Paulo's Imperial Palace is perfect for those that thrive on intense close-quarters combat. Packed with areas that allow you to creep up on unsuspecting enemies, as well as balconies and bars to catch the sluggish passerby, the Imperial Palace is designed for non-stop action, so equip a Loadout that can handle everything that this fast paced multi-level environment holds.

[click to enlarge]

An expansive bi-level multiplayer map packed with tight corners, bulletproof glass and a balance of open spaces and scattered hiding places, the den of the ruthless São Paulo Special Forces has a seemingly endless number of jail cells, control rooms, and choke points for you to shoot your way out of. Dual wield some powerful pistols or equip a speedy shotgun to get the most out of your Loadout as you showcase your hit and run tactics.

[click to enlarge]

Stave off enemies gunning for you through the sunglass kiosks, book stores, and vending machines that litter the Departure Lounge of São Paulo’s Piratininga Airport. Packed with plenty of strategically obstructed views, alcoves, and enough cover to hide you from certain death, this map has been tailored for intense Multiplayer action.
The Local Justice DLC Pack will be available for Max Payne 3 on July 3rd for the special launch week promotional price of 480 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $5.99 on PlayStation Network. It will be available for PC on July 17th.

  • SSG_WARRIORon August 4 2012, 1:52pmReplyFlag
    Max payne 3 really rocks like Rockstar!
    • SSG_WARRIORon August 4 2012, 1:50pmReplyFlag
      • GTAV_King89on July 4 2012, 12:52pmReplyFlag
        55TH BATTALION HQ is great haha :D got 14 kills there 9 in a row and just died 8 times on that map! Free DLC's =D I downloaded every DLC that was available via the In Game Store. Nice work guys! :) I didn't have any issues with it so far! :)


        • R* Aon July 5 2012, 12:43pmReplyFlag
          @GTAV_King89 Awesome - hope to see you online tearing up the Battalion at the live-streaming event tomorrow!
      • SpBloodRedon July 3 2012, 3:22pmReplyFlag
        @R* I have already purchased the 30$ pass months ago and today the dlc came out but it won't let me play it. It says it's blocked but my friend bought the maps today and he online playing them why is my pass not working!!!!!!!!
      • AlexanderOwlon July 3 2012, 3:08pmReplyFlag
        FREE DLC!!!!

        My crew Death Cheaters is running a competition for you to win one of two codes for this new DLC. If you wish to enter, just request an invitation from the link below and join my crew and accumulate XP. In a few days i'll let the first player know!

        The main goal is to gain crew members who play regularly. You don't have to be the best at all but it would be great if you are.

        The only requirement is to accumulate a "decent" amount of XP and hopefully stay crew'd up with us in the future. Oh and please try and spread the word because nothing is really free!
        • AlexanderSiriuson July 3 2012, 8:02amReplyFlag
          Don't tell me is US time 3rd July!! US is not the center of the world!!
          Release the DLC NOW!! ROAR!!
          • IWIHooliganon July 3 2012, 5:44amReplyFlag
            Amazing! I was hoping to see a break down of each map! Excellent stuff Rockstar!
          • AmadeusXLOon July 3 2012, 4:00amReplyFlag
            What time will the new, Local Justice pack be available?
            • DOMBELLICon July 3 2012, 7:05amReplyFlag
              @AmadeusXLO yup iam feeling browned off its now 12 o clock 3rd of july AND STIL NO LOCAL JUSTICE u can download it if u have NOT got a pass but us mugs that purchased passes stil cant download
            • R* Yon July 3 2012, 12:54pmReplyFlag
              @AmadeusXLO The Local Justice Pack is out in some regions already and we expect Microsoft and Sony to continue to release the DLC across all regions by tomorrow morning
          • AlexanderSiriuson July 2 2012, 10:43pmReplyFlag
            BTW, these preview maps are good.
            Could R* make for the old map and cemetery map? Thanks!
          • Crossopon July 2 2012, 10:29pmReplyFlag
            Great game and that's why it's strange to not have some common sense things implemented:
            1. No way to see your level progress, other than after match or in Social Club. That is just plain stupid.
            2. No way to tell what weapon level your gun is at, other than calculate what unlocks it has and even then not every gun level unlocks something so you can't know for sure.
            3. No way to tell how many kills you have to make to level up your gun. 30? 25? By the first Weapon Grind(50 kills) I usually have a level, so I'm guessing somewhere between 10 and 45 kills. it'd be nice to clear this up. Cause I usually take two handguns to level them up at once and they somehow level up unevenly. When I go akimbo DE.50 and Mini-Uzi, my Eagle seems to level up slower, like half a level slower. Also, I know that kill assists count towards gun level, cause I've had it several times already, when I shoot a guy up and someone else finishes him off, I get and assist and my gun levels up. So, please, either make the in-game menu more informative or expand Social Club information about our guns.

            You're keeping us in the dark here, come on!
          • FootintheGraveon July 2 2012, 6:22pmReplyFlag
            Why is Gangwars, the most popular Multiplayer mode, being treated like a red-haired step child in the new DLC? Everything looks so F'n awesome, but only one new place to play Gangwars? Why, R*, why do you torment me so?
            • ChicagoEnigmaon July 2 2012, 6:43pmReplyFlag
              @FootintheGrave To me the dynamics of the 2 maps that are not for gangwars don't seem to fit the gangwars mode of play. They are too tight. and are not in the favalas or zones that seem to be more geared to GangWars.. I dig on gang wars too. But I suspect we'll see more maps in the future that'll meet our desire for more GANG WARS!!! :) I have a couple of idea's of my own I'm going to send in for an another possible mode of play!
            • R* Yon July 2 2012, 6:54pmReplyFlag
            • Zerho69on July 2 2012, 7:29pmReplyFlag
              @ Please, don't make the same mistake as Guerrilla Games with operations for Killzone 3.
            • FootintheGraveon July 2 2012, 8:50pmReplyFlag
              @FootintheGrave R*, forgive me, but for $90 dollars I expect more by now.
            • AlexanderSiriuson July 2 2012, 10:40pmReplyFlag
              @ChicagoEnigma I think they can be modified just like new york and sao paulo favela map in gang wars mode
              but they don't make it.
              You can see most of the original maps are modified.
              But this DLC, I don't see any change, they just release the same map in story mode without any modify
              Why I have to pay again?
              And Imperial Palace is potential map for gang war!
          • BudgetCrosson July 2 2012, 4:18pmReplyFlag
            Going to do some epic quickscopes tomorrow!
            • Kuya_Edon July 2 2012, 4:12pmReplyFlag

              Since tomorrow is the released of the dlc pack but I may buy it late, do I still have the end of this week to get it from the PSN store?
              • Barneykiller008on July 2 2012, 4:14pmReplyFlag
                @Kuya_Ed umm...dlc's stay on the ps store forever...
              • Kuya_Edon July 2 2012, 4:15pmReplyFlag
                @Kuya_Ed I was referring to the price of $5.99 at the PSN.
              • R* Yon July 2 2012, 6:59pmReplyFlag
                @Kuya_Ed The Local Justice Pack limited time offer is just for the first seven days. If you plan on playing lots of Max Payne 3 in the future we highly recommend the Rockstar Pass which includes this DLC plus the upcoming Disorganized Crime Map Pack, the Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack, the Hostage Negotiation Map Pack, the New York Minute Co-Op Pack, the Painful Memories Map Pack, the Trickle Down Economics Map Pack plus all of the other DLC items including the Cemetery Map, Silent Killer Loadout Pack, Pill Bottle Item, Deadly Force Burst, Classic Max Payne Character and more for $29.99 or 2400 Microsoft Points. Check out all the details:
            • NYPDMAXPAYNEon July 2 2012, 3:48pmReplyFlag
              Looking forward to tomorrow!
              • GetSmackedBroon July 2 2012, 3:31pmReplyFlag
                Quick question! So the maps will be availible at 12:00am Eastern Time?
              • N9ne0sBabyon July 2 2012, 3:29pmReplyFlag
                The new maps look dope! Hopefully those of us on PS3 get it tomorrow and don't have to wait until Wednesday when the PS Store usually updates.
                • Zerho69on July 2 2012, 3:24pmReplyFlag
                  Gang Wars only in 55TH BATTALION HQ...SOB SOB !

                  • LiL-A-King1on July 2 2012, 2:43pmReplyFlag
                    Yes but that was a Open World Game, but it also annoyed me that it wasn't something new. Look at the Maverick DLC Pack for RDR, this was a free DLC and included new maps that are already in the game.
                    • FeelThePayneon July 2 2012, 6:06pmReplyFlag
                      @LiL-A-King1 Yea man, I understand! Sadly, we live in the times where Video Games are overrun with DLC's rather then everything already in the game. DLC's are ruining the game business IMHO but hey Im still stuck in the early days of 00's where the game was complete without add-ons that should of been in the game to start. lol

                      *Off-Topic: @R* I 'DARE' you to make a 'Miami Vice' game based on the iconic show in the 80's! Ha
                    • LiL-A-King1on July 4 2012, 10:04amReplyFlag
                      @FeelThePayne Haha would be awesome I love the 80's ;D
                  • edisleadoon July 2 2012, 2:14pmReplyFlag
                    So, I'm assuming each of the DLC's is going to be split into separate playlists? Considering the fact that there are Hardcore playlists, and not to mention the additional playlists for Soft Aim and Free Aim (and Hard Lock for consoles), It can already be difficult to find a game in the particular playlist you want. Additional DLC that continues to follow this split player base model will only exacerbate this issue. And honestly, I believe there are 6 more DLC packs coming, just imagine how many many different entries we'll have to scroll past when these are all implemented (e.g. DLC #1 Gang Wars, TDM, DM, Payne Killer; DLC #2 Gang Wars, TDM, DM, Payne Killer, etc. etc.)!

                    For simplicity's sake, I believe people just want to be able to choose to play the new maps from an all inclusive game mode that takes into account all the DLC you (and other players) have available. However, if people have no paid for the Rockstar Pass, there's going to be a lot of variation between what DLC people do and don't have. So, this option may be impossible to implement.

                    And yeah, these maps look great, but as I mentioned before, it's just disappointing to know that we'll paying more (or 'again') for content that is so very reminiscent to content we already have.

                    If anything, I sincerely hope that the new map pack arrives with further (and ideally, extensive) gameplay tweaks and fixes in order to persuade people to pick up the Rockstar Pass...
                  • Dukeofibanezon July 2 2012, 2:03pmReplyFlag
                    Neat work on the images. Do the Cemetery Map as well!
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