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Posted on June 15 2012, 6:28pm | Author: R* M | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Several squads made their way into the Crew Cut this week by proving their worth in this week's Social Club Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Event. It was awesome to face off against the skilled players of LXG Crew - the only private Crew to have broken into the top 10 on the Xbox LIVE Leaderboard. Another highlight of the event was a Gang Wars session with MaxPayneDev4 and a couple of members of Holiday Red and Les Frere Du 38 lighting up Hoboken Alleys. Kudos to HouseLeo and benanova from those Crews for standing strong in the close-quarters carnage.

Our MaxPayneDev1 and MaxPayneDev2 both stood toe-to-toe yesterday with the ever-active American Most Wanted Crew - Hoopdreamz030 proved why he's the best of their 298 members with some excellent play and an enviable XP haul. But the coup of the week belongs to Box Car Racer, as their leader persuadedspoon recruited CrisDaThug - hands down one of the toughest players our devs have faced - into the Crew after the event was over. With that star signing, we're sure we'll be seeing more of their snarling green rabbit emblem in future events.


There's another important multiplayer event underway in Poland and Ukraine at the moment, as 16 nations compete in the Euro 2012 Football Championships (that's soccer, for our yankee readers). The Beautiful Game has clearly gripped the British Bulldawgs Crew, whose emblem is a faithful recreation of the England football team’s Three Lions crest. Just across the Channel, the French Crew are using their own forum to organize matches and talk tactics. Euro 2004 winners Greece are backed up by the Greek Godz, fittingly led by Il_Zeus_Il. Strong and silent, their emblem consists of nothing but a black skull on a grey back ground and their motto is just one single word: IMMORTAL.

While the German and Spanish football teams are strong favorites to take the Euro 2012 trophy, Crews from those two nations have already faced off in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. The German Force will be hoping they're better at shooting with their feet than they are with their controllers, as they were outclassed by the tight teamwork of the SoldierSpainKillers, eventually losing 6 to 1 in Feuds.


Meantime, the NBA Finals are well under way here in the states, and Social Club members Ammonites and Willingsort566 have created their own lone wolf Crews to honor the two conference champion contenders: Miami Heat and OKC Thunder. With the series currently tied at 1-1, both Crews may be looking to recruit fresh members from the bench to help support their side. Request an invite accordingly, and if you guys wanna battle out a 5-on-5 Gang War once you have your numbers up, get in touch, and we'll be happy to ref.



We've featured many Crews with emblems that have impressed, but we've also enjoyed some of the slogans that players have drafted. The positive-sounding Yes Yes Yes Crew claims that "When you're this good, you don't need a fancy corporate sponsor" and, judging from their 67% Feuds won statistic, they're true to their claim. Animals are a recurring theme in Crews, like Kobra Clan with their motto "Be wise as a serpent, and gentle as a lamb" - although with a currently only 29% Feuds won stat and ownage by their rival RTD Productions Crew (a fellow animal squad who enjoy "Doing It Donkey Style"), they appear to be more of lambs to the slaughter and may want to rethink that tagline. Finally, The Deadly Komodos warn: "WE ARE KOMODO DRAGONS, WE WILL HISS AT YOU" and taking a slightly different tact there's For the Puppies, who have said that "Everything we do is... for the puppies."



We're constantly amazed and impressed by what the community is achieving with the emblem editor and this week we've selected two creations to showcase, both with astonishing levels of detail. ZeroFoxFK has produced the stunning image below left with skulls and a sword at the center of its motif for his Crew The Faceless Knights - we especially admire the blurring effects employed on the flame and second skull. Dopeness. Meanwhile, YourTaxesAtWork and Kartoon-187- have collaborated on this beautiful emblem for the Shine Thugz Crew that combines a Parisian rally-by-night scene with GTA-inspired styling.




  • Sinister_Sirenon July 17 2012, 12:33amReplyFlag
    Thank you R* for acknowledging our Soul Crushers Crew! Glad to be a part of these guys their always stepping things up by working together & getting things done right!
    • YourTaxesAtWorkon June 25 2012, 4:08amReplyFlag
      You noticed! I figured the hardcore fans might enjoy that. :)
      • OEternaLion June 24 2012, 6:41pmReplyFlag
        Tutorial to emblem creator, any1?
        • maximum_payne_on June 22 2012, 11:29pmReplyFlag
          Join my crew DEAD DRIFT ASSASSINS.
          • DutchStoneron June 22 2012, 4:35pmReplyFlag
            you missed the coolest most badazz emblem of the whole social club : ) Check out GANJA OUTLAWS CREW EMBLEM. EPIC!
            • XemitaDinamitaon June 22 2012, 10:08amReplyFlag
              Ok I see this is a general issue...Hope for a fix soon.
              • Hotinfaon June 21 2012, 11:25pmReplyFlag
                GTAV's multiplayer should be more like GTAIV. Bring back choosing teams, maps, settings, kicking.
                • tommytweedson June 21 2012, 1:12pmReplyFlag
                  Hey. My crews feuds wins/losses have not been appearing since Monday....Is anyone else having the same problem? I saw it mentioned below but the poster was referred to support. I've contacted support and they didnt seem to think they could do anything and said that they would update soon, 24-48 hours. It's now been 72 and no joy. All other stats are updating fine. Any help??
                • cars2cars_Omaron June 21 2012, 8:39amReplyFlag
                  Hey, I don't know if you guys (Rockstar) would read this but......
                  In GTA V, can you guys put back the swing set glitch . LOL
                  And you guys don't necessarily have to put up a video but...
                  Have a list a new things coming in Grand Theft Auto V? Such as new vehicles, guns, and more

                  It's is the least you can do since you left the consumers waiting so long. (Almost 8 months)
                  • Prowlerzon June 20 2012, 7:35pmReplyFlag
                    For all Half-Life fans, you are more then welcome to join 'Half-Life' crew !
                    (just type on crew's search Half-Life)
                    • noclue_42on June 20 2012, 6:53pmReplyFlag
                      I've just looked at the Enblem Creator for the 1st time and I gotta say it's really cool. Offers a lot of room for creativity when you get into it. Just looking at the "french men" enblem shows how much is possible. Gonna take my time with it but when I'm done with the enblem I will create a crew and then I'll jump right into the madness.

                      I thought I had lost my interest in Multiplayer, Crews and so on - but it's back, I'm, excited, really. I really need a new start ;D
                    • Hotinfaon June 20 2012, 11:04amReplyFlag
                      You don't have to write like this for public. And look yourself,, we're still #1 on gta ladder.
                      • x_STREETKING_xon June 21 2012, 6:01pmReplyFlag
                        @Hotinfa I'm not writing anything for the public, your claiming that HOT is the best clan on GTA4, when you became number 1 on PS3LB the site was dead and no good clans were playing, if you would have been number 1 when all good clans where out and when people weren't using turbos on GTA4 (not saying that all HOT members use turbos) then I would agree with you but you weren't... and I'm not being negative or anything I'm just stating my opinion and somewhat the facts.
                      • Hotinfaon June 21 2012, 11:23pmReplyFlag
                        @x_STREETKING_x @x_STREETKING_x if you consider HoMiCiD3, ICK, DTP a bad clans then ok. And we're good no matter what. Here I just say even if we are good we can't reach number 1 don't you agree?
                    • Karl6478on June 20 2012, 9:48amReplyFlag
                      I want June DLC article
                      • XemitaDinamitaon June 20 2012, 2:56amReplyFlag
                        Well,Feud wins/losses still not appearing on the social club,anyone else having this problem?
                      • KingAlex165on June 20 2012, 1:11amReplyFlag
                        I have a question Rockstar teams, there seems to be some player from other crews stealing my crews member and sending them invite, but if they was in my crew than i would ban them, but they are not in my crews, they were before in my crew but they were there for a set up and also i feel like they are doing it on purpose and if you could give me an idea how to block those players that are trying to take my members or to prevent them from not going to see my crews Profile and i do know who those player are, i just don know what to do...
                        • R* Yon June 20 2012, 1:35amReplyFlag
                          @KingAlex165 Thanks, please send us a message so we can look into this:
                      • Reidbynatureon June 19 2012, 10:55pmReplyFlag
                        Still trying to get the hang of the Emblem creator. Though I clearly can't compete with the art from Shine Thugs or Faceless Knights, I think I've done alright for a beginner.

                        Also, @R* when is the June DLC due and are you really planning co-op DLC?
                        • R* Yon June 20 2012, 1:36amReplyFlag
                          @Reidbynature Cool, we'll have some details on the first DLC within the next week, we haven't announced any co-op DLC
                      • RoyalL_geniuson June 19 2012, 9:34pmReplyFlag
                        Snipers on ps3 add me RoyalL_genius
                        • FM.Haivalaon June 19 2012, 8:11pmReplyFlag
                          TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE!

                          Check out my Crew's Recruitment video!

                          • XemitaDinamitaon June 19 2012, 12:21pmReplyFlag
                            Why all my feuds played doesnt count? I started to play this with a buddy in a new crew for nothing,pct and everything is 0%.WTH?
                          • Hotinfaon June 19 2012, 10:59amReplyFlag
                            Okay, my suggestion:
                            1. Rockstar teams to be put into another ladder. Cause even if we are too good we will never reach 70k people with 24 people in squad.
                            2. Expirence points show nothing. Why don't you make a ladder? win = 3 points, lose = 0, draw = 1. It will be about skills, like it was in gta. And maybe limit of people in crew? That would be wise. Thanks for reading, cause in gtaiv my clan(HOT) was on the first place and now even when we have made a great way up we just can't show off cause MP3, IGN are taking over by quanity... Thanks. P.S. Quality, not quanity!
                            • R* Aon June 19 2012, 2:57pmReplyFlag
                              @Hotinfa There are lots of Social Club updates coming throughout the summer, with plans to address leaderboard filtering and more based on community feedback. Please stay tuned! Cheers
                            • x_STREETKING_xon June 20 2012, 10:34amReplyFlag
                              @Hotinfa When was your clan #1 on GTA4? there were no leaderboards on GTA4...
                            • Hotinfaon June 20 2012, 11:06amReplyFlag
                              @x_STREETKING_x I answered to @x_STREETKING_x but for some reason it became the top post :)
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