Max Payne's Signature Hawaiian Shirt is Now Available at the Rockstar Warehouse

Posted on June 6 2012, 6:58pm | Author: R* W | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

As we intimated in an earlier post this past weekend, you can now outfit yourself with a key piece of Max's ensemble from his decent into the dangerous São Paulo favelas in Max Payne 3. 

Max Payne's signature Hawaiian shirt, now available from the Rockstar Warehouse in both Men's and Women's sizes, features a Rockstar logo embroidered on the left chest along with a Rockstar label on bottom hem and Coconut buttons. Produced by RJC Hawaiian Clothing on the island of Oahu, this 100% cotton, high-quality Rockstar branded Aloha shirt will effectively compliment your summer wardrobe.


Max Payne's Hawaiian Shirt Features:
Authentic RJC Hawaiian clothing
Left chest Rockstar embroidered logo
Woven Rockstar label on bottom hem
Made of 100% Cotton
Coconut buttons
Pattern matching pocket - Men's shirt only

Also keep an eye out for more items in the Max Payne 3 Collection, coming to the Rockstar Warehouse later this summer.

Coming to the Warehouse Next Week
Now Available at the Rockstar Warehouse: New Max Payne 3 Tees and Official Poster

  • Jacobsen-55on February 2 2014, 7:21pmReplyFlag
    Really should sell Tommy Vercetti shirt
    • lukeferebeeon September 22 2013, 4:09pmReplyFlag
      If any of you guys are looking for the shirt these guys have them for sale in the UK and will ship worldwide to. Ordered mine from there and it arrive within 2 days and is exactly like the max payne one without the rockstar stitching and patch. £19.99 bargain!!!!
      • luckyshot666on May 20 2013, 4:00pmReplyFlag
        I want Tommy Vercetti's Hawaiian shirt.
        • Mario_Freeemanon April 19 2013, 12:46pmReplyFlag
          Hey. I'm a little late, but i really want to buy this shirt.

          Will it be on sale again soon, or there are no plans to sell it again?
        • Mark_Walhbergon March 12 2013, 12:22pmReplyFlag
          The shirt is very nice, but could not you have to be completely happy to make a copy of Max Payne's costume from the first part, which actually exists, and is in a museum. Gamers would agree with me that would be the best gift.
          • jethrobartolataon July 4 2012, 9:26amReplyFlag
            Can i get one of that here in philippines?
            • Rikusjumayneon June 25 2012, 9:28amReplyFlag
              I just Ordered An XL to the UK, I will let everyone know how long it takes to arrive, also i hope it fits is there any sizing chart?
              • MicBlazeon June 20 2012, 6:16amReplyFlag
                Can I get one without the Rockstar symbol on it?
                • EdTheRabbiton June 19 2012, 8:29amReplyFlag
                  oops - just ordered an XL hawiian shirt using the t-shirt sizes - the hawiian shirt equivalent is a medium?
                  seems I'm going to be doing my Max Payne wearing a tent impression :)
                  • Ries015on June 19 2012, 7:57amReplyFlag
                    For all The Dutch people above 18years old on Xbox, join the DuTCh StOnERs. We smoke and kill slot of ---! Cya soon in the best Dutch crew on Xbox ATM. :)
                    • vixer0067on June 17 2012, 3:00pmReplyFlag
                      When Max Payne's Hawaiian Shirt L size will be in stock because i really want to buy it !
                      • Xantrozon June 13 2012, 8:11amReplyFlag
                        When will you be getting size Medium? Didn't get the chance to order my shirt in time.
                        • ViceCityPDon June 12 2012, 7:49pmReplyFlag
                          @ R*

                          Mine just came today and I'm thoroughly impressed. A hand-crafted, designer shirt for my summer wardrobe and a quality piece of Max Payne memorabilia.

                          If I can offer you guys a suggestion from the consumer end, you may want to consider doing a Tommy Vercetti aloha shirt to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Vice City's launch this October. I'm sure the demand is quite high among fans and you would sell them like hot cakes. I'd know I'd pay for it.
                          • Timadactyleon June 12 2012, 7:31amReplyFlag
                            So I ordered one and paid extra for two day shipping. Like a week ago. And it is still not in my possession.
                            • R* Yon June 12 2012, 5:41pmReplyFlag
                              @Timadactyle As with the two other Social Club members below, we recommend contacting our Warehouse team so they can help out:
                            • Timadactyleon June 12 2012, 9:58pmReplyFlag
                              @ I take back my previous statement, the next day after I posted it showed up, and it's awesome. Definitely a great quality shirt. Can't wait for Halloween so I can grow out my beard, shave my head, and wear this shirt. Also, I agree with everyone else about a Tommy Vercetti shirt, but for now this'll do. Keep being awesome R*
                          • VasMarstonon June 12 2012, 5:47amReplyFlag
                            the medium i ordered is too big :( even though the sizing chart said it should fit me, i have to order another small one now but the problem is your out of stock! :(
                            • R* Yon June 12 2012, 5:40pmReplyFlag
                              @VasMarston Sorry to hear that, please send an email to so they can help with your t-shirt size issue
                          • ViceCityPDon June 11 2012, 1:48pmReplyFlag
                            @ R* Have these shipped yet? I paid for second day delivery nearly a week ago...
                            • R* Yon June 12 2012, 5:40pmReplyFlag
                              @ViceCityPD We recommend hitting up so they can look into your order
                          • KidFromBrokeron June 8 2012, 9:33amReplyFlag
                            Never mind, I had to select "mens" first even though there are no women's sizes
                            • KidFromBrokeron June 8 2012, 9:31amReplyFlag
                              Since yesterday every size has been "not in stock"

                              When will they be for sale?
                              • yaksoxon June 7 2012, 10:58pmReplyFlag
                                Ah, I'm sad that the only international shipping option you have costs more than the shirt itself. It's light, small, incurs no customs to South Korea yet DHL wants US$49 to ship it. BOO!
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