Fan-Made Red Dead Redemption Trailers (Found on YouTube)

Posted on February 8 2010, 2:48pm | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Games

With the over ten minutes of total Red Dead Redemption footage out there thanks to our Official Trailers and Gameplay Series videos released to date, fans have started having a go at remixing and matching to create their own original homage trailers.

It's great to see these appearing on YouTube:

This first one is an earnest approach created in the tradition of classic Western trailers by th3warr1or a/k/a GamaHershlag...

And the second one, created by GamerMV, is Jersey - all the way… 

Good stuff...

Beaterator User-Jams: 1 Turntable & a PSP (Found on YouTube)

  • Jay-Prosperoon April 3 2010, 7:07amReplyFlag
    Preordered, cannot wait any longer so here ya go Rockstar...
    • ghosthost100on February 16 2010, 6:32amReplyFlag
      • CrisFormedon February 13 2010, 1:37amReplyFlag
        I like that you guys allow these kinds of videos to be made.
        • R4W-G335T4Ron February 12 2010, 11:52amReplyFlag
          hi rockstar i cant beleive how far your games have come since the very first 1 take gta 3 for example the first free oam game in 3d that you created and now you got gta 4 and RDR i cant wait for this absulultly amazing game to be realeased in the uk im not much of first person shooter / free roame game but i will definitly be buying this game and any add on content for it keep up the brillient work and hope to play more amazing games in the future

          your fan
          • jscottm1981on February 11 2010, 10:10amReplyFlag
            • Jake1476on February 9 2010, 9:29pmReplyFlag
              I agree with Sirrah, most would just file with youtube for lack of rights and misuse of R*'s property...
              • th3warr1oron February 9 2010, 4:41pmReplyFlag
                Well said Sirrah. Thank you Rockstar :)
                • Sirrah91on February 9 2010, 2:20pmReplyFlag
                  Anyone else would have sent DMCA notices to YouTube and never mentioned these again. You guys are inspiring - you know that one of the most important elements of making money is keeping your customers happy, and you do exactly that by delivering great products and treating your customers with the respect they deserve.

                  Thank you, Rockstar. Keep up the good work.
                  • DanMcReaon February 9 2010, 11:03amReplyFlag
                    I think that both trailers are damn good :)
                    • DanMcReaon February 9 2010, 11:03amReplyFlag
                      I think that both trailers are damn good :)
                      • periKilleron February 9 2010, 10:08amReplyFlag
                        I like the first one
                        • ghosthost100on February 9 2010, 8:53amReplyFlag
                          You are right unless the use my trailer that I thought was good :,(
                          • -ssp92-on February 9 2010, 5:15amReplyFlag
                            Bad_fur_day@ give it a rest.
                            • th3warr1oron February 9 2010, 4:54amReplyFlag
                              Lol @ Bad_fur_day.
                              • VincentMcCawon February 8 2010, 11:34pmReplyFlag
                                Eh... There are better fan-made remixes out there, like the remix of the first trailer that used a 3:10 to Yuma song.
                                • nick980on February 8 2010, 7:21pmReplyFlag
                                  • bad_fur_dayon February 8 2010, 6:00pmReplyFlag
                                    Please don't post anymore fan made videos, they really suck, and they degrade the quality of Red Dead and the great material you guys have done to uplift it.
                                    • DeafAtheiston February 8 2010, 5:10pmReplyFlag
                                      Nice remixes of stuff we've already seen, but it would really be nice to see some previews of the multiplayer soon.
                                      • reddamnrevolveron February 8 2010, 4:49pmReplyFlag
                                        nice that good want this game even more. : )
                                        • themilkybarkid1on February 8 2010, 4:39pmReplyFlag
                                          I am pre ordering it 2morrow I can't wait
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