Max Payne 3 Now Available for PC

Posted on June 1 2012, 8:03am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games
Today we're proud to announce that Max Payne 3 for PC is now available worldwide at retail and via digital download.
Developed in parallel with the critically acclaimed console versions, Max Payne 3 for PC delivers the ultimate Max Payne 3 experience, supporting a wide range of PC specifications, plus advanced graphics options, scalable high-resolution textures and character models, DirectX11 features, LAN support, multi-monitor support and stereoscopic 3D compatibility.
Max Payne 3 is the story of former New York City detective, Max Payne. His life in ruins and unable to move on from the tragic events of years past, Max looks for a new start working private security with an old friend in São Paulo, Brazil. When the wife of his employer is kidnapped by a street gang while under Max’s protection, Max’s life spirals out of control as the factions of a dangerous and unfamiliar city close in on him, conspiring to keep Max from the real reasons behind the kidnapping and his part in a much larger conspiracy. 
Max Payne 3 features an all new multiplayer component that brings the series’ signature combination of precise shooting, fluid movement and Bullet Time® online in a range of co-operative and competitive modes. In addition, it features Crews, persistent clans of friends that can play together online, building alliances and rivalries, while tracking progress and Crew Feuds at the Rockstar Games Social Club. Crews extend across platforms and across game titles, with Crews created within Max Payne 3 ready and available for players in future Rockstar titles.

  • john111600on May 14 2013, 2:31amReplyFlag
    R* How Can I Download Max Payne 3
    Can you Give me The Link?
    • Hinduboyzephyron June 10 2012, 1:17pmReplyFlag
      My PC version arrived yesterday but i had to download the patch and it takes about five hours because of my slow internet connection but i played the Part I and it looks awesome on my PC.Thank you R* for such a great game.
      • ispanas21channelon June 8 2012, 11:48amReplyFlag

        • melek_bellicon June 7 2012, 7:37pmReplyFlag
          • AlexBellicFriendon June 7 2012, 4:55pmReplyFlag
            OMG this game is so realistic. i mean the way he moves, the way he reloads his weapons, the way he switches between weapons, everything is awsome and so well detailed.never seen that in a game before. we want gta v to be a mix of max payne 3, gta iv and gta san andreas.
            • elasboron June 6 2012, 4:20pmReplyFlag
              I played the game and between and after the campaign i just thougt: man, what a great game, unbelievable! The story, the grafic, the physic engine AND at least the best soundtrack i've ever heard in a game!

              ROCKSTAR RULES EVERY GAME ! ! !

              So sorry, that they don't bring Red Dead Redemption to PC (my favourite game, even i've never played it lol)

              • AlexBellicFriendon June 5 2012, 5:15pmReplyFlag
                Wow this game is so difficult. Man I love the "last man standing feature". Oh btw I have a question.How old is Max Payne?No seriously. He looks very old. :-)
                • ArmorDefon June 5 2012, 11:00amReplyFlag
                  Never mind guys..Finally got my game to work.Thx R* for such great game...
                • ArmorDefon June 5 2012, 9:26amReplyFlag
                  I can't install my game guys....Max Payne 3 with dvd region code????

                  I'm near Finland(Estonian).How to make my PC to recognize the disc 1?
                  • AlexBellicFriendon June 4 2012, 2:27pmReplyFlag
                    I bought the game a few hours ago and I played the first mission with no lags at all.Seriously I didn't expect that because I how a very low-end laptop with a 2.00 ghz dual core processor.OMG. Thank you Rockstar. You did an amazing job with this game.I don't even have to lower the graphics so now I can enjoy the beautifull and detailed environments of max payne 3.
                    • duckinfick1489on June 4 2012, 7:15amReplyFlag
                      @ R* will you be releasing any more updates for MP3? I've been experiencing some weird glitches in the game especially in "It's Shoot or Drive Sister." Some cutscenes sometimes don't have any sounds at all.
                      • mlrtlDukeon June 4 2012, 6:19amReplyFlag

                        why its the game so short

                        why didnt you guys make 25 Chapters ? :/

                        I completed the game in 1 day f**kin 1 day
                        • Sakonosoloon June 3 2012, 11:49pmReplyFlag
                          Got a question Rockstar. All of the loading times are really long. Why exactly does it take so long to load every time it does? It would be nice to be able to get right to the action on my second playthrough.
                          • gaamerrkenon June 3 2012, 5:07pmReplyFlag
                            Fixed Launch Issue
                            Finally found out what was causing my game not to launch, and was such a simple fix.
                            After removing the spaces from the folders so it appears like this:
                            The game would launch but only briefly show some legal text screen then crash back to the desktop.
                            Then i created this missing file in my Max Payne 3 folder:
                            Note you have to launch the game from the .exe directly, can't launch via Steam (Steam still needs to be running first though).
                            All fixed. GG Rockstar.
                            • _Vagg_on June 3 2012, 7:14amReplyFlag
                              Amazing graphics for PC compare to consoles both!thanks Rockstar, hope GTA V will be even more beautiful in graphics and gameplay..
                              • kupaikristofon June 3 2012, 2:27amReplyFlag
                                Rockstar said: If somebody has Lowest Tested Specs,that means he will minimize the settings on game,it will be run finely.(20fps).Did i understand it well
                                • aricsodhion June 3 2012, 2:04amReplyFlag
                                  Will R* be their on e3 ? BTW thnx for max payne 3 on pc .
                                • Healerhavenon June 2 2012, 11:34pmReplyFlag
                                  I like the game but im having the worst mouse issues. Its so laggy. Maybe a patch for this?
                                  • hellom8on June 2 2012, 9:30pmReplyFlag
                                    @R* I really enjoy playing Max Payne 3 on the PC. It's very smooth and addicting! Although I have one issue with it. I'm not satisfied with the mouse mechanics. I've noticed that there's some really annoying mouse acceleration in the game that I can't even disable. Would it be possible to patch the game so you're able to turn off mouse acceleration? It really messes with my gameplay, since I play lots of FPS games.

                                    • FugetSudo_Jron June 2 2012, 7:59pmReplyFlag
                                      ok... So I just installed Win7 64-bit on my old laptop which tops out just above R* PC low end requirements (intel dual-core 2.5 ghz, 4 gb ram and a nVidia 9600m 512mb).

                                      Then after all updates I immediately installed MaxPayne3 and I gotta say; It run's perfectly at default settings!! I played for hours with no crashes or hangups!! On the other hand, the badass Shuttle XPC I won from Rockstar a while back does occasionally crash out... :( I think many of you might need to run some maintenance on your rigs!

                                      I am amazed by how Awesome MaxPayne3 runs and looks on my old laptop... Kudos Rockstar!!
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