Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition PSN Official Social Club Multiplayer Event w/ Triple XP (April 20, 4-7PM Eastern)

Posted on April 19 2012, 10:55am | Author: R* Y | Filed Under: Social Club, Games

Update: The event and sweepstakes have ended. Thanks to everyone that joined us, and enjoy Triple XP all weekend.

Following up an afternoon with Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition on April 5th, we continue our month on PlayStation Network Friday April 20th with a Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition multiplayer event from 4-7pm Eastern, the latest in the Rockstar Games Social Club Multiplayer Events Series. Triple XP will be live for both consoles.

Next up after this event ends: a month with Max Payne 3. Beginning Tuesday May 15th, we'll be playing every single day into June, including several multiplayer events with live video, chat and big prizes. Have a look at the official Spring calendar for full details.

For Friday, head over to the Social Club multiplayer events page where we'll have a video stream and live chat, plus we're giving away two hand-painted Red Dead Redemption controllers. Additionally, 20 runners-up will win Rockstar prize packs, each containing a Rockstar shirt, Red Dead playing cards and stickers.

And for those of you playing, not to worry if you don't own the Game of the Year Edition. Any version of Red Dead or Undead Nightmare is compatible with Game of the Year Edition multiplayer.


  • RedDeadDev3
  • RedDeadDev4
  • RedDeadDev5
  • RedDeadDev6
Start multiplayer from the main menu, choosing 'Normal' from the list of difficulties. This will place you into a Free Roam lobby. It's best to invite at least one friend and form a posse, but this is not required. Then enter the game mode being discussed by "SocialClub" in the chat.

Free Roam is the hub of your online experience. Supporting up to 16 players, Free Roam allows you to explore with your friends and enemies, take out the gangs of outlaws or launch into more structured gameplay using the markers placed around the world. We'll be forming posses and then heading into several game modes during the event.

To start the game, invite your friends, form a posse and find Rockstar, follow these steps:

  1. From the main menu, press 'Start' and then enter 'Online Multiplayer' by pressing the 'Square' button, and choose 'Normal'.
  2. Once in a Free Roam lobby, press the 'Select' button to open the in-game multiplayer menu.
  3. Press the 'R1' button and then the 'Triangle' button to 'Show Friends'. Invite at least one friend into your posse using the 'X' button.
  4. Once your friends are in the game, press the 'Triangle' button again to return to the 'Players' menu and select them with the 'X' button to 'Propose New Posse' or 'Send Posse Invite'.
  5. Once you and your friends are ready to go, start up the game mode we're currently playing. We'll announce modes in the chat.

And if you want lots more chances to play with Rockstar, and a good load of Triple XP for Red Dead, follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We usually go online once or twice a week...

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  • Jakeola1on July 16 2013, 11:07pmReplyFlag
    Hey guys how do i report cheaters?
    • pedropablo44on April 29 2012, 3:52pmReplyFlag

      GTAV: OCTOBER,27,2012


      BULLY2:This information will be given next to the second trailer that will be in June gta5 (with bully happen as with grand theft auto, gta show much information but almost no bully), in this new game the main character jimmy hopckins be sent to miami in search of their father the cruise but these will have an accident in this and the government decides him in a completely new school, new friends, new bands besides weapons etc. jimmy turn 18 so you'll have to get driver's licenses and you can handle airplanes, motorcycles and more, nose nothing but that still does not end

      • xkiller99on April 27 2012, 10:32amReplyFlag
        would be cool to walk in a R* logo t-shirts my friends would be jalous (Gta freaks)
        • scareface1970on April 26 2012, 11:49amReplyFlag
          @ ahetFIN Thanks friend, HAH... Yes those controllers are still so Far Away (lol) reminds me of a REAL good song :)

          @ Kuya_Ed Thanks bro you to congrats for winning. Good to see that there are some guy's that have peace with it that i won a few times a sweep prize :D

          This All THNX To ***Rockstar*** For All The Cool Sweepstakes :D:D:D
          • Kuya_Edon April 26 2012, 9:48amReplyFlag

            although i received an email yesterday regarding being a runner up as a potential winner ..... congrats to you dude!!
            • ahetFINon April 26 2012, 8:44amReplyFlag
              @scareface1970 Haha, so close but yet so far away. Those controllers I mean :) But congratulations again!
              Also I wonder if these were the last RDR controllers they are giving away and if there will be Max Payne controllers as prize in the coming events.
              Anyways, see you in the Max Payne events!
              • scareface1970on April 26 2012, 4:19amReplyFlag
                OK eveyone would be angry at me now because i WON again the sweepstakes.

                SORRY friends but it's RANDOM choosen. And i sign into the sweepstakes because i try also to win one of those cool HAND PAINTED CONTROLLERS just like you all do.
                And the last sweepstakes and this one i orderd a small T-shirt for my kids.

                I won a few times in more than i think 1-1/2 or 2 years and there are more people that win that often but you don't know who they are, and you all know my name so thats why you see this. And guy's i go further for the MaxPayne3 sweepstakes for a cool Max Shirt or other cool MP3 gear :)
                There are some guy's that think STOP then signing into the sweepstakes but i 1 person stops and there are more then hundreds that also sign in and could win a prize.

                Again SORRY friends don't be angry @ me and @ Rockstar.
                maybe this is the last time i win a sweep :(

                Thanks ***Rockstar*** For The Prizes :D:D:D

                Greetz from a LUCKY guy.
                • R* Yon April 25 2012, 4:58pmReplyFlag
                  @GTALAD4EVA Thanks

                  @alo1992 We'll certainly have a look and try to get you a 3XL

                  @Thanossapiens We might have more Triple XP coming up next week or the week after, watch our Twitter and Facebook pages for messages like this:

                  @a0_killa Please send that to Support, they'll be able to document the issue and pass it along:
                  • alo1992on April 25 2012, 4:48pmReplyFlag
                    I am one of the winners and was wondering if you had any more 3xl shirts left to send in my prize pack
                    instead of the 2xl if not that is ok
                    • a0215180on April 25 2012, 12:01amReplyFlag
                      Hey rockstar not trying to get off topic but there is a new way to Rapid Fire,Flying,and invincibility in multiplayer can you please release a title update?ill show you how if necessary thank you.
                      • edsoncamtrilhaon April 24 2012, 3:20pmReplyFlag
                        I agree
                        • louis1993on April 24 2012, 12:03pmReplyFlag
                          this is the RDR 2 the first RDR is Red Dead Revolver (ps2) second RDR is Red Dead Redemption.
                          i think a 3th one is not necessary YET maybe in 3-5 years
                          • Kerell793on April 24 2012, 9:59amReplyFlag
                            • Kerell793on April 24 2012, 9:58amReplyFlag
                              If we play, you can turn on the chat.
                              • Kerell793on April 24 2012, 8:59amReplyFlag
                                Are you going to make Red dead redemption 2?
                                • Kerell793on April 24 2012, 8:56amReplyFlag
                                  RDR3. We can play this Wednesday Moscow time with 3-4 and on Thursday, the current early.
                                  • Thanossapienson April 24 2012, 7:05amReplyFlag
                                    can you have triple xp at Saturday??Please??I have a party

                                    and @GTALAD4EVA
                                    it's VERY laggy and im sure that they have the whole thing in HD...
                                    • iLewisGTAon April 24 2012, 1:21amReplyFlag
                                      I know some of you missed the RDR event, or just wanted to see some bits, so I recorded the whole 3 hours.

                                      Here is the link -

                                      I spent alot of time trying to get it uploaded, but did it in the end. I'd be very thankful if you could give the video a thumbs up too.

                                      Also @R*, Hopefully you can use this in your recap or even just mention it, cheers guys. See you all of May 18th on PSN for some Max Payne 3!
                                      • R* Aon April 23 2012, 10:50amReplyFlag
                                        @Cookio You should hit up the Support team, they can help.

                                        @Kerell793 We'll have another live streaming Red Dead multiplayer event over the summer, but make sure you're watching us on Facebook and Twitter as we will be jumping on to play much sooner - like maybe tomorrow...
                                        • Kerell793on April 23 2012, 8:49amReplyFlag
                                          RDR3 when will next multiplayers events in red dead redemption,we can play with you into a zombie?
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