The Max Payne 3 Classic Multiplayer Character Pack

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Presenting the full line-up of rogues and heroes in the Classic Multiplayer Character Pack available at launch as part of the Max Payne 3 Special Edition (the pack will also be made available for download post-release). This cast of fan-favorite killers from the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2 will be available as playable Deathmatch characters bringing a bit of nostalgia to the Max Payne 3 online experience. Take a look at the full set with introductory musings for each compliments of Max's inner monologue direct from Max Payne and Max Payne 2...

"Vladimir Lem.
He was connected to organized crime. We went back a while. 'Like brothers caught on the opposite sides in a Civil War'. His words."

"Gognitti was a highstrung whiner on the verge of breaking apart like an overamped Energizer bunny. He had the brains to run the business but he lacked the balls, always falling short, taking his frustration out on under-aged addicts and call girls."

"Jack Lupino, a mob boss in the Punchinello crime family, was trafficking. Lupino ran his racket of sex, drugs and contract killings from a sleazy motel and a slum block of tenements."

"Woden was there... in the crowd, standing by the sidelines. It wouldn't be over till the man with the patch would say so. He'd say the right words. I knew he would. He'd better."

"Mona's appearance had triggered a dislocation, schizophrenia. I felt elation, but with it, fear that all the past evils had come along for the ride."

"Winterson was the ideal, what the job was all about. Someone to look up to. Bravura knew it too."

"I had dreamed of revenge. Those dreams were always nightmares, of coming close and then failing. Now I was close. I had a name to guide me. Nicole Horne. I had nothing to lose."

The eponymous and troubled hero of the series returns in a familiar guise for multiplayer deathmatches - appearing as his character model from years prior as an NYPD detective in Max Payne 2. You'll also be able to get the character model from Max Payne 1 at launch by pre-ordering from Toys R Us and select PC digital retailers or as part of the Rockstar Pass later this summer.


Max Payne fans, which one of these throwback characters from Max's history are you most excited to play as online? Let it be known in the fan poll below.


  • luckyshot666on February 25 2013, 12:42pmReplyFlag
    That Vladimir Lem guy looks just like me. Thanks for making multiplayer character out of me @R* Q
    • XxKILLAxX5105on July 31 2012, 11:12amReplyFlag
      i got the R* pass but i still have to pay for it
      • XxKILLAxX5105on July 31 2012, 11:12amReplyFlag
        i got the R* pass but i still have to pay for it
        • johnlennonfanon July 27 2012, 12:46amReplyFlag
          when does it come out for dlc
          • JasiekSTSon June 11 2012, 10:42amReplyFlag
            This DLC is free?Or i must buy it?
            • arkhamcity02on May 24 2012, 6:02amReplyFlag
              Can we play as classic characters in arcade mode?
              • tr3buhon May 20 2012, 10:44amReplyFlag
                Jack Lupino no doubt
                THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS!!!! :D
                • zachanscomon May 16 2012, 3:58pmReplyFlag
                  lol, rockstar, are you kidding me? lem, gognitti, and woden look ported directly from the second game. finish these models up before pubishing photos of them, good god. they look terrible.

                  also, the original max payne model hasn't been updated at all. fail. get sam lake to lend his face or something, don't just port the low polygon monstrosities directly over.

                  also dan houser sucks at keeping suspension of disbelief.
                  • DirtyTeddyon May 16 2012, 5:54amReplyFlag
                    Hey Rockstar Team, I have a question about those DLC!
                    I own the Special Edition so i already have some DLC, would it still make sense to buy the Rockstar Pass, or buy the future DLC one by one?
                    • coldwhateveron May 13 2012, 10:43pmReplyFlag
                      @ Rockstar, wats up rockstar how are ya i bow down to ur creation of Max Payne 3, congratulations on the best game of all time, how would you feel about taking out Winterson and Horne from the classic pack and putting in the Finito Brothers, sry for being a *payne in the butt* haah
                      • Theshow86on May 13 2012, 6:30pmReplyFlag
                        vote 4 jack lapino!!!!!!!
                        • Theshow86on May 13 2012, 6:29pmReplyFlag
                          I'm really looking forward to playing as jack lapino online.
                          • evan.swift98on May 13 2012, 3:41pmReplyFlag
                            i have a question , will we need a rockstar pass to download the max payne 1 skin , or will we be able to get it from the psn store
                          • iLewisGTAon May 13 2012, 11:24amReplyFlag
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                            • Theshow86on May 13 2012, 9:55amReplyFlag
                              2 more days!!!!
                              • Tylerswim11on May 12 2012, 11:18pmReplyFlag
                                Join the HMbains (360) and the Untouchabes 23 (PS3)
                                • Theshow86on May 12 2012, 11:04pmReplyFlag
                                  Hey rockstar the last question i asked i forgot to say that i pre-ordered the max payne 3 special edition and would i still get the graveyard bonus map?
                                  • hmbains1on May 12 2012, 9:19pmReplyFlag
                                    Join the HMbains crew we need more members we need you

                                    • _FVQU_on May 12 2012, 6:35pmReplyFlag
                                      Hopefully this won't be like RDR multiplayer, where every other person is playing as either John Marston or Red Harlow. I can tell already 50% percent of people in this game will be playing as the same person.
                                      • R* Yon May 13 2012, 10:07amReplyFlag
                                        @_FVQU_ No worries, the characters in Max Payne 3 are very customizable, allowing everyone to look unique, you'll get to check out all that multiplayer has to offer in just a few days!
                                    • Theshow86on May 12 2012, 4:58pmReplyFlag
                                      hey R* i pre-ordered the special edition and i was wondering would i still get the graveyard bonus map?
                                      • R* Aon May 12 2012, 5:20pmReplyFlag
                                        @Theshow86 Hit us at with your question including which retailer you pre-ordered through. Cheers.
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