Max Payne 3 Action Series Wallpapers Featuring PT92 Laser Sight Reload and a Descent into the Favelas

Posted on April 20 2012, 5:33pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

Check out this brand-new selection of Max Payne 3 Action Series digital desktops, backgrounds, avatars and icons - now available for download and added to the backgrounds seen at the game's official site.

This week's set features Max descending into the favelas of São Paulo in his search for Fabiana Branco, a close-up of Max reloading his laser sight equipped PT92 handgun and a hi-res edition of Max wielding the M4 Super 90 as originally seen in our recent Shotguns of Max Payne 3 feature.

Grab these and the previously released backgrounds from the Action Series at the Max Payne 3 official site Downloads section or here at Rockstar Downloads - also including sizes tailored for mobile devices, Twitter backgrounds (1280x1024), and Facebook Covers.

Action Series Wallpapers Featuring Dual-Wielding and NY Standoff
Action Series Wallpapers Featuring Kill-Cam, Shootdodge & More

  • R* Yon April 25 2012, 11:21amReplyFlag
    @Christobell46 @Josemanzurcerda Thanks!

    @LiL.A.King We usually don't discuss that, as it only leads to bickering and such, you can expect all three platforms to provide the complete Max Payne 3 experience as we originally envisioned
    • Josemanzuron April 23 2012, 8:21pmReplyFlag
      Awesome screens! I can't wait for the game!!!
      • Cameron3628on April 23 2012, 4:42pmReplyFlag
        Does anyone know if max payne is free play? I dont like being told how to play a game
        • UndeadMetalheadon April 23 2012, 12:55amReplyFlag
          I can already feel this one in the lag-o-sphere R.I.P. My PC You will be missed after you die from intense gameplay, of MP3 and that other game we can't mention.
          • LiL.A.Kingon April 22 2012, 3:27pmReplyFlag

            Yeah ingame screens... but PS3 or PC?! ^^
            • Christobell46on April 22 2012, 3:58amReplyFlag
              Awesome screens!! :)
              • emadew547on April 21 2012, 7:15pmReplyFlag
                @r* can u customize ur weapons for example laser sight, suppressor PLZ REPLY IT WOULD MEAN ALOT
                • R* Yon April 21 2012, 2:22pmReplyFlag
                  Great to see all of you are loving the new commercial!

                  @WhattaG These are all from in-game action, and bear in mind that all of these action series wallpapers as well as Max Payne 3 screenshots and videos are from actual gameplay
                  • WhattaGon April 21 2012, 12:53pmReplyFlag
                    Who makes these wall papers?

                    Are they just screenshots enhanced in photoshop?
                    • PsychoClaavuson April 21 2012, 12:51pmReplyFlag
                      This post was so good...

                      That gave CANCER
                      • FreeX7on April 21 2012, 12:43pmReplyFlag
                        They already answered this question in the morning:
                        We will be confirming PC system specs on Monday along with some new PC screens."

                        So we can expect the requirements on 23rd April then.. finally. I hope they won't be too high and that it will be similar to GTAV.
                        • nash4mon April 21 2012, 12:33pmReplyFlag
                          Thanx my beloved R* i love your wallpapers
                          I always use them for my ipad,iphone and laptop
                          • Artyshoon April 21 2012, 11:59amReplyFlag
                            Thanks R*

                            I'd like to get one with sawn off, not too violent if possible :o

                            I would have seen this one with Max a bottle in his hand and smoked cigarettes

                            • NYPDMAXPAYNEon April 21 2012, 10:48amReplyFlag
                              Was awesome seeing it live last night during the game!
                              • VinnieGognitti0on April 21 2012, 10:45amReplyFlag
                                yea pretty awesome it dosent even matter any more what rockstar shows or not we all love max payne 3 at this point to the max they have done an awesome job with max payne 3 its only 24 days left so either way time is finnaly on or side of watting for this
                                • Emanuel_Bergeron April 21 2012, 10:37amReplyFlag
                                  Wow, so amazed by the new tv spot. Thanks for uploading it R*! Looks all incredible and the sound, wow, simply wow!!!!

                                  From the makers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. HELL YES, I get the game guys!!!!!
                                  • BorisBlackon April 21 2012, 10:36amReplyFlag
                                    Daaaamn!!! Just watched the TV-trailer, blown away.
                                    The beginning with the flying bullet = EPIC!
                                    • SlupekPLon April 21 2012, 10:32amReplyFlag
                                      • Ray_VelcoroSKon April 21 2012, 10:31amReplyFlag
                                        Max Payne 3 commercial...Looks awesomeee:
                                        Thanks R*
                                        • ace189on April 21 2012, 10:19amReplyFlag
                                          Just watched the commercial, Its the best thing to have ever grace my TV, for those that want to see it, its on R*'s youtube page
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