Beaterator Breakdown: The Power of the Synth Editor

Posted on January 6 2010, 8:35am | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Music, Games

Behind Beaterator for PSP’s easy-to-use interface are some pretty powerful music creation tools.  In previous Beaterator Breakdowns, we’ve looked at the Loop Slicer and how to create complex drum sounds using Trigger Velocity.  Today (and thanks to Adriaan on the suggestion), we’re going to get deep into the heart of Beaterator and show you the potential that lies within the Synth Editor.  From here, you can create your own rumbling subsonic basslines, cool sounds to use in the melody crafter, and if you’re a bit of a synth ninja, you can even make your own original drum sounds.

For non-musicians like us, the Synth Editor may appear a little intimidating at first: rows of knobs affecting every possible parameter.  But to easily get right into experimenting with what the Synth Editor can do, start with the knobs at the top left. That’s where you choose perameters for what kind of sound wave you’re going to be working with - with options of a "sine wave" (a smooth sound) and a "sawtooth" (a rougher, buzzier style sound).

From there, you can choose a range of effects and filters to alter the character, pitch and tone of the sound.  Small differences in each parameter can have huge effects on the sound itself, so make sure to experiment as much as possible.  Really, that's the best way for a novice beatmaker to truly strike gold with the Synth Editor - load up a sound that you like to start with, and then just experiment away with the various knobs and settings and you'll likely wind up with a serendipitous original creation to use in your mixes and songs.  If you want to get really advanced, you can shift the parameters over time, and record your movements to create amazingly diverse sounds.

To give an example of just what's possible, below is a video from our friends at the Dubspot music education center demo'ing how to create a classic wobbly Bassline with the Synth Editor:



Look out for more breakdowns of Beaterator production techniques, from simple shortcuts to more advanced ways to supe up your songs.  In the meantime, if you have a production tip of your own to offer or are looking for advice on an area of Beaterator PSP you’d like us to breakdown in a future installment here, give us a shout via comments below or shoot us an e-mail.

Also look out for tips for the recently released iPhone & iPod touch version of Beaterator soon.

Beaterator Breakdown: Getting the Most out of Trigger Velocity
Teaching Music with Beaterator

  • cbeatzon September 17 2010, 6:47pmReplyFlag
    can one of u rockstar guys explain to me why my songs wont appear on the website? it says uploaded successfully but its never there.
    • customcomicon March 10 2010, 10:33pmReplyFlag
      "you can shift the parameters over time, and record your movements to create amazingly diverse sounds" How exactly? i cant figure it out.
      • DHoff_22on January 7 2010, 11:26pmReplyFlag
        @ CharmingCharlie

        I completely agree with you.

        R* get your act together.
        • R* Qon January 7 2010, 5:07pmReplyFlag
          @ninja_tom Thanks for the suggestion – we’re definitely looking to continue making helpful walkthroughs for you guys – is there any specific area that we can illuminate for ya? Doing a piece on how to make a complete song could get kinda long, heh.

          As for all of the chatter that is miles off topic – come on, guys – we’ve said before that we can’t and won’t address anything unannounced or speculative here. This is not the place to lodge random complaints – those who persist in doing so may just see the ban hammer.
          • ati_kiralyon January 7 2010, 4:22amReplyFlag

            Hey, thanks for the info but who knows if it's true or not I want to hear it from R*'s official website. Oh, and I didn't mean you by 'annoying 360 fanboys', I meant those people who aren't just happy with what they got and shutting up but they are also insulting ps3 owners just for asking R* questions about the EFLC. I mean that I don't think that they would like it if we had the game and they didn't and we would start pissing them off.
            • Adriaanon January 6 2010, 7:42pmReplyFlag
              Ooh, hop topic.

              CharmingCharlie when I said it was a mistake it was my opinion, R* never said it was a mistake. What you brought up about the patch that is in preparation for the release I did not know (thx for that!). Obviously it's very easy for Lost and Damned to have been done for PC months now. But what's already produced is different from when it actually releases sometimes.

              Back to the achievements part, what I meant was it looks to me as though these achievements aren't officially on the Live service yet. They're not listed on the Live servers apart from those who installed the patch it seems.

              Usually these achievements only hit the Live service very close to a game release. These showed up for GTA IV PC consumes back in November. The game is not out yet, hence why I still believe it was a mistake to show up there in the first place back then.

              Back to what I said before, I really think it's very likely to end up on PC - especially given what you said above.

              I can understand where you're coming from though, anticipating the release. Why not just release it if it's done, right? Well, there obviously is a plan and that plan probably did not say a 2009 release. Then again, most GTA games are known for coming out later than their initial announced dates. Latest is Chinatown Wars PSP - which was set for a Fall release. No word on that, too.

              Lost and Damned PC was never announced, and R* has a history of not commenting on unannounced titles - even when it seems like "well why the hell not!?".

              @ati_kiraly: There were but a few times R*/T2 commented on a PS3 version - not recent as far as I know. I'm sure there's an article somewhere on the web, but I remember in 2008 during these online plays with R* someone asked one of the R* guys if it's coming to PS3 - and he actually said those words you don't often hear "It will not be coming to PS3". We don't know the exact details on the agreement with Microsoft. If your "360 fanboy" was directed at me, I have to tell you that 90% of my game play is on PS3 in fact.
              • ati_kiralyon January 6 2010, 3:34pmReplyFlag

                I'm not a PC fan but I have to agree with you, it's the same for the PS3 users we also have been waiting for ages and we didn't even get updates like you guys did. I'm not begging Rockstargames to make EFLC for PS3 (although I would like them to), I just want to know if they're going to make it for us or not and I don't want to hear the answer from those annoying 360 fanboys, i want to hear it from Rockstargames.
                • ninja_tomon January 6 2010, 3:26pmReplyFlag
                  The "Beaterator Breadown" articles are cool, but it would be great if we could have an article with a decent tutorial like a "my first song" using the PSP version? Its a bit of a maze to be honest but I am loving it anyway.

                  Also, does anyone know if there is a dedicated Rockstar Beaterator forum anywhere? I can't seem to find it on the web and it would be an excellent resource for asking newbie questions on Beaterator.

                  In the meantime, the articles are great and I look forward to the next one.,..
                  • CharmingCharlieon January 6 2010, 2:57pmReplyFlag
                    Adriaan it is not a mistake and the PR guys are so like going to tell you aren't they ? PC gamers are not basing their information on just the achievements being added. There is also the fact that Rockstar has ADDED a new command to the PC version which "uninstalls GFWL ingame content" now I guess that was a mistake too was it ?

                    So they "mistakenly" added the achievements and then they "mistakenly" added a new command to the PC version which is specifically targeted at "in game GFWL content". I mean come on, are Rockstar that incompetent ? ........... hm silly question.

                    Sorry for going off topic Rockstar but this is your own fault you have left PC gamers dangling for 2 months with a patch that has actually introduced MORE bugs. If you had just come straight out with a denial or confirmation all this could be avoided and PC gamers would leave you alone which is what you appear to want these days.
                    • Adriaanon January 6 2010, 2:24pmReplyFlag
                      Awesome stuff, guys - thanks! I watched the news report on Dubspot and I think it's great what they're doing.

                      The-Death22: I think that was just a mistake in November. Till this day achievements for The Lost and Damned are no where to be seen for the PC version if you view it on, meaning it's not on the Live system. It just accidentally showed up in the game after a patch was installed for people who actually have the game.

                      A R* PR rep at the time commented to that they weren't aware of it. If R* did plan to roll out the game back then, PR would have known.

                      I would say that looking at TTWO's business decisions the past three to four years, it is very likely that the two episodes are very likely to end up on PC. PS3 likelihood still up in the air though.
                      • The-Death22on January 6 2010, 1:46pmReplyFlag
                        s**tty News!!! We want information about the lost and damned achievements added to PC!!!
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