New Max Payne 3 Action Series Desktops Featuring Max in Ambush and Dual-Wielding Crossfire

Posted on May 22 2012, 11:00am | Author: R* W | Filed Under: Rockstar

Celebrate the release of Max Payne 3 with a brand new set of hi-res images captured straight from the game's action - ready for download as desktops, Twitter backgrounds, Facebook covers, buddy icons, avatars and mobile wallpapers.

The latest collection in the Action Series features Max far from home - infiltrating the lair of some dangerous suspects in São Paulo's favelas, gripping a dual-weld combo of a Micro 9mm and DE .50, and caught in the crossfires of an intense gunfight in a shot as seen in the game's Official Launch Trailer.

Pick up these and all of the backgrounds from the Max Payne Action Series at the official site's Downloads section or here at Rockstar Downloads.





  • wildcountryboy92on June 15 2012, 7:43amReplyFlag
    I think rockstar should bring triple xp back to red dead redemption we bought the regular game then went back an got year edition for all the extra things for the game theres alot of players out there that enjoy playing RDR we shouldnt be forgotten about i agree with what thirty3 is doin if we cant get unlimted atleast every weekend
    • AlexBellicFriendon June 14 2012, 5:43pmReplyFlag
      Hey Rockstar Just wanted to show you a cool Max Payne 3 wallpaper I found, while I was browsing the net.
      • Shenzakaion May 24 2012, 4:26amReplyFlag
        Well done, thanks!
        • LethalAngeloon May 23 2012, 8:58pmReplyFlag
          Sweet nice wall papers I really like the Tropical Max theme.
        • mattiejson May 23 2012, 4:49pmReplyFlag
          R* May 24th will we be getting anything about a certain game I'm not going to mention???? These screens are awesome btw
          • Undertaker13on May 23 2012, 10:09amReplyFlag
            Hopefully now you release your games at the same day everywhere. The pics look frickin awesome, my pc is ready for Max Payne 3!
            • Sprunk1995on May 23 2012, 8:02amReplyFlag
              @Rockstar You said the behind the scenes article of Max Payne 3 will come last week but you didn't post anything, i hope this week you do so also some PC infos
              • R* Aon May 24 2012, 8:50pmReplyFlag
                @Sprunk1995 Please hang tight on that one - sorry for the delay, mate
            • VaroSpainon May 23 2012, 8:01amReplyFlag
              I love the soundtrack of the game Rockstar. specially the track "Pain". It's awesome.
            • The-Dark-Nighton May 23 2012, 6:43amReplyFlag
              the AK 47 with the silencer looks exactly like the one in the GTA V trailer. just sayin.
            • The-Dark-Nighton May 23 2012, 6:33amReplyFlag
              just downloaded a new driver for my Nvidia card, and while installing there were screens of MAX PAYNE 3 and the tagline "will your PC run MAX PAYNE 3" looked awesome, as good as battlefield 3 cant wait to play it on the PC,
              @ R* any more screens or videos of the PC version in action?
              • R* Kon May 23 2012, 7:23amReplyFlag
                @The-Dark-Night We'll have something lined up for you ahead of launch - stay tuned
              • thespeedtapper4on May 23 2012, 9:44amReplyFlag
                @The-Dark-Night WARNING: you will experience extreme excitement of max payne 3 and will probably die from that excitement so just a warning not to get too excited when getting the game incase of death :P seriously your in for one hell of a ride in this game
              • Artyshoon May 23 2012, 8:31pmReplyFlag
                @ I see and hear Max Payne 3 everywhere, everytime ... I want to play it ... :sweating:

                I pre ordered the game on Steam, is there going to be a pre download ? because I would like not having to wait to download 35 GB ...

                so close and yet so far away ... :tear:
            • resiliencyyyon May 23 2012, 5:36amReplyFlag
              Thanks, R*! Awesome per usual :) Have a new timeline picture now!
              • ErnestoRockon May 23 2012, 5:22amReplyFlag
                I sure hope R* surprises us with a Max Payne DLC, like RDR Undead Nightmare. That would be epic!!
                • The-Dark-Nighton May 23 2012, 5:06amReplyFlag
                  dual wield Bulls in multiplayer is a beast, off topic i know but they're awesome.
                  • Fjordsonon May 23 2012, 5:01amReplyFlag
                    Whoa, that middle one is dope as hell. Time for a new background for my iPhone. Also, read on Gamespot that Max Payne 3 has already shipped 3 million copies. Congrats R*!
                  • ErnestoRockon May 23 2012, 4:11amReplyFlag
                    People comment the same thing "I have waited too long for info". So what? Good things come to those who wait!
                  • PhunnyB1on May 23 2012, 4:06amReplyFlag
                    Slightly off topic
                    When is the second comic coming out?
                    • R* Kon May 23 2012, 5:25amReplyFlag
                      @PhunnyB1 We don't have a date confirmed but it is coming and you'll know about it first here on the Newswire
                  • miGma06on May 23 2012, 2:25amReplyFlag
                    As I understood - only the US version delayed? Then it doesn't really look like a problem, thats more fair. Come on guys only 3 days, not worth whining. I just hope to see some news about pc version today..
                    • aricsodhion May 23 2012, 2:04amReplyFlag
                      Why is Pc version delayed ?
                      • R* Kon May 23 2012, 5:30amReplyFlag
                        @aricsodhi Hey aricsodhi, we know that our community always prefers a single, worldwide release date and we really wanted to work towards this for the PC release of Max Payne 3. We couldn't bring the European launch forward due to production and logistics, so we worked with US retailers to set a new global release date of June 1st. Hope that explains things.
                      • Emanuel_Bergeron May 23 2012, 5:33amReplyFlag
                        @ I can remember you did a worldwide release for GTA IV on Tuesday, April 29th! That was awesome and is way better for all the Europeans. We really don't want to have to wait three more days. Same for GTAV please!
                      • SladeForellyon May 23 2012, 12:37pmReplyFlag
                        @ This is for steam version as well?
                    • sed1eron May 23 2012, 1:41amReplyFlag
                      How could you delay the PC version of max payne??? i just tsold my ps3 one because i really want the PC version in it's 60 FPS glory. Now it's delayed?? damn im afraid it isn't going to run well is it?
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