Beaterator Breakdown: The Power of the Synth Editor

Posted on January 6 2010, 8:35am | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Music, Games

Behind Beaterator for PSP’s easy-to-use interface are some pretty powerful music creation tools.  In previous Beaterator Breakdowns, we’ve looked at the Loop Slicer and how to create complex drum sounds using Trigger Velocity.  Today (and thanks to Adriaan on the suggestion), we’re going to get deep into the heart of Beaterator and show you the potential that lies within the Synth Editor.  From here, you can create your own rumbling subsonic basslines, cool sounds to use in the melody crafter, and if you’re a bit of a synth ninja, you can even make your own original drum sounds.

For non-musicians like us, the Synth Editor may appear a little intimidating at first: rows of knobs affecting every possible parameter.  But to easily get right into experimenting with what the Synth Editor can do, start with the knobs at the top left. That’s where you choose perameters for what kind of sound wave you’re going to be working with - with options of a "sine wave" (a smooth sound) and a "sawtooth" (a rougher, buzzier style sound).

From there, you can choose a range of effects and filters to alter the character, pitch and tone of the sound.  Small differences in each parameter can have huge effects on the sound itself, so make sure to experiment as much as possible.  Really, that's the best way for a novice beatmaker to truly strike gold with the Synth Editor - load up a sound that you like to start with, and then just experiment away with the various knobs and settings and you'll likely wind up with a serendipitous original creation to use in your mixes and songs.  If you want to get really advanced, you can shift the parameters over time, and record your movements to create amazingly diverse sounds.

To give an example of just what's possible, below is a video from our friends at the Dubspot music education center demo'ing how to create a classic wobbly Bassline with the Synth Editor:



Look out for more breakdowns of Beaterator production techniques, from simple shortcuts to more advanced ways to supe up your songs.  In the meantime, if you have a production tip of your own to offer or are looking for advice on an area of Beaterator PSP you’d like us to breakdown in a future installment here, give us a shout via comments below or shoot us an e-mail.

Also look out for tips for the recently released iPhone & iPod touch version of Beaterator soon.

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  • cbeatzon September 17 2010, 6:47pmReplyFlag
    can one of u rockstar guys explain to me why my songs wont appear on the website? it says uploaded successfully but its never there.
    • customcomicon March 10 2010, 10:33pmReplyFlag
      "you can shift the parameters over time, and record your movements to create amazingly diverse sounds" How exactly? i cant figure it out.

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