Rockstar Game Tips: Utilizing Grenades in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer

Posted on May 28 2012, 6:59am | Author: R* K | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer offers a deep and varied arsenal of guns with which to dispatch your opponents, but for those special occasions where you can’t see the whites of their eyes, there is a deadly range of projectile grenade options with which to flush them out or take them down. Our latest entry in the Max Payne 3 Tips Series highlights what they are and how to use them effectively.

  • Quick Throwing - Simply tap LB/L1 once to pull the pin and release a grenade in one smooth motion – perfect for when you’re in a hurry.
  • Weapon Wheel Grenade Selection - While holding down LB/L1, press RB/R1 to equip the grenade of your choice, ready for you to throw using RT/R2.
  • 'Cooking' Grenades - After equipping a grenade using the Weapon Wheel, it is also possible to hold the RT/R2 button and ‘cook’ the grenade. Cooking grenades can reduce the time your enemy has to escape before getting caught in the explosion. Be careful though - if you cook a grenade for too long of course, it will explode in your hand.
  • Sticky Grenades - In multiplayer, if you equip the Sticky Tape Loadout item then you will be able to attach grenades to the environment, making it even more difficult to escape.

While standard-issue explosive Grenades are great for flushing enemies out from behind cover or taking care of larger groups, you also have access to other grenade types - each with their own unique tactical benefits.

  • Flash Grenades are useful for temporarily blinding your opponents and blocking their ability to use lock-on. This effect can be counteracted by equipping the Military Goggles Loadout item.
  • Gas Grenades create a cloud of noxious gas that can cause death to anyone exposed to it for long enough. Using these grenades against enemies that are defending an area is a very effective strategy. The effect of these grenades can be counteracted by equipping yourself with the Gas Mask item.
  • Smoke Grenades create a thick cloud of smoke that cannot be seen through by friend or foe alike. They are useful for obscuring your movement from the view of nearby enemies. Enemy players will also not be able to use Lock-On targeting to aim at players through the smoke.

There's also an additional pair of projectiles at your disposal that are useful in certain situations. A crude but effective incendiary projectile, the Molotov (part of the Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer Weapons Pack include with the Max Payne 3 Special Edition) creates a large patch of fire on the ground where it lands and any enemies exposed will take continuous damage for a few seconds. And while the Tin Can might not sound lethal, it creates a very handy strategic diversion on a nearby enemy’s mini-map, giving you an opportunity to get the drop on them.

  • GTASWEDENon July 1 2013, 5:44amReplyFlag
    Thanks R* =)!
    • SuhHamsonon July 3 2012, 2:45pmReplyFlag
      Ok R*... I love this game. I mean... I really really do. The campaign, the multiplayer, it's freaking awesome. However, there is one problem with this game that is absolutely driving me insane. What are up with these friggin whack respawn points in these maps? How am I supposed to go on a rediculous kill streak, when 3 to 4 enemy people are constantly spawning directly behind or literally right on top of me? I've looked for foums or videos with a suggestion on how to overcome this and there is noithing, which leaves me to say I had to post this and hope for a response. So cmon guys... whats the deal? P.S. It's worse on the new maps.
      • TRURUDBOIon June 30 2012, 6:47pmReplyFlag
        At one point I was this game is giving uncharted 3 a run for its money, after the river boat chase I said fuk no this game just rocked the hell out of naughty dogg, And the multiplayer is just as good as uncharted 3's, the use of turrets nest's, and riot shields would of been dope, but congrats U guys nailed this one out of the park.
        • wildcountryboy92on June 18 2012, 1:19amReplyFlag
          rockstar turn xp on plz we bought the games the download packs an all red dead is a good game an alot of people play it still
          • Markosdangerouson June 5 2012, 9:46amReplyFlag
            I think that real mans don't use grenades
            • Kerell793on June 1 2012, 3:59pmReplyFlag
              PSN id;Gubozakativatel .invite me
              • IWIHooliganon May 31 2012, 9:19pmReplyFlag
                my only tip, remember...nades usually bounce off walls and floors and ceilings:P Don't hesitate to use a little geometry and bank that coconut right down that monkeys throat. Why just kill your opponent?, when you could style on that fool and make him rage quit. I tellz ya because I care;) Your humble narrator...


              • ScrimpyFooton May 31 2012, 9:42amReplyFlag
                Can you shoot the grenades out of the air?
                • IWIHooliganon May 31 2012, 9:21pmReplyFlag

                  My guess is yes! Rockstar thinks about those things too, make no mistake. Watch the first 3 clips of that video, after the intro of course. :) If you can do it in IV, I bet its possible in Max3 ;)
                • ScrimpyFooton June 1 2012, 7:10amReplyFlag
                  @IWIHooligan Thanks for the insight. I'll be trying that soon!
              • W1L428on May 30 2012, 3:59amReplyFlag
                i use it all the time.its mostly a distraction but when under heavy fire don't think it will save your.....
                • Anticitizen011on May 29 2012, 9:02pmReplyFlag
                  No, R*, thank YOU for another wonderful piece of game. You guys can come as a fountain of inspiration sometimes. Keep it classy R* guys.
                  • JasonDaPsychoon May 29 2012, 2:23pmReplyFlag
                    For once Rockstar Games has actually made a game with multiplayer that I actually play. Credits to you. MP is such a blast.
                    • Gleisneron May 30 2012, 5:27amReplyFlag
                      @JasonDaPsycho Agree, it actually has the best Multiplayer Experience I have ever seen in a game. They did a good job with GTA IV and Red Dead too, (especially with the vehicles in GTA) but Max Payne 3, that is something special.
                  • MC_2011on May 29 2012, 1:49pmReplyFlag
                    join "Ghost Sqaud"!
                    • GrEE3Non May 29 2012, 1:31pmReplyFlag
                      @The-Dark-Night appreciate the help
                      • MellyDon May 29 2012, 12:49pmReplyFlag
                        I just beated New York Minute Hardcore! Wow R*, now that was a true challenge!
                      • The-Dark-Nighton May 29 2012, 10:28amReplyFlag
                        we who live in the UK will get the game slightly ahead of north America because we are 5-6 hours ahead of you.
                      • Hinduboyzephyron May 29 2012, 9:44amReplyFlag
                        only 2 days left!
                      • noclue_42on May 29 2012, 7:04amReplyFlag
                        awesome to see my posts got deleted even though it was about Max Payne 3, grenades and a quote from your very own "golden rules". way to go. shall we try again:

                        R* it's time for you to GIVE US the PC LAUNCH TRAILER you promised - the game is about to be released in less than 4 days and the release for the consoles had a launch trailer a full week before. what are you hiding?

                        • R* Kon May 29 2012, 9:57amReplyFlag
                          @noclue_42 The PC launch trailer is coming soon - sit tight and stay tuned to the Newswire
                      • The-Dark-Nighton May 29 2012, 6:41amReplyFlag
                        @ R*, will the game run smoothly on DX11 from day one, and not require a patch? hope it`s not like Batman AC when that game launched it was non playable in DX11 and they had to release a patch to fix it, but it did look amazing afterwords, hope MXP3 will look as good if not better which im sure it will.
                      • Murcie-LP640on May 29 2012, 6:40amReplyFlag
                        Multiplayer is really fun. I've never once thrown a grenade though :P
                        I often am the best player. My record in TDM is 41 kills and 12 deaths. Payne Killer is also an awesome mode.

                        R* I must say this is an excellent game! Already completed the story twice.

                        I do have a question about the Social Club I sent via Mouthoff please respond soon :)
                        • FlimSurpuissanton May 29 2012, 5:25amReplyFlag
                          Tin can is quiet effective but I don't know if there is a area where the effect is on (depending where you throw the can ) or is the all map is covered with this projectile.
                          • FlimSurpuissanton May 29 2012, 5:30amReplyFlag
                            @FlimSurpuissant "Nearby enemy's minimap " you blind fool lol
                          • R* Kon May 29 2012, 5:39amReplyFlag
                            @FlimSurpuissant Yep, it's particularly effective in combination with the Paranoia Burst, so that you can really start confusing the opposing team in Gang Wars and Team Deathmatch
                          • FlimSurpuissanton May 29 2012, 9:37amReplyFlag
                            @ I have tried this combo on the buses dump map and it's pretty brilliant .Thanks
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