Max Payne 3 PC: New Patch for Commonly Reported Issues

Posted on June 5 2012, 5:54pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Support, Games
*** UPDATE: The patch is now live. You should be prompted to update when you start up the game.
We've had a lot of positive feedback from the community on the launch of Max Payne 3 on PC and our support for a wide range of specs. That said, there are still a few commonly reported issues, and we'll be rolling out a series of patches that address these starting tonight. 
Issues fixed by tonight's patch are below. Our goal is to get everyone up and running as smoothly as possible so be sure to hit if you are having any specific issues.
Compatibility Issues
* Fixed reported issues with needing service packs, compatibility with incorrect OS.
Various Crashes 
* Fixed a range of issues which could have led to crashes on startup and in-game.
Audio Crash
* Fixed reported issues of audio dropouts when no audio device was plugged in, or when the headphones/speakers disconnected while in game.
Mouse Sensitivity
* Fixed reported issues of mouse being sluggish, especially in prone and Shootdodge™. Increased top end range of mouse sensitivity, but kept the slider from 1-10, allowing the user more range in their sensitivity setting.
Mouse Acceleration
* Fixed reported issues of mouse acceleration affecting aiming, included commandline option to disable mouse acceleration, -nomouseaccel (In a future update, this will be added as an option in the Mouse Controls menu).
Stretched Image / Wrong Aspect Ratio
* Fixed reported issues of game locked in incorrect aspect ratio, or alt-entering and having incorrect aspect ratio. Added commandline option for locked aspect ratio as commandline option -aspectratio width:height  (ie. -aspectratio 4:3 / -aspectratio 16:9) In a future update, this will be added as an option in the Graphics menu.
Video Memory Reporting as 0MB
* Fixed reported issues of the video card reporting having 0MB of video memory available.  Users unable to adjust Graphics options because of this (Also helps fix stuttering on some video cards).
We are aware of a few outstanding issues including multiplayer cheaters and hackers. Rest assured this will be dealt with in a forthcoming patch.

  • PAJTASKOon December 30 2012, 12:32pmReplyFlag
    Please help me with max payne 3 social club activation code. Where can I find the code? THX
    • xxpert20on October 23 2012, 6:45amReplyFlag
      I had issues with Controls... when first mission starts He didnt move anywhere... what do i do
      • Skunk-manon August 8 2012, 5:40amReplyFlag
        when i play online it dont wanne upgrade...It does butt when i quit and go back in everything is gone???;';/.'..
        • Phritzon July 19 2012, 5:40pmReplyFlag
          hey folks.... i tried a lot to play the multiplayer...99% i lost connection when the map starts!
          I opend ports !
          fixed firewall settings !
          tried to play without firewall !
          the autoupdater from rockstar just worked once after its offline.
          i installed with closed firewall and antivir.
          nothing worked !!! iam going mad now !
          now i want to update manuel ... hope this helps...but cant find a download !

          PLS HELP !!!!
          • Monguskanon July 18 2012, 1:13amReplyFlag
            Where can i download this patch? im a steam user
            • Psymonon July 17 2012, 3:58amReplyFlag
              This patch reduced Negative Mouse Acceleration, but did not fix it :C
              Negative Mouse Acceleration is still present.
              • Darren1967on July 9 2012, 12:27pmReplyFlag
                The last patch (v1.0.0.28) fixed the broken MSAA+FXAA (FXAA on its own offered superior anti-aliasing) and the white outlines when using MSAA but both issues are back with this new v1.0.0.29 patch.

                I'm using GTX 680 SLI with the same v304.79 drivers as before but MSAA is back to being non-functional and breaking FXAA when both are used together with the latest patch.

                PLEASE FIX THIS!
                • ab0y_08on July 5 2012, 12:40pmReplyFlag
                  what was the purpose o the folder update in maxpayne 3?
                  • TRIGGER-AK47on July 3 2012, 9:30amReplyFlag
                    anyone help me, i installed the game (Download from Amazon) and game wont go past the auto patch, i have done everything disabled firewall, UAC, run as Adminstrator etc

                    Running Fresh install of win7 x64 sp1

                    Thanks for any help
                    • Lonewolf10444on June 23 2012, 9:34pmReplyFlag
                      I am running Max Payne on Nvidia GTX 680 and when the game loads up, it crashes and the error message states the kernal for the video card has stopped working. I am using Nvidia drivers 301.42. I can play on my other system that uses Nvidia GTX 560 Ti and the same drivers.
                      • Harry121212on June 21 2012, 1:30pmReplyFlag
                        Finished the story mode.. wanted to replay but the game doesnt seem to save my progress anymore.. bummer..
                        • Sonicgoldon June 20 2012, 9:31amReplyFlag
                          The game didn't start at all. -.- I start it and it loads and loads, I tried it 15 minutes but it stil loads. :( Don't know what to do?
                          • extrarice311on June 16 2012, 2:42amReplyFlag
                            When I first installed game, single player campaign had "scratchy" audio. Updated realtek audio drivers from 2.63 to 2.69. fixed problem in single player campaign but when i go to multiplayer, scratchy audio is still there. anyone experiencing this?
                            • PantalliCon June 15 2012, 10:19amReplyFlag
                              it would be nice if u could fix it so u dont spawn with your back turned infront of 3 enemies so u die instantly
                              • Albromus_Primeon June 15 2012, 8:11amReplyFlag
                                my multiplayer seems to work fine but single player (which im more interested in) crashes in chapter 1 immediately after shoot dodging for the first time. downloaded that patch that was available when installing but that didnt seem to do much. a patch that works would be great! :)
                                • wyddershinon June 15 2012, 12:44amReplyFlag
                                  I would point my complaints at support but they refuse to actually do anything. been 4 days since i sent in my msinfo and my dxdiag, not that either of them have anything to do with my problem, and still no followup.

                                  worst support ever.

                                  • Rafa_Rockeron June 14 2012, 5:03pmReplyFlag
                                    Ok, but where can i get that patch?

                                    Because I'm a very bad problem, I can not play in the muitplayer mode and in the singleplayer the game is crashing.

                                    Thanks if you can answer
                                    • R* Yon June 12 2012, 5:33pmReplyFlag
                                      Thanks everyone, remember that the Newswire comments isn't the place to get technical help, our Support team is the right group to contact:
                                      • Mr.Viggaon June 12 2012, 1:01pmReplyFlag
                                        75% of the times i try joining a Multiplayer match i get kicked out for connection problems and when i go to play bf3 my connection ( ping ) is at below 100 almost everytime, so wtf rockstar, fix this s**t or start using steam so you dont have to gay up everything, steam seems to be the only place Multiplayer games work 100% -.-
                                        • Kerberos151on June 12 2012, 8:58amReplyFlag
                                          Game is Rampant with Hackers and Cheaters - Aimbots, God Mode, Wallhacks yet rockstar saw fit to release this game with ZERO anti-cheat support. I've sent over 20 emails to the support site they told me to in the email days ago, yet nothing is done. Do what APB did. Add punkbuster, and GLOBAL BAN cheaters. They cheat on PB, all other games that use PB ban them as well. Best action I've ever seen taken against the cheater community. Until then? I wouldn't pay $15 for this game - The total combat in Single Player when you remove the cut-scenes is about 2 hours. That is simply pathetic.
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