Beaterator: Video Tips Series by Dubspot

Posted on January 22 2010, 1:27pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Music, Games

The good folks at Dubspot, the premier music school specializing in electronic music production & DJ’ing located right near our home base here in NYC, have been touring schools across the country using Beaterator as a tool to help educate kids on the fundamental aspects of music theory and composition.

Now, on the official Dubspot blog – they’ve gone a step further and put together their own series of very helpful and informative instructional videos taking you through some of the more advanced mixing and music creation features of Beaterator for PSP.  

There’s 8 vids in total in the series ranging from mastering effects like Reverb, Delay, and Filter – to more advanced features like Loop Slicing and Sampling Live Instruments – and even the finer points of using the Synth Editor to create what they call a “Dubstep Wobble” (as featured in our most recent Beaterator Breakdowns installment).

Check out to see the full set of clips – and also check out some episodes from their nationwide schools tour here.

  • nattananon February 26 2010, 7:36amReplyFlag
    January 23 at 4:46pm
    IP racism? What a joke. Have you ever thought that it may not be Rockstar's fault? And have you ever thought to buy the UMD version of the games? If you went and bought a PSP Go without doing the research first that's your own fault.
    • nattananon February 26 2010, 7:36amReplyFlag
      dude i speak about iphone. everbody else has no problems to release apps in whole europe the very same day. there is NOTHING special about switzerland. hell we're not some 3rd world country or china with no copyright law or something. so it just must be rockstars resp. take 2's weird legal department which is just complicated as hell. guess they got to big, they start to do the same s**t as EA.
      • nattananon February 26 2010, 7:35amReplyFlag

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