Max Payne 3 Screens: The Streets of New York

Posted on March 16 2012, 7:00pm | Author: R* Q | Filed Under: Games

Fighting vicious criminals and his own personal demons while in the volatile Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, Max Payne is reminded of his fair share of trouble found on the streets of New York City..

Here's a quartet of new screens featuring the NYC area levels of Max Payne 3 which you’ll encounter in both the single-player story and in the multiplayer experience. Check them out below and in high definition at

Pinned down by DeMarco's goons, Max gets ready to strike.

Max dives across the rooftops.

Mobsters redecorate the hallways of Max's dilapidated apartment building.

Night time in New York.

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  • Afroheadedgrouchon April 2 2012, 3:37amReplyFlag
    YES. im so glad you brought back a little bit of NY. I remember playing in max's apt in.. 2 i think? and that lady with the shotgun, the singing janitor, very creepy. cant wait for this game.
    • Gotsupermilkon March 26 2012, 3:24pmReplyFlag
      God I love your guys games!
      • Racecarlockon March 22 2012, 9:43pmReplyFlag
        I recognize the rooftops max is diving across in the second screenshot. I saw them in IV. Was this intentional, or just a coincidence? In that screenshot, max is... somewhere in north algonquin near vauxite street and north holland, correct?
        • R* Yon March 21 2012, 11:58amReplyFlag
          @cdp858 Cheers

          @vixer0067 Look for the announcement of system specifications for the PC version closer to the release of the game
          • vixer0067on March 21 2012, 4:27amReplyFlag
            Come on with Max Payne 3 System Requirements I can't wait !!!
            • cdp858on March 20 2012, 6:13pmReplyFlag
              I love your realism and attention to detail you put in your games Rockstar.
              • R* Yon March 20 2012, 12:08pmReplyFlag
                @MalikNL Hoping to have some details soon on Max Payne for mobile devices, stay tuned!

                @LokiSkywalker In Max Payne 3, the parts in New York are like memories triggered by events happening in São Paulo, check out this edition of Asked & Answered for more info:

                @rockstarTHEBEST @raghavrocks @The-Dark-Night Please keep your comments on topic, just as it says above the Comment Box:
                "ALWAYS comment on-topic, your comment should be specifically relevant to the game and news item in the post itself."
                • LokiSkywalkeron March 19 2012, 11:43pmReplyFlag
                  So these New York levels....
                  They take place after Max Payne 2 or between 1 and 2?
                  • MalikNLon March 19 2012, 8:42pmReplyFlag
                    Please some news about Max on iOS?
                    It has been forever since we have heard something about this....any updates at all R*?
                    • VeryHushHushon March 19 2012, 7:03pmReplyFlag
                      Oh...just saw now on, that Max Payne 3 is already out in Japan...haha - they're clearly not updated!
                      • VeryHushHushon March 19 2012, 7:00pmReplyFlag
                        Cheers for the info R* & Boris

                        Yeah it was the PC version I was interested in...meaning 1st of June is the first day I go for holiday for 2 months - PERFECT! Happen last year with LA Noire as well :-D :-D :-D
                        • VanViperon March 19 2012, 11:52amReplyFlag
                          Hopefully GTA V doesn't come out this year, because I want that Max Payne 3 winns the GAME OF THE YEAR.
                          Max Payne 3 is just jaw dropping.
                          Thank you so much Rockstar for making Max Payne 3 a big AAAR*-TITLE.
                          • VanViperon March 19 2012, 9:53amReplyFlag
                            @R* Why is Max Payne 3 jaw dropping?
                            • R* Zon March 19 2012, 9:50amReplyFlag
                              @Bosack01 Max Payne 3 is out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 15 in North America and May 18 in Europe. As @BorisBlack says the PC version is out May 29 in North America and June 1st in Europe. Confirmation of this can be found here:
                              • BorisBlackon March 19 2012, 9:45amReplyFlag
                                @Bosack01 : I think it´s the PC-version that drops at 29th. Official release day is May 15 in the states.
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