Watch the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic Live Stream Right Here this Sunday, June 17th

Posted on June 14 2012, 4:51pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar

Update: The race has ended. Thanks to everyone that came out to Harlem and to all those that watched the live video stream here on our website.

This coming Father's Day Sunday June 17th, we're very proud to once again present the annual Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic at Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem, NYC with a live stream of the David Walker Memorial Race to be broadcast right here at the Rockstar Newswire and on our official event page at

The highlight of the festival for serious cycling enthusiasts, the David Walker Memorial has been awarded national status this year and is one of only four races nationwide named to USA Cycling's National Criterium Calendar for 2012. With some of the world’s finest professional riders taking part, including two-time Tour de France stage winner Léon van Bon of Holland, it promises to be an exciting and highly-competitive event.

For those in New York City, the race will also be televised live on NYC Life TV, Channel 25 in New York City - but we hope to see you there in person for this day-long celebration of cycling filled with competitive, high-speed racing and family entertainment - as we'll be on-hand with Rockstar-branded gear to give away near the start and finish lines.

For more details, including a schedule of events check out or the event's official site at



  • Dark_Smokeyon June 18 2012, 9:07amReplyFlag
    lol i herd Voodoo & Serano "blood is pumping" at the start of the race... good song
    • Genesicityon June 18 2012, 7:14amReplyFlag
      Couldn't watch it live due to circumstances, so thanks a lot for the recorded feed R* folks.....

      It was a nice exciting race, all the way to the end, I didn't expect that to be honest...I'll definitely tune in to the David Walker Memorial next year as I really enjoyed this one...Cycling FTW!!!!

    • ErnestoRockon June 18 2012, 6:45amReplyFlag
      How about a cycling game Rockstar? Like table tennis? Or maybe a mini game in the next GTA. Just saying.
    • ROCKSTAR_THEBESTon June 18 2012, 5:34amReplyFlag
      Was rockstar racing?!?
    • CroatianGameron June 18 2012, 4:00amReplyFlag
      Congrats to winner, little too late, but i didn`t watch it all yesterday, I watched it now all and nice job R* great event. Hope to see more of them in future, not just cycling :)
    • EdwardFlunky45on June 18 2012, 12:26amReplyFlag
      Veery good! Congrats to Jake Keough! And for you Roockstar for supporting the event (: Thanks for that... And i'll be waiting for future updates... It's been a long time without your posts R* :/ . Oh! And also... When's the next Max Payne 3 event ? I'll be attending via Livestream ;p i love to chat with the other guys... xD
    • Walnuttyon June 18 2012, 12:16amReplyFlag
      Cool nice action much different then European cycling good race.
      • Anticitizen011on June 17 2012, 8:35pmReplyFlag
        Awwww I missed it. :( Hopefully someone on youtube got it.
      • IWIHooliganon June 17 2012, 7:04pmReplyFlag
        Good race those last 2 laps were tense haha! Amazing stuff, I hope to one day be able to see this event in person. Congratulations to the winners and all of the riders that participated in this event!
        • Sprunk1995on June 17 2012, 6:06pmReplyFlag
          I love to see the Rockstar logo everywhere ! that was good though i really liked the race :)
          • Barneykiller008on June 17 2012, 6:00pmReplyFlag
            Just finished
            • BudgetCrosson June 17 2012, 5:59pmReplyFlag
              Nice, Rockstargames logo is everywhere.
              • CDTOE-1809on June 17 2012, 6:32pmReplyFlag
                @BudgetCross Yeah, They should be proud to have the business logo of Rockstar Games on their shirts. Try it to become a human advertising billboard!!
              • Sprunk1995on June 17 2012, 6:36pmReplyFlag
                @CDTOE-1809 I went out with the bullet Rockstar shirt someday most of people were looking at me i got scared xD
            • The-Dark-Nighton June 17 2012, 5:57pmReplyFlag
              i bet their legs are on fire now.
              • TheIvanehon June 17 2012, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                That was phenomenal! What an awesome fight! Congratulations to the winner!
                • R* Yon June 17 2012, 5:59pmReplyFlag
                  @TheIvaneh Cool, we're glad you and everyone else had a good time watching the race!
              • TheIvanehon June 17 2012, 5:45pmReplyFlag
                FINAL LAP. This is freaking exciting!
                • MuDvAyNe10on June 17 2012, 5:44pmReplyFlag
                  Imagine if someone showed up dressed as Carl Johnson on a bmx..

                  Cool event, these guys have got skills.
                  • Radoodleon June 17 2012, 5:44pmReplyFlag
                    Poor Bobbie Lee, lol. I wanted him to win.
                    • TheIvanehon June 17 2012, 5:39pmReplyFlag
                      WOAH, Bobbie Lee IS A BEAST! Look at that sprint!
                    • TheIvanehon June 17 2012, 5:33pmReplyFlag
                      WOW, there's such a huge gap going on between the leading group and field itself. These seven guys are 13 seconds ahead! This is amazing!
                      • Marney-1on June 17 2012, 4:49pmReplyFlag
                        I'd love to see cycle races in GTA V multiplayer.
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