Rockstar Game Tips: Max Payne 3 Pro Loadouts Part One - Gang Wars

Posted on June 5 2012, 10:30am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Since the arrival of Max Payne 3 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and now for PC - and throughout our daily online Multiplayer sessions where our devs from across Rockstar Studios have been facing off and teaming up with many of you worldwide - we've been asked for pro tip advice on what may be the best and most strategic Loadout combinations. The truth of the matter is that there is no one perfect Loadout as it really depends on your personal playing style to tailor which special ability Bursts, which additional strategic Items and which guns work best for you - and depending on the Loadouts chosen by your adversaries that you're about to face. That said, we're happy to share a couple of the personal Loadout combos favored by some of the members of the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer development team when they play.

Today's Part One in this Game Tips series highlights a pair of situation-specific Loadout options culled from the deep library of Weapons, Bursts and Items found in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer that are particularly well suited for use in Gang Wars mode (look for some more dev-favorite Loadouts for Deathmatch variants later this week).

Gang Wars dynamically generates objectives to provide a varied, narrative driven multiplayer experience. Due to the unpredictable nature of the gameplay, we've prepared two Loadout options – classified here as ‘Heavy’ and ‘Light’ – that you can easily switch between depending on what the situation calls for. The ‘Heavy’ variant, featured in the screen above, is especially effective when trying to defend a patch of turf or territory against aggressive opposition.

Single Handed Weapon Slot: The DE. 50 (with Mag guide/Gas systems kit) – strikes a good balance between long and short range stopping power
Two Handed Weapon Slot: LMG. 30 (with Barrel upgrade/Mag guide/gas systems kit)
Projectile Slot: Tear Gas is effective for turf and territory based rounds
Burst Slot: Bullet Time® is excellent for taking multiple enemies down when they attempt to capture your turf
Item Head slot: Helmet
Item Chest Slot: Heavy Body Armor
Item Gear Slot: Spray Can is helpful for taking turf more quickly
Item Gear Slot: Ammo Pouch is an effective companion to the LMG
Item Gear Slot: Vampire Fangs will recover your health (providing you keep killing enemies) despite the very heavy Loadout

Gang Wars (Light)
The Light variant of our preferred Gang Wars Loadouts is all about keeping weight down and using a combination of handguns and deception to ensure your enemies’ last moments are lost in a haze of confusion. This Loadout is particularly effective when attacking turf or territory, as well and planting or defusing bombs.

Single Handed Weapon Slot: The M10 is powerful up close when running into opponent territories
Single Handed Weapon Slot:The M972 works well in dual-wield with the M10 and provides some range
Projectile Slot: The Tin Can can confuse enemies when you’re running into territories or turf, and when attempting to plant or diffuse bombs
Burst Slot: Paranoia is useful alongside the Tin Can in confusing enemies
Item Gear Slot: Hollowpoint Rounds keep enemies away for longer
Item Gear Slot: Multitool will help you plant and diffuse bombs quickly

Please note that some Weapons, Bursts and Items do require you to reach a certain multiplayer level before they're unlocked. Check out the in-game Loadouts menu for further details.

Give them a go and let us know if these set-ups work for you, or if you've got other sureshot Loadout combos you don't mind referring to other players. Are there any set-ups that you save for specific situations, or perhaps you have a more versatile go-to setup? Share 'em in the comments below...

  • marypoppinpillson April 15 2013, 2:09pmReplyFlag
    Nice tips
    • mosessuarez550on September 13 2012, 11:31amReplyFlag
      rock star will we be seeing more custom load out slots so we have more that five custom slots
      • Cobaason August 24 2012, 9:39pmReplyFlag
        I have a few loadouts that work really well, averaging between 50 and 70 kills a match in Gang Wars, I'll post up one of them here for anyone who wants to use it.

        Two handed weapon: M82 or FMP G3S depending on your level, both with barrel upgrades
        Single handed weapon: M10 or M972 depending on your level, again with barrel upgrades, but also gas block
        to lighten the loadout weight, useful for when on the move
        Projectile: Grenades
        Burst: Sneaky Level 3, enemies think you're a friendly sniper, and ignore you
        Head Attachment: Balaclave for extra adrenaline to get to level 3 sneaky faster
        Chest Slot: Urban Camo to be less noticeable
        Gear Slots: Auto Injector to get to level 3 sneaky faster, Ammunition Pouch to help keep
        you shooting, Light Fingers for when you run out of ammo and need to loot bodies for more
        and finally sneakers to help sneak past enemies
        • Cormack1on August 20 2012, 8:25amReplyFlag
          I think i will give Gang wars light a try : )
          • Droguett_Ubillazon August 5 2012, 11:05amReplyFlag
            Deberia estar en español! No todos Hablamos en Ingles!
          • DaGame123on July 25 2012, 8:39pmReplyFlag
            The Greatest "Money Getting Class" or "Vulture Class"

            -No Armor to go light

            -Military Goggles To spot Bugged bodies.

            -Lucky Coin from Gorrila warfare DLC for more money per body.

            -Use Any weapon you favor that doesn't make you go Heavy. Ex. Dual Wield or Shotgun for easy kills

            -Sultures for quicker Health regeneration.

            -Field Bandages for quicker health regeneration.

            -TRY to go light, for faster health regeneration, but medium is acceptable.

            Reply if this worked.
          • ESPhoenixon July 3 2012, 7:25pmReplyFlag
            So that's what i use, as you can probably tell i favor the heavy hitting types, and they suffer a bit on health and stamina but all my classes are covered for every situation. As for proposed general role my classes are good at pretty much anything the bag grab rounds but i'm sure you can work that in somewhere. I hope this helps someone and I'm sorry for the length of my message. my first real forum experience haha :)

            Message me if you fancy a game, although my headset's busted. My name is my xbox id

            Happy Hunting
            • ESPhoenixon July 3 2012, 7:21pmReplyFlag
              Over (Vanguard)
              Kinda my all rounder. swap out weapons from time to time to cover my weaknesses, relies on painkillers for health Regen but mainly:
              -DE.50 ///\\\ Sawn off to cover the ranges
              -LMG for cover and suppression
              -frags for when i'm angry
              -goggles with heavy body armor
              -pocket watch, hollow point rounds and extra ammo (because sometimes i get carried away)

              Over (Shock)
              My power when i want to get up close and personal. good for marked man, fearful on close range death match
              -DE.50 for a bit of range///\\\ sometimes smg if ammo is likely to be an issue
              -Shotgun for the close work, favor m500 for raw power, have ranged sidearms to make up for lack with shotgun
              -Frag or flash
              -Big dog so i can take the hits and push through
              -Helmet and Heavy body armor (yup juggernauting this bad boy)
              -Fangs for health, booby trap because who can resist? and listening device because i plan to be in the middle of it

              and finaly: over (support)
              -DE.50 for range ///\\\ sawn off or smg depending on game type
              -RPG for anti-sniper or grenade launcher to protect the zones
              -tear gas (to help cover zones) or frags (because sometimes rockets aren't enough) depending on my primary weapon
              -Weapon dealer to keep the bullets flowing (i don't think it effects rockets or grenades) Or Slippery charicter for lots of running
              -Helmet and heavy armor (Already over so why not?)
              -Bandages, fangs and listening device to help with health and flanking

              • ESPhoenixon July 3 2012, 7:21pmReplyFlag
                i'm afraid this is going to be a huge post, but it's on topic :D. I usually go overweight on most of mine and have one lighter class class. I mostly play gang-wars and TDM hopefully this can give the people who like to be covered for all situations with all classes some ideas. My classes are:

                Med/Heavy (go to guy)
                To claim objectives and infiltrate the other team
                -2 silenced pt92, extended mags, t
                -2 handed either leave empty or mix it up with silenced G6 or mini 30
                -Smoke grenades for cover when taking objectives
                -intuition or slippery character to get me in or out of trouble or Slippery character for things like the bag grabs
                -Balaclava and urban camo
                -topped off with sneakers, multi tool and spray can

                Over (sniper)
                Way i see it don't need speed or health regen if i do my job right. stay back and keep moving after shots but capable at all ranges to keep up with pace of play
                -Some kind of machine pistol for full auto med range//\\ sawn off for close range
                -either m82a1 or fmp with as much damage as possible
                -smoke for getting away or tin can so they don't know where i am when they come-a-huntin'
                -Intuition to cover my back and pick out targets
                -Helmet to cover my head when i pop it out of cover and urban camo so I'm harder to spot
                -topped with walkie talkie and listening device

                • FiestyXZombie11on June 29 2012, 5:57pmReplyFlag
                • SWAMPTHING36on June 27 2012, 8:31pmReplyFlag
                  I had a question about the free aim mode. Can someone give me some pointers as to the aim and shooting part. I tried Free-Aim but cant seem to get it down. Any advice?
                  • BillWilliamsonJron June 25 2012, 7:34pmReplyFlag
                    You would have to be at the highest level in order to fill up the wight bar and get those weapons.
                    • OMGCezWhoon June 22 2012, 11:16pmReplyFlag
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                      • who-raa273on June 16 2012, 6:11pmReplyFlag
                        raa_the_good crew

                        yo whats up fellow mp3 playas! we looking to broaden the depth of our squad by adding some elite members and noobs that need help getting to grips with things..we are ranked in the top 150 gang war squads in the world and did that with just 5 active members!! get at me if you wanna join up and i'll do all the neccessary things to get you involved asap ok :))
                        • artrockeron June 22 2012, 4:44amReplyFlag
                          @who-raa273 can i defect from ign to mp3? i am noob never really played online before but loving this game
                        • who-raa273on June 22 2012, 9:17amReplyFlag
                          @artrocker yes you can join as many as 5 crews and represent them when you choose to by selecting the one you want from the in game multiplayer menu.. if you would like to join me and our ps3 crew just send me a request to join and i'll add you up ASAP ok? :)
                        • who-raa273on June 22 2012, 9:22amReplyFlag
                      • HxC530YxCon June 12 2012, 9:01pmReplyFlag
                        Ok, ive been looking everywhere the past hour on some info about a Multiplayer character..
                        Whats up with the half dead human or zombie for Deathmatch? I havent checked my characters I have unlocked, or even looked at how to get it if it does say something in the menus... but how do you get it? lol.
                        • who-raa273on June 22 2012, 9:18amReplyFlag
                          @HxC530YxC you have to beat the game in singleplayer....the character you refer to is called 'BAD DAY BECKER'
                      • DIMANS0Non June 8 2012, 2:41amReplyFlag
                        me and my friends will not agree - the best multiplayer is in gta 4 (team mafia work, cops vs crooks and free race)
                        this mmorps elements is realy annoying me. but this is last games tendention....
                      • KableTheWarChildon June 7 2012, 9:58pmReplyFlag
                        Thank you R* for the loadout tips, ive been waiting for something like this to come out,is there going to be an update to balance the weapons? some are way overpowered ex. mini-30 its way to beast at short and long range its sad when a shot gun is out gunned by a long range rifle at 10-15 feet away anyway great game love it at legend 1 lvl 40 and still love the game best Multiplayer ive played from you guys kick butt job.
                        • punkinator7on June 7 2012, 8:33amReplyFlag
                          I tried the Gang Wars (Light), its pretty awesome! Although it runs out of ammo quickly so I'll add ammo pouch for extra ammo! :D
                          • DutchStoneron June 7 2012, 4:51amReplyFlag
                            To all the smokers ! join the GANJA OUTLAWS CREW. we are the biggest and most active smoker crew active on all platforms and rockstargames, Smokers roll together ! so join us
                            • scareface1970on June 7 2012, 4:48amReplyFlag
                              @R* i found a New issue in MaxPayne3 MP Host migration failed this is the first time that i seen this and after this my LoadOuts where changed wierd. i know you still working to fix all the issues in MaxPayne3.

                              So i wait and see ***Rockstar*** You Rock :D:D:D
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