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Posted on June 28 2012, 11:59am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Presenting the new trailer for the Local Justice Pack, the first Max Payne 3 downloadable content pack that will be available on July 3rd for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (PC version launching on July 17th). This pack includes three new maps for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer featuring areas from the game’s intense final chapters, plus a new weapon, a new item, a new multiplayer faction and more.

The Local Justice Pack will be available during launch week for a discounted price of 480 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $5.99 on PSN and PC, after which point it will return to its normal price of 640 Microsoft Points (Xbox LIVE) or $7.99 on PSN and PC. Naturally, Rockstar Pass holders will receive this pack free of charge.


  • RandomMuggeron July 9 2012, 8:56pmReplyFlag
    Nnnnnnoooooooooo looks sweet will invest.
    • PhunnyB1on July 5 2012, 5:26amReplyFlag
      Here's a trick which helped me in Hard (at least), I ignore him, and focus on the goons, the 'nades are easily dodged. So just keep moving a try land behind cover when you shootdodge
    • AlexanderOwlon July 3 2012, 3:08pmReplyFlag
      FREE DLC!!!!

      My crew Death Cheaters is running a competition for you to win one of two codes for this new DLC. If you wish to enter, just request an invitation from the link below and join my crew and accumulate XP. In a few days i'll let the first player know!

      The main goal is to gain crew members who play regularly. You don't have to be the best at all but it would be great if you are.

      The only requirement is to accumulate a "decent" amount of XP and hopefully stay crew'd up with us in the future. Oh and please try and spread the word because nothing is really free!
      • cstrfrk_2on July 3 2012, 11:26amReplyFlag
        i went to the playstation store through max payne 3 and it says no items currently available, I don't understand if it's suppose to be out today why it would say that
        • R* Aon July 5 2012, 12:49pmReplyFlag
          @cstrfrk_2 Hopefully this has since sorted itself out for you? Sounds like it may have just been a territorial delay in the content appearing at your local PSN Store. If not, please hit us up at with info on what territory you're from and perhaps a screengrab/photo of the PSN Store now showing the title so we can investigate...
        • blackhollowz1on July 5 2013, 12:57pmReplyFlag
          @cstrfrk_2 Hey,i wanted to ask did you fix that and how?
      • cstrfrk_2on July 3 2012, 11:18amReplyFlag
        I cannot find the local justice add-on pack at the PlayStation store, I bought the Rock-star pass the other day
        • stevenlgrahamon July 3 2012, 7:10amReplyFlag
          they all on to download in game now in the UK all showing up to download
        • shibbidgeon July 3 2012, 3:38amReplyFlag
          I love free aim! Way more than soft lock but im only a minority
          • thespeedtapper5on July 2 2012, 12:06pmReplyFlag
            this is a really decent price compared to other companies like infinity ward and all that which charge you like 20 dollars for like 1 new map.
            • socksrock123on July 2 2012, 11:51amReplyFlag
              I'm going to buy this as soon as I see it on the PlayStation Store tomorrrow!!! Looks beast!!
              • spaceoatson July 2 2012, 11:47amReplyFlag
                Will you be able to use the M4 automatically or will you have to unlock along with the character factions
                • R* Xon July 2 2012, 11:59amReplyFlag
                  @spaceoats The M4 is unlocked from the start in multiplayer, cheers!
                • stevenlgrahamon July 2 2012, 12:16pmReplyFlag
                  @spaceoats are we able to get it golden if we have unlocked all the rest plz ??
                • stevenlgrahamon July 2 2012, 2:11pmReplyFlag
                  @ R any time you want to give me a Freaking reply of yes or no or you dunno or you dont care be great thxank you
              • rafael470on July 2 2012, 11:38amReplyFlag
                Hey rockstargames u have plans to another max payne 4
              • moimieoontion July 2 2012, 11:20amReplyFlag
                I will protest by playing San Andreas on PS2 tonight! HA! What do ya think about that?
                • thespeedtapper5on July 2 2012, 11:17amReplyFlag
                  R* when is your next online event i forgot where to find out because i want to try and beat you in MP3 after my connection problem has been fixed by the support team. Thanks :)
                • jamcho1on July 2 2012, 10:59amReplyFlag
                  This is what i think of this game's multiplayer:

                • AlexBlack1995on July 2 2012, 10:57amReplyFlag
                  Well, Max Payne 3 - it's a huge step forward! I'm just happy for Rockstar, and for their breakthrough! Thank you!
                  • Kourgexon July 2 2012, 10:42amReplyFlag
                    Disorganised Crime Map Pack
                    Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
                    Deathmatch made in Heaven Mode Pack
                    New York Minute Co-Op Pack
                    Any of these out this Month?
                    • Zerho69on July 2 2012, 10:42amReplyFlag
                      Sorry to everybody, i'm just a bit off topic...
                      Is there a leaderboard for single player (not for crews) ?
                      I would like to know how many people play online on PS3.
                      Today i was going to play on hard core on PS3 (any multiplayer modes) but there was not player on hard core.
                      Is this possible ?
                      I can't play on hard core because there are not enough people ?
                      This is a really big problem, my loved MP3 become useless, i like too much hard core.
                      Sorry again for OT and for my bad english, i'm from Italy.

                      Best regards
                      • thespeedtapper5on July 2 2012, 10:46amReplyFlag
                        @Zerho69 YAY i'm from australia but i am mostly italian :D
                      • R* Xon July 2 2012, 11:09amReplyFlag
                        @Zerho69 There is no single player leaderboard, but thanks for the suggestion. As for your issue finding players in hardcore modes please send a message to our Support team so they can see if this is a connection issue
                    • BorisBlackon July 2 2012, 10:34amReplyFlag
                      Can´t wait to sink my teeths in these new maps!
                      Btw, this GoogleStreetView in Sao Paolo made me smile :)
                    • thespeedtapper5on July 2 2012, 10:24amReplyFlag
                      i don't know if it's my internet or anything but every time i go to join an online match it kicks me from the online server saying that i have been kicked due to connection problems. I tried restarting my ps3 and the same thing happened. I really want to play online but i can't due to the game kicking me off the server all the time
                      • R* Xon July 2 2012, 10:38amReplyFlag
                        @thespeedtapper5 Please contact and we'll get this sorted for you
                    • MatsvanStamon July 2 2012, 9:06amReplyFlag
                      why did I move here, I guess it was the justice trailer, or the... I don't know that magic game, mp3. you see it in the magazines. I wanna buy it but don't have any money. I wanna play it with the hot sun but well you know how it is.
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