The Crew Cut: Feudal Lords

Posted on May 31 2012, 10:59am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games, Social Club

This week's Crew Cut round-up of featured squads and notable action shines a light on the blood spilt during the ongoing Feuds between high-ranking private Crews on the leaderboards. The Classic 187 caught our eye rising quickly up the Gold tier of the Xbox Leaderboards. With just a dirty half-dozen members, they’ve racked up an impressive count of #1 finishes and have lost just 5 of 61 Feuds for a pretty sick 92% win percentage. Two of these losses came at the hands of the TheProd1gyX Alliance, also riding high on the leaderboards. Classic 187 have won out the other 4 times these Crews have met - particularly impressive considering their fraction of manpower.

The Classic 187 (“V187”) have won 75% of their Feuds against The Prod1gyX Alliance (“PXA1”)

Amongst the PS3 Crews, ThaDoneSquad, are in a similar position to Classic 187, having taken on a much larger Crew while managing to hold their own. The Sons Of Anarachy (a squad so nihilistic, they lack regard for all laws of war and spelling) aka SAMCRO have over 6 times the membership of ThaDoneSquad but have lost three of their five Feuds.  However, with the overall kills very similar, this could develop into a Feud to rival the Montagues and the Capulets - especially now that SAMCRO leader CincysRocker has laid down the intra-Crew bylaws
When the red mist descends during a multiplayer game and a Feud is declared, some Crews just know how to focus their reticles and take their targets down. The 4 ninjas of Shinobi state in their Status that they're recruiting for good Xbox 360 players who can also make good emblems, but you better make sure you can also handle yourself hunting other Crews – these guys have won 38 out of 39 Feuds in the Max Payne 3 multiplayer arena for an astounding 97% win percentage. Top The Food Chain also operate an exclusive membership policy and it appears to be paying off dividends with 82% of Feuds won at press time. The even standard of their members indicates they know that warring in packs is the best way to feast on online prey.
Xbox 360 Crew No Angels are also out to prove that less can be more with their 3 members currently raising hell with a 91% Feud win percentage. They do have some celestial competition in the Rising Angels, who are currently a top 10 private platinum PS3 Crew along with previously Featured Crews PrO KiLL YoU, PICK YOUR POISON, T BAGGING YO MOMS, PCC Crew and DireWolves of Winter. Organized Crime are also showing and proving, having racked up an incredible 681 #1 finishes between their 17 members and an impressive 84% win percentage.

The Death Bringers leave their mark on another corpse during last weekend's Multiplayer Event.

When a Feud is declared, some of the most experienced players can still crumble under the pressure. The Death Bringers' 61-strong band of warriors seem to be able to live up to their name in all areas but in-game Feuds. Despite racking up considerable XP and a platinum rating on the PS3 leaderboards, when a Feud occurs, it seems that the only Crew they are able to bring death upon is themselves. The Italian Job are in a similar position. While they are certainly capable of blowing more than just the bloody doors off when it comes to racking up Accomplishments (up to Level III in Legend, XP and Solidarity) -  they’ve lost 162 of 297 feuds, leaving them with just a 45% win percentage. Step it up, we'll be watching.
A weekly nod to appreciate those Social Club members who’ve gone for Goya over gore, Dali over death. The Part Time Heroes trio may not be making much noise in Multiplayer, too busy apparently holding team meetings over Cluckin’ Big Burgers and Fowl Wraps at the local Cluckin’ Bell. Their impressive gallery of GTA-inspired emblems also includes re-creations of Well Stacked Pizza and Memory Lanes logos. Meanwhile, Hawaiian Shirt (motto: "We're not tourists") made us chuckle with their parrot and palm tree styled emblem design in tribute to Max's impeccable fashion sense. Elsewhere, The Coconut Experiments want us all to “feel free to experiment with” their coconuts. We are also loving the fire-wielding gremlin created by The Explosive Alans, a Crew with an equal footing on ID design along with Multiplayer achievement - given their solid 70% Feud win percentage and Accomplishment unlocks. 
Finally, a shout to our special guest player Crew of last week - Rockstar soundtrack veterans and some of the most respected men in modern underground hip-hop, DJ Statik Selektah, Termanology and Reks of the Showoff Crew. In town for concerts and appearances in support of the release of their new LP, 2012 - they swung by Rockstar HQ for the chance to Crew up and get busy in some Max Payne 3 Team Deathmatch with fans. A shout as well to Social Club members dwalsh978 and Sir Lucious who answered the rallying cry on Twitter and lent some fine XP respectability to the brand new Showoff Crew at Social Club - as well as to Term himself who was proud to catch 10 bodies (although not quite his usual 50) a session. We'll be hosting more special guest multiplayer Crew sessions with gamer friends of the Rockstar family from the worlds of music, sport and more throughout the summer - so keep a close eye on the Rockstar Twitter and Facebook feeds for the word on who and when - along with special RT-to-win giveaways exclusively held via Twitter.

Look for next week's CREW CUT to have a look at the very first standout PC Crews making noise on the boards - and more.

First Days of CREWS Multiplayer Action: Standout Squads

  • NON-YO-BINEZon December 25 2012, 1:34pmReplyFlag
    Join The Most Real crew,Aces of Magnificents. We have no emblem becuase I cant make one, but noobs welcome too becuase playing with us Aces, we will train you magnificently!
    • BigMucci1on June 19 2012, 5:14pmReplyFlag
      why wont my feuds add up when my team wins anymore?
      • TommyVercetti214on June 18 2012, 8:36amReplyFlag
        I cant use my emblem, I spent two days making it and now it won't let me use it. I created a crew and publlished the emblem on that crew but I left it and created another one and now I can't save or publish my old emblem. It doesn't has nothing offensive it's just Spain's fla and coat of arms.
        • Stummi30on June 16 2012, 5:40pmReplyFlag
          @ Rockstars
          Hello people, I have a few questions for multiplayer :)
          I would like to know why the limit is up to members at 300? Why are the statistics on the left side in the latest stand??
          And what do you say to the hardcore on the servers of the time does not play there and most of the boost up their stats? And you will do something against the boost?
          My crew is German force would be nice if you look at the statistics once. Is there already a date for the first dlc?
          Many thanks in advance

          • Xdr_feelgood77Xon June 7 2012, 7:31pmReplyFlag
            Hey guys, I'm interested in joining a crew. I'm very good at max Payne 3 multiplayer. I usually get top of the scoreboard. Sadly, my rank is I believe 8 because I'm finishing the story. I play xbox 360. And my gamer tag is the same as my social club nickname.
            • luckyshot666on June 16 2012, 7:11amReplyFlag
              @Xdr_feelgood77X Late reply, but we are searching for some natural skills, we are a small skilled crew and we belong to those rare and chosen veteran crews, an our winning pct is 85%
          • JasonBelgiumon June 5 2012, 5:49pmReplyFlag
            Join all GanjaFighters, we're getting high... scores :D
            • DutchStoneron June 4 2012, 5:15amReplyFlag
              To all the smokers, Join the GANJA OUTLAWS CREW we are the biggest and most active smokers crew, active on ps3, 360 & pc ! smokers roll together, so join!
              • Buzzcat31Xon June 3 2012, 8:25pmReplyFlag
                I'm still having a problem where I can't publish any emblems.
                It'll let me make and save emblems but it won't let me publish them to my crew or any of the crews I am in.
                Any help is appreciated greatly.
                • R* Mon June 4 2012, 3:47pmReplyFlag
                  @Buzzcat31X Sorry to hear that you're having problems. Please shoot an email over to with full details of the issue and we can try to help you out.
                • NON-YO-BINEZon December 25 2012, 1:37pmReplyFlag
                  @Buzzcat31X I cant make any emblems, I try to save one but then it wont stop trying to save then I cant save the Emblems. HELP ME ROCKSTAR.
              • Buzzcat31Xon June 2 2012, 6:39pmReplyFlag
                I've just started having a problem two or three days ago where I can't publish any emblems. I've emptied my browser cache etc. but it still won't work. It says that I need to report the issue to Rockstar Support so I have. It still isn't working. :(
                By the way, I just got Max Payne 3 recently and it is epic. Looking forward to GTA V a lot. :)
                • cakaduraon June 2 2012, 9:26amReplyFlag
                  Join "Los Culos" to kick some culo:)
                  • Tariffenon June 2 2012, 9:05amReplyFlag
                    I have a problem with my Crew where none of the stats get collected. All of us are PC players, but no stats have been recorded, with the exception of individual xp gain. Any idea what's causing this? thanks
                    • Dooblikaton June 2 2012, 4:49amReplyFlag
                      Rock stars Please correct the error in Steam version of the game. We can not enter the game for already second day!
                      • DrumHeroon June 1 2012, 4:20pmReplyFlag
                        I don't mean to be a hater, but Sons of Anarchy isn't good. I am ranked #1 (Almost 1.5 million EXP and the best Kill/Death ratio) in their crew, and I'm not even in it anymore. Sounds like they don't truely belong on this page.

                        I got kicked out for mentioning I was going to quit because CincyRockers like to have the entire crew quit every match if Mr Bullets gets kicked out of a match just to reinvite him. If anybody else on the crew gets kicked out of the match, he may play a couple games or 3 before picking you back up.

                        Seeing as I put far more work into the crew than anybody else and being the crew MVP, (although MrBullets is a great player as well) I found it highly disrespectfuland wasn't going to tolerate it. Good job, Sons. Way to take advantage of me and the system. Bravo... Read the crew's rules. They put them up because of me, LOL.
                        • DrumHeroon June 1 2012, 4:46pmReplyFlag
                          @DrumHero To clarify... They are only ranked high because they get to keep my name on their crew leaderboard stats even though I am not in their crew. That doesn't seem right.

                          You see, CincyRockers doesn't even play very much.. He's just some immature kid who jumps on every now and then, likes to sing and be annoying on the mic. Nobody likes him, and most of the crew doesn't even know he is the leader of the crew. Hell, even I didn't for the longest.

                          Just saying, I think you should reconsider how the crew stats work Rockstar. He is a poor leader, and not mature enough. Bad leadership decisions should have consequences. The way it stands, he lost a lot of players as well as his best, but technically never lost anything... It's almost as if I'm still in the crew but haven't been playing..
                      • Genesicityon June 1 2012, 3:45pmReplyFlag
                        Just trying to state the obvious...Always got 'nuff love for any crew putting in the work :)
                        • KingAlex165on June 1 2012, 3:25pmReplyFlag
                          American Most Wanted
                          The Best crews out there, Rank 16 Join our Crews
                          • DeafAtheiston June 1 2012, 1:42pmReplyFlag
                            Most of the Sons Of Anarachy Crew is made up of gamers on the PS3. While I have a PS3 myself I prefer to play most games on my Xbox 360. Unfortunately the crew is lacking for members on the Xbox so I'm pretty much the only Xbox Crew member that plays regularly for the Crew. So Xbox players that want to join feel free to do so.

                            The above mentioned by-laws don't apply to the Xbox members. I'm deaf so I can't communicate with other players in game. So Xbox members just need to use their common sense when it comes to team games.
                            • CincysRockeron June 1 2012, 9:49amReplyFlag
                              Also, I had to typo the crew name, it was already taken! Wasn't on purpose.
                              • DutchStoneron June 1 2012, 8:58amReplyFlag
                                To all the smokers ! join the GANJA OUTLAWS CREW! we are growing fast, we need 420 members :)
                                • MrRatataton June 1 2012, 8:53amReplyFlag
                                  @R do you guys have an official developer's crew page? if not you should make one! it would be awesome to see how it would stack up in leaderboards against players crews in feuds :D
                                  • CincysRockeron June 1 2012, 7:36amReplyFlag
                                    We're trying to stand out, and it look's like its working. Except for my bad spelling aparently lolz.
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