Max Payne 3’s Customizable Multiplayer Avatars

Posted on May 29 2012, 1:51pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Games

A great fan-created tour of Max's avatar customization options on YouTube. 8 minutes of character creation using various options just to scratch the surface of what's possible.

After you have tailored a custom Loadout of guns and special abilities and before you step into the hail of bullets on one of Max Payne 3's multiplayer maps, you can create a custom player character with some of the deepest avatar customization yet seen in an online shooter. You can personalize up to six different gang member avatars, each one representing a vicious faction from Max's story - from the Crachá Preto paramilitary of São Paulo to the trigger-happy De Marcos mob family of NYC. And whether you're playing Gang Wars, Payne Killer, Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch, your uniquely customized character can be deployed for action.

Check out the video clip above found on YouTube which offers a nice little guided tour of avatar creation from a fan - and at, you can also preview a sampling of gang faction avatars and options available with choices ranging from gender to hair styles to facial characteristics and tattoos to really add a unique and menacing touch. Select a faction and randomize for a just a sampling of the virtually limitless character results you can create for online war. Find out how to modify some of your faction-specific gear from your custom Loadout, plus check out a selection of new Multiplayer screenshots showing custom-created avatars of the UFE, De Marcos, Punchinellos and more in action.

With Max Payne 3's multiplayer avatar system, you can customize your online warrior literally from head to toe.

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  • DonCorle0neon August 4 2012, 6:59amReplyFlag
    As I put that picture just behind the level? how to customize the level?
    • draedron June 3 2012, 2:26pmReplyFlag
      Rockstar, please fix multiplayer on the Steam PC version of the game soon! Loading screens for a match continue for many minutes before kicking the player out on account of there being too few players in the match.
      • Dooblikaton June 2 2012, 4:49amReplyFlag
        Rock stars Please correct the error in Steam version of the game. We can not enter the game for already second day!
        • Mac_Madon June 2 2012, 4:31amReplyFlag
          I really love this piano theme on the character customization, it's so beautiful. Please, give us for free in a download (it isn't in the OST).
          • IWIHooliganon May 31 2012, 9:14pmReplyFlag
            WOW quite a bit more dynamic than I imagined! F'in AWESOME!!! Looks like crews will really be able to standout and be unique with skill and style/looks. I couldn't be more thankful! :D Within hours I'll shall be able to tinker!! oooo I haz goose bumpz!! MAX3 on PC w00000000000000000t!!!! Bringing it home!!!! Lets buy it up peepz, then we're guaranteed V on PC!!:) Perhaps even one day *****cough****RDR****cough**** ya never know:)

            YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!ITS FINALLY HERE!! That wait was killer;)
            • iLewisGTAon May 31 2012, 2:11pmReplyFlag
              @R*, How & Where can I enter the MaxPayne3 Twitter Sweepstake? - Cheers
            • R* Ton May 31 2012, 12:05pmReplyFlag
              Hey guys, thank you for your patience Max Payne 3 is now available for pre-load on Steam. Cheers!
            • tbzwolf2on May 31 2012, 11:31amReplyFlag
              THE PRE-LOAD IS OUT!!!!!!
            • The-Dark-Nighton May 31 2012, 9:47amReplyFlag
              yeah my MAX PAYNE 3 PC (retail copy) has been dispatched, meanwhile my STEAM version is still sitting there, all 35GB waiting for a pre-load, i guess retail is still better, for all we know there wont be a pre-load today and we will have to download the STEAM version tomorrow which will take all day.
            • miGma06on May 31 2012, 9:35amReplyFlag
              I'd never guess it would be that much silent.. I thought it would be a week full of pc news. Anyway, waiting for the trailer today. And I will finally play the game after all these years!
              • SlimySunOfABeachon May 31 2012, 9:27amReplyFlag
                yooooohooooooo...... finally dad let me order my max payne3 edition!!!! i am so happy!!! coming in 2-3 days!!
                • SladeForellyon May 31 2012, 8:32amReplyFlag
                  Rockstar reply ALL questions about console problems but ignore the ones about pc... This is kind lame if you think that this game has begin on pc plataform...
                  • Mojo_Risenon May 31 2012, 7:40pmReplyFlag
                    @SladeForelly What game didn't start on the PC??? I swear the PC crowd is the most pompus bunch out there, not saying your one of them but don't look down on people who can't afford a beast PC rig
                  • Adamska156on June 2 2012, 6:15pmReplyFlag
                    @Mojo_Risen what the hell are both of you talking about?
                • Sprunk1995on May 31 2012, 8:20amReplyFlag
                  Tomorrow is the big day, Max Payne 3 PC release, finally..., After years of waiting...
                  Thanks Rockstar , can't wait to see Max's new story and the advanced graphics quality of the PC version !
                  let's rock 'n roll the f**king summer with some PAYNE !
                • Sprunk1995on May 31 2012, 7:16amReplyFlag
                  R* The PC Trailer is today right ?
                  I hope we see it before the game is released :$
                  • ferguson99on May 31 2012, 5:46amReplyFlag
                    So is max payne 3 ALL gang co-op missions where you get to work and help other players be a team, because the missions like that on RDR was amazing.

                    I can't help but think that rockstar are ditching the free roam feel of games and jumping on the bandwagon making games like call of duty,modern warfare & battlefield.
                    • R* Kon May 31 2012, 6:09amReplyFlag
                      @ferguson99 There isn't a co-op mode in the sense of teaming up against the AI, but the objectives in Gang Wars certainly require you to think and work as a team, so in that way they are more than 'shootouts'
                    • ErnestoRockon May 31 2012, 6:31amReplyFlag
                      @ferguson99 you know Ferguson i was thinking the same thing... The gang wars are amazing, however there is minimum possibility to complete the tasks (bags, bombs, defend, defuse), at least from my side, because I always end up shooting because I get shot from everywhere and I die at least 30 times. There is no teamwork, its every man for himself.
                    • ferguson99on May 31 2012, 6:54amReplyFlag
                      @ErnestoRock max payne sounds horrible and nasty
                    • ferguson99on May 31 2012, 6:57amReplyFlag
                      @ surely you should of thought about other game modes.......nothing but gang shootouts sounds a bit tiresome at least with RDR and GTA we had a mixture of game modes.

                    • ErnestoRockon May 31 2012, 7:05amReplyFlag
                      @ferguson99 No, Max Payne is not horrible, nor nasty. Its not a free roam, but its still pretty cool.
                    • Genesicityon May 31 2012, 8:51amReplyFlag
                      @ErnestoRock Really depends on who you play with I guess..I always help out the carrier by running behind him and I leave the bags alone in the end...One of the most cooperative modes in the game is still the assassination in my opinion, because a good team can make sure that not even a flea enters through any good guarded doorway...
                      But I agree that you have to watch the gunfire from left and right, plus while everyone is bent on killing each other in a mode like plant the bomb it is always a good time to take the scenic route of the map to plant a bomb on the other side of the map ...But yeah loads of shooting from 2 people might prevent a good move forward if the team you are playing with scatters around the whole map...but that's with any game I played so far unfortunately:(
                    • TemplarStingeron January 18 2013, 8:41pmReplyFlag
                      @ferguson99 You kiddin' me mate?
                      Max Payne isn't a free roam as RDR and GTA series since it is a 3rd person shooter from the beginning.
                      That is the reason there is not "free roam" in Max Payne, what are you going to do in free roam? There is not world map like RDR and GTA. Because RDR and GTA are another genre of game.
                  • NYPDMAXPAYNEon May 31 2012, 5:29amReplyFlag
                    One more day...
                  • tbzwolf2on May 31 2012, 3:13amReplyFlag
                    R* you can't avoid th PC community for ever, give us a per-load ASAP!
                    • VBProjecton May 31 2012, 2:24amReplyFlag
                      • _FVQU_on May 31 2012, 12:08amReplyFlag
                        I can't believe its the day before release and we STILL can't pre-load the game, and R* refuses to give us a proper answer as to why. No one wants to have to download the game on the release date, especially not someone who might have a slow internet connection. It's ridiculous, and R* needs to learn how to properly release a PC game.
                        • Jun211on May 31 2012, 12:15amReplyFlag
                          @_FVQU_ Rockstar's reply to someone else "asking" about pre-loading:

                          "As for pre-loading, we're working on it as we speak. Hopefully we'll have word soon."

                          That was posted by them nearly seven hours ago and that's all you're gonna get at this point until they can get it working. And i'm not trying to get anything started, but I truly cannot see how this is Rockstar's fault lol
                        • SladeForellyon May 31 2012, 8:30amReplyFlag
                          @_FVQU_ I live in São Paulo and here our download speed is 1.1mbps per second. Imagine how long will take for me to download the game...
                      • R4W-G335T4Ron May 30 2012, 10:34pmReplyFlag
                        Ok, I have decided to buy Max Payne 3 on pc, just to simply see if it will play at a satisfactory level. My system is not boss, but its good. I am only doing this so I have a rough idea about how GTA V might run on my pc. I have already baught it on PS3 and currently on chapter 15 I think, been a bit busy so not had time to play it. As long as its running on pc as it does on consoles then I will be on.
                        • R4W-G335T4Ron May 30 2012, 10:40pmReplyFlag
                          @R4W-G335T4R Ok, there we go, all ready for install. You see i am debating on wever or not getting the nvidea GTX 680 is really worth the money just for one game. I just dont want to waste my money on a new graphics card
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