Beaterator Breakdown: Looping Around the Competition (iPhone / iPod touch) (Part One)

Posted on February 11 2010, 10:05am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Music, Games

The dynamic functionality of Beaterator for iPhone and iPod touch easily allows anyone to create powerful and innovative mixes.  Mastering the art of looping will propel your content above the competition, and help you stand out amongst the crowd when uploading your masterworks to the Beaterator Community at Rockstar Social Club.  Here are some tips that will help hone your looping skills:

A Starting Point - The Loops screen is a great starting point for making a song.  Play around with the various Templates – found in New Song on the Main Menu – until you find one you want to work with.  Spend a little time jamming to get a feel for the arrangement of loops, and replace or remove any you don’t want.  Then tap the 'Record' button and start jamming for real.  In no time at all, you will have recorded the basics and can then go to the Song screen to do some finer editing.

(Selecting the right Template is the first step to getting your musical creativity flowing.)

The Loop Picker - Use the Loop Picker at the bottom of the screen to change which loops you will place in each track.  Whatever loop is shown there will be the loop you place down when you tap in the song.  The available loops for the track you tapped will be slightly brighter, and all the current loops for each track – that is, the loops displayed on the Loop Picker bar – are brighter still.  While in the Loop Picker, you can tap a loop to preview it.  If you want to change the loop, tap and hold a loop to remove it, and tap the empty loop slot to browse for a replacement.

(Experiment with different loops until you find the right rhythm.)

In addition to these tips, use the Transport Slider to quickly scroll to other parts of the song.  Access the Transport Slider by touching the small horizontal line icon on the top of the Loop screen or Song screen.  Also, don't forget to make use of the Mute Tracks feature when you are working on specific parts of a song, especially when working with effects.  Remember to keep it simple!  If your song starts to sound bad, you might be mixing too many loops together at that point, or even mixing loops that don’t sound quite right next to each other.

Stay tuned for more looping tips in the future.  If you haven't gotten your hands on it yet, head over to the App Store and cop it – it's only $2.99 for a limited time - get on it!

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  • JblueofTHCENTon December 7 2015, 2:01amReplyFlag
    • JblueofTHCENTon December 7 2015, 2:00amReplyFlag
      When will be another beaterator contest?
      • trippykidon November 14 2010, 10:25pmReplyFlag
        im sad, my genre isnt represented. 145-180 bpm hard dance ftw!
        • keyzeyBon March 3 2010, 10:55pmReplyFlag
          will there be another san andreas...
          • nattananon February 26 2010, 7:32amReplyFlag
            • Str8SickMelodiezon February 25 2010, 12:31amReplyFlag
              O Dats 4 Beaterator For I-Phone ..... Thanks Again !!!!
              • Str8SickMelodiezon February 25 2010, 12:29amReplyFlag
                Sup Yall, Just Wanted 2 Know If Sum 1 On Here Can Help Me Out On How 2 Publish My Tracks From My I-Phone?? I'm Already A Member, & I Can Already Upload My Tracks & Downloads Them Back 2 Myself, But Yeah Is There A Setting I Gotta Unable Or Sumthing I Gotta Do In My Account Where By It Gives Me The Option 2 Publish ???/ Thanks 2 Ne 1 Dat Helps Me Out !!!!!!
                • tod-doton February 13 2010, 5:18pmReplyFlag
                  I really think you guys should take GTA-San Andreas from ps2 and put it on to ps3 system and fix up the graphics like Gta 4. And also make it so you can play online. I bet you so many people would like it. Trust me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST DO ONE THING FOR ME PLEASE!!!!!!! PUT A LIKE OR DISLIKE THING ON YOUR PAGE AND SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD LIKE MY IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU IF YOU TAKE MY GREAT IDEA
                  • aj8494on February 11 2010, 3:29pmReplyFlag
                    beaterator is awesome. i rented it from gamefly for psp but since it is 3 bucks il download it tomorw when i get my iTouch.
                    and btw yay first comment (unless someone posted one a few seconds after i loaded this page)
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