Rockstar Recommends: "The Proposition"

Posted on December 9 2009, 2:49pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Rockstar, Games

The Proposition (2005, Dir. John Hillcoat)

"I will civilize this land" announces Ray Winstone, as the justification for making a man kill his brother. The Proposition is a fantastic Western set in Australia, with an unbelievably atmospheric soundtrack and incredible cinematography.  It's a beautiful film that stands alongside the 2007 remake of 3.10 to Yuma as our favorite Western of the last decade.

Along with Straw Dogs, it's our favorite Western that is not set in the traditional "West", although you could also make a strong case for Fort Apache, The Bronx.

  • BWAAA89on August 4 2010, 5:43pmReplyFlag
    Fav Western

    • W1L428on June 14 2010, 5:46pmReplyFlag
      my favorite western is no country for old men
      • ironmanWarton June 9 2010, 9:14amReplyFlag
        hey just aks me is you need some new created game
        • __GTA__ACT__on December 23 2009, 9:53pmReplyFlag
          Thanks Rockstar
          • KidDraculaon December 16 2009, 10:44amReplyFlag
            Search out Sergio Corbucci's The Great Silence. It's a powerful and moody western set during an oppressive winter, with a mute hero and a ruthless villain played by Klaus Kinski!

            • Neickson December 13 2009, 10:51pmReplyFlag
              nice o.o
              • nait_doggon December 13 2009, 5:22pmReplyFlag
                This is a great film. And written by Nick Cave to boot - Nick is an Australian musician based in the UK for all you yanks. Well worth checking out.
                • bad_fur_dayon December 13 2009, 12:40amReplyFlag
                  Straw Dogs was very interesting... and I just love High Plains Drifter, so much. Watching I spit on your grave (banned) and playing M2 today. XD

                  • bad_fur_dayon December 10 2009, 7:10pmReplyFlag
                    Red Dead Redemption will be better than this. :D
                    • dominicangtaon December 10 2009, 7:12amReplyFlag
                      • ARMORALLLon December 9 2009, 11:53pmReplyFlag
                        I saw this movie. Pretty depressing actually.
                        • billagroomon December 9 2009, 11:40pmReplyFlag
                          Rockstar Rocks!!!!!!
                          PEAKED!! You are kidding right?
                          We will be playing GTA in 3D soon.

                          • Ghanaru_GTon December 9 2009, 10:50pmReplyFlag
                            has the GTA franchise peaked??
                            • bad_fur_dayon December 9 2009, 5:20pmReplyFlag
                              Sweet. Straw dogs looks particularly brutal. Found High Plains Drifter, I was wrong about 70's westerns, the're usually better than 80's and 90's ones. With the exception of Val Kilmers excellent Doc Holiday and...

                              Screw it, I'm going to suggest watching High Plains Drifter then the unofficial sequal (IMO) Unforgiven which is just damn unbefrickenlievable. O_o Best western ever. Mostly in context with the Man with no name. You guys don't mention that I will seriously have to re-evaluate Rockstars coolness levels. :p

                              There are some whoppers that are really recent that are more untraditional, one nominated and one won 4 oscars. I'll let you guys work that out for yourselves. I don't want to spoil the surprise. ^.~ hehe.
                              • Cris.ussenon December 9 2009, 5:15pmReplyFlag
                                looks a great movie, i going to search in any Video shop for rent it.
                                • chrislovespillson December 9 2009, 3:37pmReplyFlag
                                  av got all of Rockstars Games and looking forword to Red Dead Redemption, i herd u see people getting hanged in it and u also get to hunt animals aswell.
                                  • D4NZ3Lon December 9 2009, 3:06pmReplyFlag
                                    ^^i will join ur fan club for sure.

                                    And R* i will definatley buy/rent this it looks good from the trailer.
                                    • -OPAZO-on December 9 2009, 3:00pmReplyFlag
                                      thanks for the tip!
                                      im defenetly going to rent that movie!

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