Max Payne Mobile Coming to iOS Devices on April 12th and Android Devices on April 26th

Posted on April 6 2012, 9:00am | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

We’re pleased to announce that Max Payne Mobile will be available exclusively for iOS devices on Thursday, April 12th, with the Android version launching two weeks later on April 26th.

The full classic Max Payne PC experience, Max Payne Mobile has been optimized for both iOS and Android devices and features HD graphics, high-resolution textures, Social Club connectivity and user-customizable controls.

Max Payne Mobile on iOS supports the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4, iPad 1, iPad 2 and the new iPad. We'll have a list of supported Android devices in the coming weeks.

Check out a few screenshots from the iOS version below, and look for it on the App Store next week.

Dual-weilding his trusty Berettas, Max shootdodges to let fly at some Punchinello family goons.

Stepping through the ruins after laying waste to some would-be assailants.

Close to death but with plenty of painkillers on hand, Max fires shots from his dual Ingrams from below.

  • Schmierwurston September 1 2012, 7:40amReplyFlag
    Why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 not supported? I really would like to buy this game before September 4th..
    • VANOBONDon June 12 2012, 3:17amReplyFlag
      will be a version on wp7
      • ANTON_GOTon June 8 2012, 8:07amReplyFlag
        more than a month as you have promised to release max payne for android, well, when will it still happen?
        • bambam61on May 30 2012, 5:10pmReplyFlag
          where is android version ? :@
          • Troleoneon May 5 2012, 6:31amReplyFlag
            Yo, Rockstar, can you tell me something about this game? Can I run it on ICS? GTA III won`t working after update from GB...
            Sorry for my English :)
            • R* Yon April 26 2012, 4:03pmReplyFlag
              @Phyxius33 Apologies to you and everyone else on Android, we'll be sure to let you know when we have more info in the next few days, stay tuned

              @Haxo1989 Please contact our Support team so they can help sort out your issue:
              • Phyxius33on April 26 2012, 12:49pmReplyFlag
                so? why isn't it released yet? or has it been released in the US but not Canada?
                • Phyxius33on April 15 2012, 2:08pmReplyFlag
                  will there be eventual opportunities for mods on the android version of max payne like on the pc version?
                  • Haxo1989on April 12 2012, 3:02pmReplyFlag
                    Hey Rockstar Games,

                    I was soo excited to hear for max payne coming to my iphone. Sadly the app crashes everytime i try. pls help :(

                    thank you
                    • Numeratoron April 12 2012, 12:16amReplyFlag
                      This game is great I just downloaded it. I stayed up all night for it on my new IPad.
                      • Nyu727on April 11 2012, 4:54pmReplyFlag
                        Never really played any of the Max Payne games but Max Payne 3 looking as good as it does and how fun GTA 3 on My Ipod was I'm sure this will be a great game and I can't wait for it!
                        • thejon1945on April 11 2012, 4:11pmReplyFlag
                          i hope that some day R* releases a gta sa for iPad if its possible
                          • TitsMcGheheyon April 11 2012, 2:07pmReplyFlag

                            You do realize HD is just a gimmick that only indicates that games are rendered in 1280 x 720p resolution or above. If you want to play high definition versions of the classic GTA trilogy, play the PC versions, they all run on FULL HD and even above. Don't let all those hd re-releases fool you, its a marketing gimmick.
                            • Raab89on April 11 2012, 2:05pmReplyFlag
                              Fanexklusiv - Theme Max Payne 3
                              • BIG_STRONG_NIKOon April 11 2012, 7:55amReplyFlag
                                Any chance of a Windows Phone 7 version ????
                                • TangenteTimo890on April 10 2012, 8:38pmReplyFlag
                                  thanks R* can not wait to play max payne on my ipad
                                  • R* Aon April 10 2012, 8:00pmReplyFlag
                                    @DH15081998 Yes, this is the first Max Payne game from 2001

                                    @fatihPAIN It should be up by Thursday morning, we'll be making an announcement here at the Newswire to confirm its availability

                                    Thx all
                                    • fatihPAINon April 10 2012, 7:50pmReplyFlag
                                      Rockstar, i have a question, any info on what time the game releases on the 12th? For us europeans? I bought an ipad just for this game! :) love u rockstar
                                      • DanielBonellion April 10 2012, 1:39pmReplyFlag
                                        R* is that the first max payne?? and in the pic he look like cloude from gta 3 lol
                                        • 71504on April 10 2012, 8:37amReplyFlag
                                          Must have this ASAP
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