Friday's Live-Streaming Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Event on PSN (5-8pm Eastern) with Rockstar and Special Guest Crew: HEALTH

Posted on June 21 2012, 7:00pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: The playlist and event have ended. Thanks to everyone that joined in, whether you were chatting, watching the live streams, playing or just stopping by to enter the sweepstakes...

In this week's scheduled live-streaming official Social Club multiplayer event, HEALTH, the band behind the original Soundtrack and score of Max Payne 3 including "TEARS", are primed to join you and the Rockstar devs for some online Bullet Time® and Shootdodge™ galore in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer June 22nd on PlayStation 3 from 5-8pm Eastern. Preceding the event will be a live video stream with our own MaxPayneDev5 on our Twitch page from 3-5pm, so feel free to join us there before HEALTH goes online at 5. When that happens, two MaxPayneDevs will be featured in the dual video stream on the Social Club multiplayer events page along with a chat and special leaderboards, so expect a full evening of action.

And during the day you can enter for your chance to win a Deluxe Prize Pack including a Max Payne statue, a brand new Hawaiian Shirt just like the one Max wears in the game, a bullet keychain and assorted stickers. Additionally, ten runners-up will receive a t-shirt and stickers. Fill in your details on this page under the 'Sweepstakes Entry' tab on June 22nd.

Look for HEALTH's Crew in-game as the event rolls along:

  • DEATH_MINUS (John Famiglietti) 
  • tsutsu187 (Jupiter Keyes)

We may be announcing more band-member PSN IDs by event time so check back soon.

Keep an eye out for our official Rockstar players, marked with a special visible in-game dog tag logo:

  • MaxPayneDev1
  • MaxPayneDev2
  • MaxPayneDev3
  • MaxPayneDev4

If you can't join us for this one, don't worry as we will be going online several times this summer at times that we won't be announcing ahead of time. Sometimes we just like to jump on and play our games with the public, and when we do we always post a message on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam (for PC) pages...

  • tRuEm1Nd0Fh0RR0Ron June 30 2012, 11:14pmReplyFlag
    @R* Sorry I didn't make the event guys. But I will sure as hell will be at the next one!
    • LiL-A-King1on June 26 2012, 8:06amReplyFlag
      Sometimes everyone need a break! I didn't ask for your reply so I don't what you think.
      • giggity62on June 25 2012, 6:31pmReplyFlag
        When will the winners of the grand prize be announced or even a recap of the recent events?
        • R* Yon June 26 2012, 1:02pmReplyFlag
          @giggity62 We'll have a recap of the June events coming up in a week or so
      • iLewisGTAon June 25 2012, 4:47pmReplyFlag
        @R*, Well, I guess you've contacted the winners, and I weren't one of them :( Who ever is the 'Grand Prize Winner', congratulations, I am well jealous, I really wanted that Max Payne statue :( (And the T-Shirt
        • X1BurningAces1Xon June 25 2012, 3:25pmReplyFlag
          @R* If people are chosen to be the potetntial runner-up winners, when will they be contacted for additional information about the prize?
          • R* Yon June 25 2012, 4:12pmReplyFlag
            @X1BurningAces1X Once potential winners reply to us, we'll send out prizing as soon as possible, usually within a few weeks
          • X1BurningAces1Xon June 25 2012, 4:21pmReplyFlag
            @ Oh ok, thank you. This question was bothering me for a while.
        • LiL-A-King1on June 25 2012, 10:39amReplyFlag
          R* instead of spending all my free time for playing your games and to write here on the newswire, I enjoy the real life... much more better guys!!
          • giggity62on June 25 2012, 6:28pmReplyFlag
            @LiL-A-King1 Well if you're enjoying the "real life" then why are you living in the virtual life then? And if you're not playing any of Rockstar's amazing games, then why are you here?
        • giggity62on June 25 2012, 9:36amReplyFlag
          Like, Max Payne says, "What am I doing here with a bad haircut and this ridiculious shirt?" Btw Rockstar, how about maybe a replica of Max's favorite gun, the Colt M1911, as a prize?
          • WendyFromWendyson June 25 2012, 6:39amReplyFlag
            R* Can you do something with the Mini-30? Maybe make the fire rate slower? Because literally almost every match I played today had at least 2 people going on killing sprees with it.
            • iLewisGTAon June 24 2012, 5:33pmReplyFlag
              @R*, Sorry its not about the Multiplayer event, but it is about Max Payne 3. - This new 'Patch' which is 'Coming Soon', will it be fixing the speech error in the Sao Paulo Bus Depo mission. You know the missing audio where you go to rob the bus. Will the patch be fixing it. Hope it does. Looking forward to the DLC, hope it comes this week, I want to hear more about it :)

              • R* Yon June 24 2012, 9:02pmReplyFlag
                @iLewisGTA We usually announce patch details the day it comes out or sometimes right before, so stay tuned
              • iLewisGTAon June 25 2012, 12:29amReplyFlag
                @ Okay, cheers
              • ace189on June 26 2012, 9:27amReplyFlag
                @iLewisGTA yeah I've noticed that bug too, I think it only occurs on ps3, the "Its drive or shoot sister" chapter. Gotta say its really ruins the immersion.
            • Hotinfaon June 24 2012, 11:38amReplyFlag
              Rockstar you have players all over the world but sadly there are no events for those who don't live in USA :( For me this time is very very late lol...
              P.S. Rockstar, respect your true players! Give us some news on upcoming DLC or what is more expected on GTAV! We're dying to see the release date or anything else but the trailer that we have re-watched 100 times! Thank you! Rockstar - one love lol good games guys.
            • iLewisGTAon June 24 2012, 10:04amReplyFlag
              @R*, When are you going to be contacting the winners?
            • Mahyar-marstonon June 24 2012, 2:46amReplyFlag
              Hi. From a day after the Friday 22nd June Multiplayer event I couldn't play multiplayer mode anymore and I face this message ALERT rockstar game services are unavailable right now. please try again later. What's wrong?
              • iLewisGTAon June 24 2012, 2:58amReplyFlag
                @Mahyar-marston Hey there, Not quite sure, never had it happen to me before, best advice would be to contact the tech guys with the Support team, please visit the website here and have a look at the Max Payne 3 section:
            • NYPDMAXPAYNEon June 23 2012, 11:58pmReplyFlag
              MaxPayneDev1 is a cool guy.
              • iLewisGTAon June 23 2012, 5:14pmReplyFlag
                @R*, Have you guys ever thought about including posters in the sweepstakes as prizes? I think that would be a great thing to include for winners :) - What you think?
                • R* Yon June 23 2012, 7:47pmReplyFlag
                  @iLewisGTA Might do that in the future, hope you enjoyed the event yesterday
                • iLewisGTAon June 24 2012, 1:40amReplyFlag
                  @ I sure did, wish me luck, I hope win that grand prize! :)
              • maximus_136on June 23 2012, 1:56pmReplyFlag
                Why is it that when I select multiplayer mode, most of the time it shows "Rockstar servers are not available right now". I am from India.
              • iLewisGTAon June 23 2012, 1:54pmReplyFlag
                @R*, I hope I am really lucky and I win the Grand Prize, I really would love that statue and the Hawaiian T-shirt!, Wish me luck! -
                • KiDKiLLa606on June 23 2012, 12:51pmReplyFlag
                  Thanks, I'm glad you reported Slight.
                  • scareface1970on June 23 2012, 11:14amReplyFlag
                    I see and hear that there to many BUGS in MaxPayne3 Multiplay. So i hope that we get soon a PATCH for this game because i think that many gamers putt MaxPayne3 away for a time till the PATCH is there. I go futher playing this game and hope that i NOT have to many BUGS like the XP BUG that gets me in trouble.

                    i like MaxPayne3 Multiplay and i did my best to RANK UP the FAIR way xD
                    And i had FUN watching and Chatting @ the stream yesterday.

                    Again THNX ***Rockstar*** For This Great Game :D:D:D
                    • R* Yon June 23 2012, 12:49pmReplyFlag
                      @scareface1970 Thanks, we do have a new patch on the way, no news to pass along just yet on exactly when it will be released, but we're hoping not too long
                    • scareface1970on June 23 2012, 1:02pmReplyFlag
                      @ Thanks for the reply R*Y

                      I appreciate it that you take your time to tell this.

                      ***Rockstar*** Rocks :D:D:D
                  • AmosJAMcLovinon June 23 2012, 10:37amReplyFlag
                    I did and people were leaving I ended up being the only one in there and the game didn't start so I just left
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