“Payne Killer” - Latest in the Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Artwork Series

Posted on May 8 2012, 5:48pm | Author: R* W | Filed Under: Games


Inspired by the treacherous Max Payne 3 Multiplayer mode of the same name, 'Payne Killer' is the latest entry in our Max Payne 3 Original Artwork series. In Payne Killer, one team of two plays as Max and his partner Passos gunning to stay alive for as long as possible - and everybody else plays as ruthless mercenaries armed to the teeth, relentlessly trying to take them down.

Designed as the multiplayer evolution of Max Payne 2’s "Dead Man Walking" mode - which put Max up against a continuously streaming onslaught of adversaries - Payne Killer begins as a traditional deathmatch contest, but the first killer and their victim become Max and Passos, gaining special weapons and abilities that give them a fighting chance against all the other remaining players now looking to supplant them. The primary objective for all other players becomes eliminating Max & Passos, earning points based on staying alive and dealing damage as well as landing lethal shots on either Max or Passos. Players that are Max or Passos score points by killing their would-be attackers. At the end of a match, whoever scores the most points is the victor.

This specific battle depicted in our artwork rendition takes place on the Tietê River at the Docks map, and sees Max and Passos laying waste to all-comers as the rain lashes down upon them. As you can see, the pair are wielding some serious firepower to protect themselves. Passos is blasting away with an MPK, part of the Submachine Gun range, and Max is pumping out deadly rounds with the show-stopping M4 Super 90 shotgun.

This piece of art, and a whole lot more, can be downloaded in the full range of desktop and mobile wallpaper sizes, backgrounds, buddy icons, avatars and even a Facebook Cover version - all at the Rockstar Games Downloads section or at the Max Payne 3 official site.

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Series Artwork: “Ambush”
Max Payne 3 Original Artwork: "Reckoning"
Max Payne 3 Original Artwork: "Transfer Deadline"
Max Payne 3 Original Artwork: "Downpour"

  • toc-brotheron July 1 2012, 4:31pmReplyFlag
    Hi! Is it possible to know the name of the artworks designer? is the same guy worked on GTAIV artworks seen in loading, RDR and MP3 artworks? thanks
    • coochyon May 10 2012, 10:46pmReplyFlag
      you know who else has great art work?...... MY MOM. WOOO! ps awesome stuff R*
      • Josemanzuron May 9 2012, 10:05pmReplyFlag
        I am also very happy with the new improved site, now you can answer and interact with other users, a pleasure to comment on this page, I am very satisfied.
      • Josemanzuron May 9 2012, 10:01pmReplyFlag
        Amazing! I can't wait for the game. Greetings from Chile!
        • scareface1970on May 9 2012, 4:04pmReplyFlag
          I like this artwork i putt it in my R* & MaxPayne artwork collection :)

          THNX ***Rockstar*** :D:D:D
          • 2pacabraon May 9 2012, 2:13pmReplyFlag
            nice :)
            • DarkMythHunteron May 9 2012, 1:56pmReplyFlag

              Dan Tony.
              • Christobell46on May 9 2012, 12:29pmReplyFlag
                Cool!! :)
                • N9ne0sBabyon May 9 2012, 12:23pmReplyFlag
                  As always, great artwork.
                  • viceguy97on May 9 2012, 12:18pmReplyFlag
                    I really hope this will be server in game. I love flood fights
                    • R* Aon May 9 2012, 12:11pmReplyFlag
                      Thanks all!
                      • helplessidioton May 9 2012, 11:55amReplyFlag
                        nice artwork :D
                        • WolfRogerson May 9 2012, 10:52amReplyFlag
                          @Rockstar: Hey guys, just curious, do you know about that TV Show by the TNT Network called L.A. Noir? It's about Cops in LA during the 1940's and moving into the 1950's as they deal with Corruption and the vices of the city.

                          Just wondering because that sounds very similar to something I can't quite put my finger on.
                          • R* Aon May 9 2012, 12:12pmReplyFlag
                            @WolfRogers Way off topic, but the TV show is not related to our game
                        • Sprunk1995on May 9 2012, 8:17amReplyFlag
                          Not as cool as the cover wallpaper but it's cool anyway. Good job Rockstar
                          • nidal911on May 9 2012, 7:32amReplyFlag
                            the BEST maxpayne 3 ARTWORK so far...............
                            this is my new desktop BACKGRIUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                            GOOD JOB R*
                            • 0utlaw75on May 9 2012, 6:15amReplyFlag
                              this one is dope ! Good Job R* :)
                              • BlackCore1on May 9 2012, 5:56amReplyFlag
                                Great artwork!!
                                Its my new PS3 background
                                • Champion_XistenZon May 9 2012, 5:40amReplyFlag
                                  Is MP left or right handed yo?
                                • SlupekPLon May 9 2012, 4:07amReplyFlag
                                  Damnnnnnn, artwork is absolutely amazing.

                                  9 dayssssssssssss to release MP3 (Poland).
                                  • Pike187on May 9 2012, 4:00amReplyFlag
                                    Great artwork. Payne killer, can't wait to play it!
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