Rockstar Game Tips: Targeting and Additional Settings in Max Payne 3

Posted on May 17 2012, 10:44am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Yesterday, we debuted our first entry in the Rockstar Game Tips for Max Payne 3 with an eye toward the game's various difficulty settings. Today, we've got a brief overview of some additional options you may want to tweak to customize and optimize your Max Payne 3 experience:

Targeting: In single player you can select between three targeting settings – Hard Lock, Soft Lock and Free Aim – either just after selecting New Game from the Main Menu or by selecting  Settings > Gameplay > Targeting from the Pause menu. In multiplayer, you can select between Soft Lock and Free Aim mode prior to entering a playlist. You will only play against other players using the same setting to ensure a level playing field. In private matches this can be set in match settings.

  • Hard Lock: When aiming, reticle will be strongly guided to focus on enemies
  • Soft Lock: When aiming, reticle will be lightly guided towards enemies
  • Free Aim: Target assist is deactivated

Controls: You can choose between four control configurations by selecting Settings > Controls either from the Main Menu or the Pause menu. From this menu you can also adjust the aiming speed and acceleration, invert the vertical and horizontal aiming axes, and enable Southpaw, which switches movement to the right stick and aiming to the left stick on your controller.

Display: The Display area of the Setting menu allows you to adjust the brightness and contrast of the game’s visuals, as well as enable or disable both subtitles and the visual effects activated when Max enters Bullet Time.

Audio: The Audio area of the Settings menu lets you adjust the volume of the game’s music and sound effects independently. You can also select between various Output setting based whether you are playing the game using headphones, stereo speakers or a surround sound rig.
Note: Output settings visible to you may vary based on your audio set-up.



  • gta5patrolon June 19 2015, 11:18amReplyFlag
    How do I change my privacy settings to friends and crews
    So I can make a crew
    Thanks you if that is possible and can you respond as fast as possible please thank you
    • kennymcg1995on July 10 2012, 5:58pmReplyFlag
      I just wanna say first, I was kinda skeptical about how this game would turn out. I LOVED the first two games, and recently bought them from Steam to play through again. I waited for reviews before I jumped on this game. I was mostly scared about the length of the campaign. I'm so sick of 5-6 hour campaigns just to pump out another crappy multiplayer game every year (ahem, I'm looking at you Call of Duty). When I read in a review (I think IGN) that the campaign was a satisfying 12 hours give or take, my heart almost skipped a beat. This isn't some money-grabbing reboot of a classic, this is a true sequel.

      The physics are AMAZING. The gunplay is ridiculously satisfying. I've always hated shooting a guy in the head, only for their chest to blow backwards and knock them over like I blasted them with a 12-guage. This really is the most impacting (is that even a word?) gunplay I've ever had the pleasure of using in a game. Bullet time works like a charm. You successfully kept the same feel that it had in the originals while still making it new. The only thing that could possibly be improved on is wound physics specific to a gun's caliber, because let's face it, a 9mm bullet from 100 yards away isn't going to puncture that Kevlar the same way an AK-47 would. That would be so cool if you guys created that technology to use in future games.

      P.S. THANK YOU for keeping painkillers! I was so scared that this was going to end up hopping on the auto health-regen bandwagon. I'm so glad it didn't!
      • Scorpioz6on June 25 2012, 11:41pmReplyFlag
        Do i have to finish the game to play the multiplayer mode ?
        • xRSLxMuSiCmAnon June 14 2012, 10:40pmReplyFlag
          R* The free aim in single palyer and multiplayer dont exactly work the same. When I play in free aim in multiplayer, I find that the over the shoulder aim doesnt work when shootdodging or prone causing me to miss my shots because I move my reticle past the target due to super sensitivity you get from the regular run and gun aim.
          • PuttyGodon June 11 2012, 5:07amReplyFlag
            Hi, Rockstar guys and gals!

            Just wanted to tell you that I'm absolutely loving the game. I'm almost worried at how satisfying a response I get from just murdering dozens of people, flying through the air, watching them die with the Euphoria physics (best technical achievement since the Quake 2 engine or Havok, in my opinion). You also improved upon the gunshot wound and character model decals (you started to include this, and did so very well, in RDR) / bleeding patterns from arterial shots and choking painfully when you shoot them in the throat, etc (starting to see why I'm scaring myself? lol). Anyway, nothing is as satisfying as diving to the side, over a cubicle while picking headshots off of the encroaching enemies, only to have Max slam into a wall and fall to the ground ungracefully (but impressively realistical) and picking those final shots on the last guy. I just love Euphoria for the moments like that where you'll hit him in the shoulder, setting off random shots from his weapon, and then his vest (I like that you brought that element back from MP2, where the "Cleaners" had vests), causing him to lurch forward, and then the leg to make him lose his balance - trip, and roll down a flight of stairs.
            Granted, there are plenty of glitches here and there and the MP could use some balancing, but I think you guys can handle it. (although having your weight class not matter after Legend 2 seems a little "iffy"
            I do have one question that you could probably answer fairly easily, though: In single player, under the "gameplay" settings tab, there is that option to turn golden gun effects on/off - I liked collecting the pieces and a golden AK-47 or Desert Eagle can be very cool to look at, but overall, I would like to remove the gold decals on the weapons. Unfortunately, taking off the golden tint, also removes whatever stat bonuses were attributed to said weapon - most specifically, 50% larger magazine. I'm playing through on Hardcore, over here and plan on trying NYM Hardcore in the future, so I like every advantage I can get, but I would really like to be able to have my gun upgraded without having to look at those distracting weapon skins that really kill the immersion for me. If there is a way/ if you could add a little setting in your next update to make that possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, everybody!
            • josuejj5on May 25 2012, 7:45amReplyFlag
              Nossa, que multiplayer tranquilo. Cenários bons, e muita bala por todo lado.
              Mais poderia ter mais armas espalhadas.

              • AdrenalineMonkeyon May 23 2012, 8:03pmReplyFlag
                I struggle to understand how your meant to control the scopes the whole aiming with the left stick and moving is weird. can i change it somehow???
                • Zany_evil_dudeon May 23 2012, 2:21pmReplyFlag
                  I have another question. Do you need to use Free Aim to get the difficulty trophies on PS3? I don't want to play using assist and find out I won't get the trophy after beating the game.
                  • John_Leesonon May 22 2012, 5:47pmReplyFlag
                    @mayhem0g 2 is you need to have the option if we want to keep the camera on the right shoulder or left by default in the options, i love shooting over my right shoulder but find my self always have to switch it from the left side. love this game though, game of he year nominee

                    This is disturbing me too, any solutions?
                    • Zany_evil_dudeon May 21 2012, 9:39pmReplyFlag
                      Is there anyway to skip the scenes without the loading? I find it a nuisance if you already beaten the game and have to sit through them again...
                      • xJudgeDredgexon May 21 2012, 5:01pmReplyFlag
                        Hi R* congrats on yet another great game, my only gripe lies with the camera movement certainly within multiplayer, it really does work against you, this is when for example running around turning a corner and the cam seems to be delayed that it can be really frustrating. Also can you give me a heads up as to what if any the benefit of adjusting the Aim Acceleration has?

                        Many thanks oh and is there another red dead on the way something with a great open world lobby which I felt could have made max Payne game of the decade ;)
                        • rapdude3on May 21 2012, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                          Dear R* , Why when I try to play multiplayer on Xbox 360 nobody's online ?
                          • Wet-Workon May 21 2012, 1:38amReplyFlag
                            Why am I so Terrible at long-distance shooting??? I feel like I blast away, only to be 2-shotted by the same guy I emptied 9 clips into. And why is dual wielding so overpowered? I LOVE the game, but multiplayer can be really frustrating. There's always someone with like a million kills and everyone else is doing terribly
                            • R* Kon May 21 2012, 5:31amReplyFlag
                              @Wet-Work If you're using automatic weapons then try firing in bursts to improve accuracy, and aim for the head, of course
                          • moose9on May 20 2012, 6:26pmReplyFlag
                            Hey Rockstar, can you please fix the MINI-30 for multiplayer? It's a 2 shot, 1 kill, it's just way overpowered, but everything else is just fine for the weapons...
                            • STLKREW_RELATEon May 20 2012, 10:28amReplyFlag
                              STAYINTRUELIVINGFAST Crew is looking for recruits who want to make themselves known in gta5..
                              look for under : STAYINTRUELIVINGFAST
                              • Yoann0304PS3on May 20 2012, 9:55amReplyFlag
                                Some glitches R*

                                Look please !


                              • Yoann0304PS3on May 20 2012, 9:49amReplyFlag
                                Hello Rockstar, can you look this ? :) And put a patch because it's horrible ! Thank you.




                                • Heisenberg_81on May 20 2012, 5:55amReplyFlag
                                  hey rockstar,really great game but there´s one thing i need to know.i bought the special edition @ amazon with the silentkiller pack.i´ve installed it via ps- store but don´t know how to use and where to find these weapons to use it in mp?
                                  • JohnDoe_86on May 20 2012, 4:26amReplyFlag
                                    i adore the game so far but i have a serious problem with the crosshair. sometimes it switches from the right to the left position which is really annoying, especially in multiplayer. this isn't normal isn't it?
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