Download "MAX: THEME" by HEALTH Plus More Updates on the Max Payne 3 Original Soundtrack

Posted on May 16 2012, 2:12pm | Author: R* A | Filed Under: Music, Games

Yesterday marked not only the date of the official release of Max Payne 3 here in the states but also the release of HEALTH's hypnotic and powerful Soundtrack single "TEARS" on iTunes. Today, we've got more Soundtrack treats for you all as we gear up for Max Payne 3's international release kicking off on Friday.

Starting with a special free download for Max Payne fans everywhere, the "MAX: THEME" by HEALTH as heard above - their faithful, haunting rendition of the signature Max Payne theme as heard in the Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer (and teased in this in-studio behind-the-scenes clip).

We've also launched the Soundtrack feature page at the Max Payne 3 Official Website this week with more audio and info for everyone including an audio snippet of another pounding percussive track from the Soundtrack by HEALTH, "COMBAT DRUGS" (heard in Official Trailer #2). You can also read up on some new details about other music that underscores the Max Payne 3 story - from the original Trouble & Bass DJ Mix heard during the game's fateful Nightclub sequence (stay tuned for a special mixtape release of that mix soon) to the gritty and soulful sounds of celebrated contemporary blues guitarist Gary Clark Jr that are heard during the Hoboken Bar sequence, a violent turning point in Max's life.

The Max Payne 3 Official Soundtrack will be available digitally next week, Tuesday May 23rd featuring all original music from the score as composed by HEALTH, including "TEARS" as well as the bonus track "9 Círculos" by Emicida. Stay tuned for full tracklist info by Tuesday - and also keep an eye out on the Rockstar Twitter feed for the release of a special "US To BR" Remix of Emicida's "9 Círculos" later this week.

  • mkiller1001on April 18 2013, 4:51amReplyFlag
    Is there a download link or something? Please help
    • VictoryIIIon July 19 2012, 6:13pmReplyFlag
      Great score. I love it. Thx too for the free download.
    • mellllanicon July 11 2012, 3:51amReplyFlag
      thanks a lot i really love this memorable song since max payne one but now with all the good thing from the max payne series GREAT............... :-);-)
      • Near137on May 27 2012, 10:14amReplyFlag
        Awesome song! Thanks R* :)
        • Shenzakaion May 24 2012, 4:10amReplyFlag
          Many thanks for this free track! Amazing! :-)
          • NSMO240on May 23 2012, 9:13pmReplyFlag
            i download the theme and it keeps removing itself from my computer, is there any way to remedy this?
            • syberkeypoweron May 23 2012, 12:33pmReplyFlag
              hay Rockstar m big fan of max payne 3 since i have bought mp and mp2 but its awkward thing to say y max payne 3 has a same track which was present in the max payne 2 would you please suggest

              thank u
              • cdp858on May 22 2012, 7:20pmReplyFlag
                Hey R*, Do you know why I can't DL the album on iTunes??... Plus what the hell is up with most of the clues not being narrated or not even showing up?
                • Max_Heaton May 22 2012, 5:58pmReplyFlag
                  Hey R* any chance of getting the piano theme from the main menu and the theme from the pause menu?
                  • cdp858on May 22 2012, 12:57amReplyFlag
                    Hi there R*, already have the soundtrack cause of the SE and the song Pain is my favorite, so soothing & relaxing. Just went on iTunes yet. It's cause I need it on my iPod. Will it be available later on Tuesday?
                    • hiufaion May 21 2012, 7:29amReplyFlag
                      Hi, R*, I am from Hong Kong. I have bought the special edition of Max Payne 3 (Disc Region 3). But I cannot download the soundtrack. It just keep saying that CODE NOT FOUND. Is there any problem or the download is not ready yet. Please help.
                      • STLKREW_RELATEon May 20 2012, 10:29amReplyFlag
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                        • AmaroShiroon May 19 2012, 4:09pmReplyFlag
                          Max Payne 3, one of the best games i´ve ever played. The gameplay, the soundtrack, the character Max ,,Bullet Time" Payne....just awesome - respect Rockstar Games =)
                          • Pothatuuon May 19 2012, 7:25amReplyFlag
                            Hey Rockstar,
                            I put in the right code (it accepted it and all) and gave my email address, but I'm yet to receive my email with the soundtrack (it's been nearly 12 hours).
                          • MitcHendrickSon May 19 2012, 12:48amReplyFlag
                            Absolutely love the MAXP3 music R* and can't wait to download the album. Any chance that you will release the soundtracks to the first 2 games on ITUNES in the future?
                            • Anticitizen011on May 18 2012, 7:08pmReplyFlag
                              The Tears one is still in the back on my head and has not exit it ever since that TV spot. lol
                              Thx, Rockstar. :3
                              • Ech064on May 18 2012, 6:39pmReplyFlag
                                I just redeemed my code! Thanks for getting the soundtrack up and running!
                                • luis0619on May 18 2012, 4:50pmReplyFlag
                                  Hey R* can you or anyone please tell me the song right in the beginning of chapter 11, whens hes on the boat in panama

                                  thank you
                                  • tylertorsoon May 18 2012, 3:22pmReplyFlag
                                    Thanks for such an Awesome soundtrack! there plan in the future to release the songs played during the menu and the ones at the disco?? are you going to release a Complete MP3 soundtrack any time soon?? :)
                                    • KingBeanieon May 18 2012, 2:58pmReplyFlag
                                      The game is fantastic and the song is good! Thank you Rockstar* for doing a excellent job! =D
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