Rockstar Recommends: “Point Blank”

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Point Blank (1967; Dir. John Boorman)

An aging, greying gunman single-mindedly out to reclaim what was taken from him must infiltrate a building teeming with armed enemy goons – get in, reach the man in charge at the top, and get out unscathed by cannily outwitting and outmanning them all. The type of job that calls for more of a myth than a man.

Starring Lee Marvin as the mysterious, unstoppable force known only as Walker and supported by an amazing cast that includes the stunning Angie Dickinson and a pre-Archie-Bunker Caroll O’Connor -  this surreal neo-noir crime film isn’t necessarily a direct inspiration of the Max Payne series or Max Payne 3 specifically, but there are many great stylistic parallels worth noting. The over-the-hill mythical hard man constantly facing impossible odds against a giant criminal organization. The haunting memories and tortured flashbacks to where it all went wrong. Even the sharp grey suit and the coincidence of a precarious helicopter-assisted cash drop orchestrated at an empty arena.

Remade in only the shallowest of plot-point respects in 1999 as the Mel Gibson vehicle “Payback”, we’d consider “Point Blank” to be the “High Plains Drifter” of Max Payne 3 Recommended films – a treat for Max fans who can appreciate a surreal take on the crime-action genre.

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  • fbloginon September 22 2016, 3:21amReplyFlag
    Thanks for sharing. I hope it will be helpful for too many people that are searching for this topic.
    • VBProjecton May 7 2012, 5:45pmReplyFlag
      Nice movie. And remake "Payback" even better.

      Thanks for recommendation!
      • Agent-Won April 24 2012, 6:26pmReplyFlag
        Old movies like this make me think about L.A. Noire!, thx for this great movie tailer R* :D
        • R* Yon April 2 2012, 11:34amReplyFlag
          @Marney-1 @WhatMakesUsHuman @bronxncat Cool, hope you guys enjoy it
          • Marney-1on April 1 2012, 7:37pmReplyFlag
            That is one long long corridor :D

            I really need to catch up on these movies.
            • WhatMakesUsHumanon March 31 2012, 2:48pmReplyFlag
              Thanks for the recommendation guys! It seems like a really good movie, I'll look for it ASAP.
              • jobo425on March 31 2012, 11:44amReplyFlag
                I too think that man on fire is like max Payne 3
                • Afroheadedgrouchon March 30 2012, 10:31pmReplyFlag
                  matlock has lost his nerve... lol looks like my kind of movie tho. thx for the suggestion Rockstar
                  • R* Yon March 30 2012, 8:17pmReplyFlag
                    @DGSimo Hope to have another look at it soon

                    @BillWilliamsonJr Yep, check it out:
                    • BillWilliamsonJron March 30 2012, 3:29pmReplyFlag
                      Thanks for the recommendation. Also, you guys are making a mural in L.A.?
                      • DGSimoon March 30 2012, 3:15pmReplyFlag
                        Hey *R how's that mural in L.A coming along? Any other snaps to share? Also it looks like there's a couple new background images in rotation on the official site. Nice!!

                        If you guys are going to check out Payback with Mel Gibson then you MUST SEE the director's cut. Far better version of the film IMO.
                        • MaxPayne1983on March 30 2012, 2:53pmReplyFlag
                          I think it's obvious, and everyone knows it, that Max Payne 3 has a lot in common with the movie Man on Fire. The style of the cutscenes (frenzy subtitles includes), the plot, the main character (John Creasy is very much a Max Payne kind of man). So, the next recommendation has to be Man on Fire, of course!

                          @ace189 nice screens!!
                          • R* Yon March 30 2012, 2:52pmReplyFlag
                            @Internetman96 Thanks, the same to you
                            • Internetman96on March 30 2012, 2:51pmReplyFlag
                              Nice R* thanks for that! By the way i wish everyone at R* a good weekend!
                              • R* Yon March 30 2012, 2:51pmReplyFlag
                                @AbAeterno @ace189 @ChicagoEnigma @Bosack01 @rafael470 @CrazyNiko187 Cheers all, and thanks for offering up more suggestions

                                @kristopherm3 Yes you can still pre-order the Max Payne 3 Special Edition on Monday, keep in mind that the rules above the Comment Box state that this is not a place to demand official responses from us, and that if you want our attention on something you can email us at
                                • ace189on March 30 2012, 2:35pmReplyFlag
                                  got some new screens this game looks soo great
                                  • rafael470on March 30 2012, 2:32pmReplyFlag
                                    Wow Max payne 3 like action movie thank u rockstargames
                                    • VeryHushHushon March 30 2012, 2:13pmReplyFlag
                                      Completely forgot about this. One I've never seen - thanks for the reminder R*
                                      And Lee Marvin always provides quality-acting!

                                      Keep recommending - I share your movie-taste!

                                      Starting LA Noire up again today, nothing like jumping into a R* world! :-)
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