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Posted on August 28 2009, 7:31pm | Author: R* S | Filed Under: Games


Now that you've seen some of the Liberty City club scene's most ubiquitous faces via the recently released Ballad of Gay Tony character art desktops, check out the latest Rockstar Games homage created by fan artist extraordinaire, Patrick Brown.  Brown's comic book style interpretations of the Rockstar catalog are impressive to say the least.  We tweeted links to his recent work on John Marston and Red Dead Redemption a few weeks ago, and his Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars image is a fave.  This time, Brown's used his knowledge of the original Grand Theft Auto IV universe to deliver his own take on Luis Lopez and the action-packed vibe of The Ballad of Gay Tony. 

For a full selection of his work spanning games, film and more, visit his gallery at DeviantArt.

  • scareface1970on April 23 2013, 4:05pmReplyFlag
    I love the Artwork from Patrick Brown he is a good artist.
    He has great work made from GTA, and also from the new upcoming game GTA V.

    Thanks For This ***Rockstar*** :D:D:D
  • KroganEnigmaon January 18 2013, 4:10pmReplyFlag
    Hey, look! A new Patrick Brown artwork, complete with a mutating Chop. Nah, it looks good. This looks great. Cover art will be my favourit's art release, however.
    • THEREALMANICon January 29 2012, 7:23pmReplyFlag
      DAMM its been a long time anybody has posted in this article I guess im the first person to comment in 2012 how far we've gone now with GRAND THEFT AUTO V i how you guys that commented see that in 09 what Rockstargames have done for the gamming industry!!!
    • DrLuckyLoseron November 20 2009, 7:20amReplyFlag
      I'm on the deviantArt website a lot, being a fan of gta, I wanted to see what talented artists like patrick were drawing. Stumbling upon Brown's work, I was in awe and wonder. Such detail! I'd like to see a gta game's cover drawn by him. No doubt it would be fantastic
      • fordoingon September 10 2009, 11:52amReplyFlag
        Hey guys I just interviewed Patrick for a new design site. And agree with everyone here he's awesome. I prefer his style to any current style by miles.

        He is a really nice guy very down to earth, check it out!
        • MI-THE-GOONon August 31 2009, 7:55amReplyFlag
          this pic is sick i luv it
          • 20604on August 31 2009, 2:21amReplyFlag
            I've been following Patrick's art for a long time and its great to see him the recognition he deserves for his talent. I wish him the best and hope to see his art on the cover of a future GTA game as I think its a perfect style to gear the GTA art towards :)
            • gtaobsessedon August 31 2009, 1:04amReplyFlag
              this is so sick hope in the actual game there are some new buildings and other things and since its a separate game disc there should be some new stuff
              • Adriaanon August 29 2009, 10:21amReplyFlag
                Yes, very inspirational. About a year ago I remember e-mailing him and trying to push him on creating comic strips or comic "books". I know he said it boils down to the time he has. Maybe R* can sponsor him and we can see more of his work.
                • RockSG_Assassinon August 28 2009, 9:59pmReplyFlag
                  Great art like this reminds me why I can't stop playing GTA IV. Nice one!
                  • russelljoneson August 28 2009, 8:57pmReplyFlag
                    I love this guys art!
                    • QueenieGirlon August 28 2009, 8:29pmReplyFlag
                      I am not worthy!! Great art.
                      • RomeOqBeon August 28 2009, 8:27pmReplyFlag
                        Yeah, yeah! Patrick Brown is a genius! :D
                        • Danielon August 28 2009, 8:02pmReplyFlag
                          Patrick Brown is such an awesome, talented artist and a very nice person too. He made some artworks with all characters from the Grand Theft Auto series exclusively for our website at I have never stopped appreciating what he did for us and for all the GTA / Rockstar fans out there. Thank you, Patrick.
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