Watch MAX PAYNE 3 MULTIPLAYER Gameplay Video Part One

Posted on March 28 2012, 12:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Presenting the first video in a special two-part series unveiling Max Payne 3 Multiplayer.

In the video above (also viewable in HD from the Videos sections of both the Rockstar Games and Max Payne 3 sites), see how Max Payne 3 Multiplayer brings the franchise's combination of highly responsive and cinematic shooting action to the realm of online multiplayer across a range of game modes, the implementation of Max’s signature Bullet Time® special ability and how we utilized the third-person perspective - allowing players to connect with a character they can see while still retaining full fluid control during gunplay.

Tomorrow, look for the first hands-on multiplayer previews to hit the web and stay tuned for Multiplayer Gameplay Part Two coming soon.

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  • Zitu500on May 2 2012, 2:07pmReplyFlag
    • NYPDMAXPAYNEon April 27 2012, 4:42pmReplyFlag
      Thank you for the continuing support of 911 NYC everyone!
      • NYPDMAXPAYNEon April 27 2012, 4:41pmReplyFlag
        Cant wait for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer!
        • R* Yon April 19 2012, 1:58pmReplyFlag
          @crazymexican95 Lots more news still to come for the game, stay tuned

          @jorgegira96 Good to see you're digging it!

          @DTJanesXbox360 No. You can expect Max Payne 3 to be similar to the first two games in the series, laid out as a lot of different levels, check here for a full answer:

          • Smokey-III-on April 17 2012, 11:48amReplyFlag
            MaxPayne 3 does not have freeroam, its missions in single player and multiplayer will be similar to those of Uncharted 3. This game also has a toggle switch for auto-aim just like Red Dead Redemption. Our Red Dead Redemption posse will also be playing MaxPayne3.
            • BulletMetSkullon April 11 2012, 11:01pmReplyFlag
              @R* Y
              Will their be free roam.
              • NYPDMAXPAYNEon April 6 2012, 8:26pmReplyFlag

                • jorgegira96on April 6 2012, 3:12pmReplyFlag
                  This Game Just Looks AWESOME
                  • crazymexican95on April 5 2012, 4:46amReplyFlag
                    when are you going to give us more information about max payne 3???, everytime i see new things from this game i get even more excited ! im for sure looking forward on this game ! can't wait
                    ROCKSTAR you guys are the best in this business
                    • R* Yon April 4 2012, 1:39pmReplyFlag
                      @burnzy Yes, we'll have details coming up in several weeks
                      • zell92i75on April 3 2012, 9:42amReplyFlag
                        great R* thanks R Q for the video^ can not wait !!
                        • NYPDMAXPAYNEon April 2 2012, 8:06pmReplyFlag

                          For sure I bet
                          • BURN_Zon April 2 2012, 3:17pmReplyFlag
                            R* will there be DLC for Max Payne 3..?
                            • R* Yon April 2 2012, 11:49amReplyFlag
                              @Jt3ldp We hope to have PC system specifications soon, stay tuned

                              @sshers1 Since we don't discuss spoilers on the comments, we'll instead refer you to this plot synopsis:
                              • Kuya_Edon April 2 2012, 9:48amReplyFlag

                                If you're on ps3 send LiL-A-King1 a friend requests and ask him you want to join.
                                Good luck!!
                                • Neo12xDon April 2 2012, 8:56amReplyFlag
                                  Lil.A.King or someone else, I'm looking for a crew for Max Payne 3 with good and friendly players, I'm a good and team orientated gamer always looking for a challenge but mostly fun. So could I join someones crew for Max Payne 3 and future GTA V.

                                  Thanks ;)
                                  • Jt3ldpon April 2 2012, 7:41amReplyFlag

                                    When will the PC requirements be revealed? I have a radeon hd 6800 series crysis 2 and batman arkham city look amazing on it but do you think i will need a better graphics card for max payne 3 ?

                                    • sshers1on April 2 2012, 4:29amReplyFlag
                                      @R* i played max payne 1 and max payne 2 but never finished max payne 2 i was wondering that who killed max payne family?

                                      I really want to know.

                                      And i can't wait for GTA V and max payne 3!
                                      • R* Aon April 1 2012, 8:19pmReplyFlag
                                        @EdwardFlunky45 More details on the Social Club update this month - stay tuned.
                                        • EdwardFlunky45on April 1 2012, 7:25pmReplyFlag
                                          You Are Going To Update Social Club Or Introduce Max's Feature To Social Club ?
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