The Weapons of Max Payne 3: Submachine Guns (New Video, Screens & 360-Degree Renders)

Posted on March 23 2012, 12:00pm | Author: R* Z | Filed Under: Games

Our latest feature on the weaponry from Max Payne 3's devastating arsenal highlights the submachine guns (SMGs) - lightweight automatic weapons that can hose their targets with bullets within seconds. With the weightlessness of a pistol and the rapid-fire rate of a much bulkier machine gun, these spray and slay weapons make short work of enemies at close quarters as the holder maintains slick maneuverability throughout.

You can dual-wield the lighter SMG models such as the M10 and the Micro 9mm to let these slug slingers take out opponents in double-time. Prefer a little more kick in your SMG? Then pick up the heavier SAF .40 with two hands and rip through the armor of your foes. 

Explore the video above to see more of the SMGs unrivaled speed, mid-range accuracy and surprisingly powerful punch in action, along with detailed 360-degree renders that show off all of its individually modeled components and a selection of new screenshots.

See more weapons from Max Payne 3:
Revolvers: The 608 Bull  I  Rifles: The Mini-30

  • WinsOneon May 8 2013, 3:35pmReplyFlag
    I love Max Payne 3!
    • SuperSovieton March 26 2012, 6:19pmReplyFlag
      Add SuperSoviet on PSN
      • Gleisneron March 26 2012, 1:35amReplyFlag
        The thing is that if you have a good computer, you can do just that, but if you don't have a good computer one must be really damn dumb to buy the PC version. A PS3 system can always run a PS3 game (if the HDD is full it might become a little laggy in some cases, but not unbearable). Misunderstand me correctly, if you have built a very good gaming computer, or if you are a spoiled kid who gets a new computer whenever you want, it works exactly as you said, but a console is cheaper and works instantly. And before saying something like that I would atleast wait until we get the specs of the game.
        • bulletbreaker128on March 25 2012, 4:56pmReplyFlag
          The Elite Crew
          New crew coming soon, we have two members and we take up to twelve members, and an extra three when Max Payne 3 comes out.
          The following members are:



          These are the founders and contact both of us if you want to join. This Playstation 3 only.

          The PSN names are the exact same as above. Hope to see you soon!
          • LiL.A.Kingon March 25 2012, 4:08pmReplyFlag

            ADD ME ON PSN: LiL-A-King1

            PCC FTW!!!
            • blacklobbyon March 25 2012, 2:05pmReplyFlag
              HEY YOU! YES, I MEAN YOU, PC GAMER! Want to play Max Payne 3 the best way you possibly can?! Well, do like I've just did:
              (What you need)
              *Wait 'til May 15th to buy Max Payne 3
              *HDMI Cable
              *X360 Controller For Windows
              *Full HD TV
              (What to do)
              Simply connect your PC to your Full HD TV and connect your wireless X360 controller to your PC. That's pretty much it! Why to do this? Because almost every PC game now a days have better graphics than the console version. Doing this, you will play like if you were playing in a console,but with better graphics! Now imagine Max Payne 3 with that... I'm playing GTA: EFLC like this and it is really cool.
              • blacklobbyon March 25 2012, 1:29pmReplyFlag
                @Sprunk95 For some reason, only the Grand Theft Auto IV and EFLC were GFWL. I don't understand why Rockstar won't make their games GFWL anymore. We know Max Payne 3 won't. But I think it is coming to Steam.
                • Jimmyofswedenon March 25 2012, 1:08pmReplyFlag
                  Sorry R Im gonna stay on topic =)!

                  • R* Yon March 25 2012, 12:43pmReplyFlag
                    @WhatMakesUsHuman Cheers!

                    @peteeee007 Cool, also the Support site is back up if you'd like to check and see if your issue is already listed:
                    • WhatMakesUsHumanon March 25 2012, 11:04amReplyFlag
                      Cool! Can't wait to shoot some guys using these guns, in Bullet Time!
                      • LiL.A.Kingon March 25 2012, 10:31amReplyFlag

                        Hey dude I will se if I have a free slot for you, because to many guys want to join ;)
                        • NYPDMAXPAYNEon March 25 2012, 10:27amReplyFlag

                          Okay sorry I was under the wrong impression, I need members for PSN and XBL

                          Sorry man, my bad...

                          I wish you could have been part of my crew...
                          • Sprunk1995on March 25 2012, 10:22amReplyFlag
                            @NYPDMAXPAYNE - If Max Payne 3 and GTA V Will come out on GFWL i'll create an account, but not sure about that Rockstar haven't announced if the two games will be on Steam or GFWL
                            • NYPDMAXPAYNEon March 25 2012, 10:18amReplyFlag

                              Oh so you don't play online?
                              • NYPDMAXPAYNEon March 25 2012, 10:18amReplyFlag

                                Okay thank you.
                                • Sprunk1995on March 25 2012, 10:08amReplyFlag
                                  @NYPDMAXPAYNE - I am on Steam not GFWL
                                  • blacklobbyon March 25 2012, 9:47amReplyFlag
                                    R* Will the PC version of Max Payne 3 have some kind of video recorder, like in GTA IV?
                                    • blacklobbyon March 25 2012, 9:45amReplyFlag

                                      Already accepted youin GFWL and Social Club. However, I think it will take a little longer for me to accept you in XBOX LIVE and PSN 'cuz of 2 reasons:
                                      1. I still don't have a gold membership in XBOX LIVE and it might take a while for me to get it because they are too expensive in my country
                                      2. I'm staying in my mom's house for a while. I don't have my PS3 in my mom's, only the X360. When I go back to my dad's house, which could take about 1 month or so, I'll add you as a friend. Or maybe, if my PS Vita arrives earlier, I'll add you from it.

                                      I'd better change my avatar to a Max Payne one
                                      • Mr.Mexicanoon March 25 2012, 7:35amReplyFlag
                                        @Lil.A.King I want to join your crew. Add me on PSN: DutchzAssassin :)
                                        • DANIEL3GSon March 25 2012, 3:24amReplyFlag
                                          Can we Jump in max Payne 3 without bulletime like in max Payne 2
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